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Spooks want to go fishing in Oyster database

Tom Barry


Other ideas - top up in the off-licence or corner shop to avoid CCTV, buy a card every time you come to London and use it *once* (National Express sell them on the damn bus), touch in but don't touch out (costs four quid a time but they won't know where on earth you left the Tube), fry the card during the journey then social engineer your way past the barriers...

No, I've no idea why they'd want to use a system that's already easily defeated as an efficient people tracking mechanism. The most useful thing you can data-mine out of it is how people move around London in order to improve public transport in the right places, which I'm certain TfL do already, and which is a perfectly sound use of the data.

Stopblair.eu tries to halt Tony's march on Brussels

Tom Barry

Middle East Peace

"What happened to his sorting out Middle East peace?"

Too difficult, too boring, not enough money or prestige in it, all being run by George anyway, not enough time on the telly.

Virgin Media network collapses nationwide

Tom Barry

VM technical ability

"Be assured all the analysts @ liverpool will continue to try to get the network back up again - Liverpool seems to be all thats left of any technical ability to continue to work on the network"

That's a bit harsh, the people who actually fixed it weren't in Liverpool and have extremely good technical ability, and boy did they need it. Give them some love, mate.


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