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Pure Digital Evoke-2S DAB and FM radio

John King

Volume Dial

Is the volume dial free moving? Or is it graduated?

I had to take my last two Pure Dabs back as I couldn't turn the volume down enough for when I was about to sleep.

How to be an instant Web me-2.0 developer

John King
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Clarity at last.

Thanks for shining a light on the murky world of this web 2.0 thingy. I have been baffled for ages.

I'd like to see more consise articles like this. Maybe one about the new internets they seem to bring out every 6 years that gets a brief mention on the TV with the line, "The internets is about to get it's biggest overhaul in 6 years tomorrow....". Is that like a Microsoft Update or something?

Or maybe one about those silver computers I see those trendy types using when I walk past the expensive coffee shop. Are they those iPods thingies? They can't be proper computers as I've never seen them play any games on them. Maybe they're just silver etch-a-sketch's.

Nintendo to introduce online play charges

John King

The WoW effect!

Surely Nintendo are just allowing the established MMORPG finance model used by World Of Warcraft to work on their machine. This news just opens the door for Blizzard and Co to start developing games on a platform they couldn't consider before.

I'm sure Mummy has a tissue to hand for all those who are having a little cry right now, bless.

Customers peel away from Orange broadband

John King

On my own here..

I think I'm the only one happy with my Orange Broadband. For £25 a month I get broadband (at 2Mb) with a wifi router, 600 minutes of calls, unlimited texts and a snazzy smartphone.

Orange will be messing with my phoneline next week where I presume they are LLU'ing the line (along with a move to 8Mb I hope!). Let's hope that goes smoothly, gulp!

Paris Hilton exits missionary position to save Universe

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