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Jaw droppers of 2008 - what they'd rather you forgot


is it fair to lump arseparty with the numptys?

When I read the arseparty message to the 'haterz' it wasn't so much my jaw droping.. I nearly shat myself laughing.

It sounds like their moaning thankless user base got what they deserved. Come on, if they're doing the site for free they should be getting sent xmas pressies, not bitching forums posts.

PC virus forces three London hospitals into computer shutdown

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Patients with concerns...

> Patients with concerns about their appointment are advised to contact the Trust on?

What about patients with concerns for their Medical Records?

Police vet live music, DJs for 'terror risk'


Open your eyes doubters

If you doubt this article, have a read of this story that did the rounds a few months back, when the police cancelled a babyshambles gig:


Here's an excerpt:

Chief Superintendent Julian Kirby, divisional commander of Wiltshire Police, said: "We carried out an analysis of what Pete Doherty and his band does. "What he does as part of his routine is to gee up the crowd. They speed up and then slow down the music and create a whirlpool effect in the crowd. "They [the crowd] all get geed up and then they start fighting."

Seriously? Babyshambles fans are pretty tame, hardly something for operation trident to worry about.

Does it still seem like El Reg are making a mountain out of a molehill?

Face -> Palm.

BT and Virgin Media to report broadband slowdown


Virgin need new infrastructure, not new customers

Judging by my 40% packet loss using their broadband at peak times (which they acknowledge is an issue at their end but have done bugger all about it), I think the last thing virgin need is new customers.