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BT slams bandwidth brakes on all subscribers

Dan Meineck

Everything other than Port 80 is Peer to Peer now?


"Early findings from a new hardware-based monitoring project by ISP analysis outfit Samknows show that even customers who use their connection lightly have non-port 80 traffic slowed to about 15 per cent of the normal speed in the evening, when load on BT's network is high."

BT's Response:

"it is only for peer-to-peer applications and does not affect streaming services such as BBC iPlayer"

My response:

So every port other than port 80 is assumed to be Peer To Peer? Email? FTP? The list is pretty long. Sadly amusing that an ISP has such an amazingly poor grasp of the Internet.

IPS ditches e-passport system

Dan Meineck
Thumb Down


I wouldnt want to be in Siemens Business Services right now...

Microsoft Search Server 2008 takes on Google Mini, promotes SharePoint

Dan Meineck

OpenSearch functionality

This is also supported by Immediacy CMS, meaning that results from an Immediacy CMS website can be aggregated by MS Search server.


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