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UK judges reject Lucas' appeal in Star Wars helmet case


More moronic EU excrement

It seems that it is okay to the EU citizens to hack US computers, interfere with US business (read Boeing/Sun/Oracle/Microsoft), but when it is a US firm trying to get relief under EU laws then it's the big bad US interfering in the EU. Yes the EU has finished it's descent into a irrevelant third world country.

US told to keep its beak out of European decisions


more stupidity from the EU

Neelie Kroes is a clueless moron, who should have never been allowed out of the home for the mentally handicapped. It's OK for the EU to tell American companies how to do business, but not the other way around? Maybe the US should place the same kind of restrictions on Airbus. I think it's time the US stops cleaning up EU messes and lets Europe finish its death spiral.

McKinnon family 'devastated' by Home Sec's latest knock-back


more foolishness from the EU

Jason let's make a more appropriate analogy.

A perp walked up to your house repeatedly looking for a way into your house. After carefully examining your windows and doors over a several week period and trying to get into your house by jimmying the windows, he scars up all the windows frames and breaks the frames up so badly all you windows have be replaced. Then McKinnon decides the windows aren't a good way to get so he tries jimmying the door and cracks the door frame. FInally, he gives up and uses a hammer to drive the tumblers out of the lock. When you get home from work you see the damage, find the perp in your house just looking around. By your logic the only "damage" is the broken lock which only a few dollars. On the other hand to restore your house to the state it was in will require several thousand dollars and your time to deal with all the contractors doing the repair work

A more appropriate ISP analogy is your are an IT pro and after watching a banks IT people go into/out of the server room, you rush into the server room when the door is open to allow a staffer into the server room. Once you're in the server room you try logging into servers just to see how secure they are, disconnecting/reconnecting network cabling and powering servers on/off.

If you think it's wrong for McKinnon to be shipped to the US for trial because it violates EU rules and laws, why it just fine for the EU to stop a sale of one US company to another US company in US laws?

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Re: An Asperger's sufferer writes

As an Asperger's syndrome sufferer No it does not stop you from differentiating right from wrong.

Sun's Open Storage roadmap revealed


Too bad for Sun

too bad will be out of business because the EU idiots will dither on about the sale to Oracle

US senators tell EC: Butt out of Oracle-Sun


EU deliberating trying to tank Oracle/Sun

It does not seem strange to me that the creators of MySQL (a really shitting database by the way) are European and the EU is now interfering with the Oracle/Sun sale. Michael Widenius got really pissed and threw a temper tantrum because he didn't like the rules THAT THE NEW OWNERS (Sun paid them 16.6 million euros for MySQL) tried to enforce. Wonder why the EU thinks it has a say in two American companies merging? Could it be that Widenius paid some of that 16.6 euros to have the project stalled? Nah, that would only help Monty Program and Maria and he would not want that to happen no would he? Maybe the US should prevent AirBus aircraft from entering the US because they it is a government influence corrupt organization and produces very unsafe aircraft (AF447, Emirates A340-300;Air France A340-300; Flight 358 Emirates A340-500; Flight 407;China Airlines A300-600)

EFF accuses Apple of muzzling iPhone hobbyists


another mcirosoft twit

Since Apple is being sued just as Microsoft would be how is Apple being treated differently? Simple answer they are not

Ubuntu lovers slap Canonical over Firefox EULA


More Linux whinners

The linux whinners are more than happy to take code from BSD/Solaris remove the existing copyright and slap a GPL on it. Now they are whinning because somebody wants to at least get some credit for the work they have released as FOSS. Go back to your playpens until you grow up a little.

Shrinking Sun under the gun


Another example of El-REG stupidity

Just replaced a metric buttload of desktops. I had a choice between Sun Ultra-24's Quad-Core with 8gb memory DL-DVDRW and 250gb disk at $1000 or a Dell Core2Duo with 4gb memory, DL-DVDRW and 160gb at $1200

Obviously I went with the Dell because Sun's cost too much and besides Sun's are just so unreliable and under performing I'd have to replace in another 10 years unlike Dell/HP/IBM which will fail in a year or two

Sun's 'Project Copy Linux' goes commercial


More foolish from people who don't know

Sabahattin Gucukoglu says

"mommycalled: you must of course be aware that SunOS/[Open]Solaris is a BSD derivative with some big-iron features in it (some specific to Sun hardware). So do stop spreading the "Sun are original inventors" tripe. Thank you. If I wanted a BSD, I'd go look for one and spare myself the mess that OpenSolaris on X86 is right now."

Just another fool. Solaris is SysVr4 based. Sun changed from a BSD based OS to SysVr4 around 1988, that's 20 years ago.

What's different between NetBSD kernel development team being an email away and the Solaris Kernel development team being an email away. Bzzt NOTHING. Besides I don't have to deal with Theo de Raadt

By the way Dtrace and ZFS were Sun developed FOSS. I guess releasing the Solaris source into the wild is nothing. By the way ZFS is part of FreeBSD as of April 2007. Since Sun has contributed nothing you won't be using ZFS in your BSD system will you?

Sun reveals war on data centers


More bovine excrement from Vance

We keep hearing from everybody about the death of Sun, yet Sun's market share has grown over the last few years as has their profitability. If PG&E has switched to AIX it's no wonder they're ihaving so much trouble in their IT department. I don't care about threads per watt, but I do care about threads/chip. Comparing my workload on a T5120, ALL HP products and IBM Power, the T5120 blew the doors off everything else at less than half the cost.

Cloudy outlook for climate models


Another simple question

I am continually amazed at the lack of common sense on the part of the global warming deniers, but what is truly mind-boggling is the lengths they will go to create FUD. The global warming deniers try to confuse everyone with the fact that there have been warming and cooling periods in the past. Of course there has! What the deniers don't want you to know is that this warming/cooling occurred over periods of hundreds to thousands of years, while the current warming trend is over tens of years. The important fact is the rate of increase. The little ice age occurred between the 16th and 19th centuries. If the current temperature increases occurred over the same period it wouldn't be a big concern, but the increase in temperature has occurred since roughly 1920. The deniers keep bring up the red herring that water vapor is a more important greenhouse gas than CO2, What they don't want you to know is that the US alone is dumping 2 billion tons of extra CO2every year (by the way I used the oil/gas industry value, not the more realistic numbers from the IPCC report), but is putting little if any extra water vapor into the air. The deniers harp on the fact that more water is being evaporated at the equator. I hope so because when water is evaporated and moved northwards/southwards by the atmosphere the global heat balance is maintained. This is well understood mechanism is why we are able to live just about anywhere on earth.


Garbage In-Gospel Out

More AGW bovine flatuance. Model verification requires the model to reproduce observed climate before the model is used in experiments. The models used in the IPCC report model past climate very well. More evidence that the oil/gas industry dis-information campaign is working


Co-ordinated Real Climate spam?

Since the Douglas et al. paper has been available since the 10th of December and www.realclimate.org analysis was published on the 12th of December only a fool would say that "these Global Warming bloggers been waiting up all night - in their pyjamas - simply to whack any media organisation that reports Douglass et al?" The realclimate analysis DOCUMENTS clear errors and deliberate misuse of data by Douglass et al. Considering the authors record of accuracy particularly Singer I wonder if they did any research at all. Singer did an analysis of the Kuwait oil fires. His "calculations showed that the smoke would go to an altitude of about 3,000 feet and then be rained out after about three to five days and thus the lifetime of the smoke would be limited." From direct observations we now know that smoke from the Kuwait Oil Fires dominated the weather pattern throughout the Persian Gulf and surrounding region during 1991, and that lower atmospheric wind blew the smoke along the eastern half of the Arabian Peninsula, and cities like Dhahran, Riyadh and Bahrain experienced days with smoke filled skies and carbon fallout.."

Sun pumps out a profit as shipments continue decline


Sun profits

Tsk Tsk You got your panties all in a wad because we can get a reliable high performance desktop/server with a tested reliable operating system instead of a WallyMart^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H HP special with Linus's toyOS (c). I am tired of wasting precious time with hardware that rips your hands to shreds when you need to replace a disk or add memory only to find the power supply died taking out all the entire box. Don't even get me started on toyOS. When I buy Sun hardware it works as advertised out of the box. I just bought a Sun 1u server, for $700 list less than the HP/Dell/Gateway equal, why buy crap when you can get quality