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Apple adds 'S' to iPhone 3G


I'm disappointed

The outrageous tethering charges are a deal breaker at the moment. Damn you O2... this is the sort of bullshit pulled when there is a monopoly :(

Baseball icon sues Twitter over parody account


You want to sue me Tony?

lol @ at the commenter above bravely inviting the baseball player to sue him, while posting as an Anonymous Coward.

How will sir pay? Facebook credits, that'll do nicely

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Is this article for real?

They've had this for years!

Junk email volumes hit high


I'm getting more

I've seen a massive increase lately. They all go in the Spam folder so it's still no biggy, but 90% junk sounds about right at the moment!

Twitter suffering chronic banality, diagnoses Dr House


Facebook, Twitter

It's clear most commenters don't like these services! It's odd then that they must chip in on every story to tell us :)

I don't like a lot of things, so I purposely avoid visiting pages about them... is this beyond the average el reg'er?

Facebook value plummets $5bn


Why all the hate?

Facebook is mildly useful, and can be customised enough to hide a lot of the nonsense. At the end of the day, it's free and you only have to be involved as much as you want to be, so I don't see why it deserves all the hate.

Still, facebook is worthless in a monetary sense.

Nork nuke quite a lot less powerful than Hiroshima


Brilliant way out of a credit crunch...

Start a war!

Doesn't matter if it was a Nork nuke or a firecracker, we'll be going in shortly no doubt.

The Sun points bazookas at MoD killjoys



Plain nudity isn't 'Adult Content', it's just people without clothes on.

Watchdog bans Natasha Richardson ski helmet ad


ASA rulings are great

Basically it's free PR, and the only repercussion is you are told not to do it again!

Virgin Media to add 500k homes to cable network



All city centre apartments round my way (Birmingham) including my own are plumbed up for freeview, BT and Sky, but never cable it seems. You'd think it'd be fairly easy to cable up an apartment complex for cheap, and with the poor freeview reception or lack of Sky+ provision in most places I've been to, I'm sure most would give cable a punt.

Tesco tills go titsup


All fine at my local Tesco this lunch

And they have Frijj buy one get one free - get in!

Apple brands UK tabloid 'obscene'

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Page 3 isn't porn

Page 3 is just a lass with her nips on show. Nothing sexual about the image, other than the girl is attractive. Anyone who thinks a bit of natural nudity is somehow wrong should ask themselves why...

Swiss woman rolled over Facebook


"the perils of exposing yourself to online scrutiny"

Surely it's fairly easy just not being a liar?

AT&T reveals slipping iPhone sales


Just announce the new ones already

There are three of us here with contracts up waiting for the new iphone before considering other stuff (Pre maybe)

Music industry sites DDoSed after Pirate Bay verdict


I'm always up for a protest...

So I refreshed their page twice during lunch!

It's not the upfront cost I disagree with, it's these media companies continually wanting to get paid over and over for the *same* product. That and the refusal to distribute their wares on something not invented last century.

BT names first 29 exchanges for fibre rollout



We're not big enough eh?

BT's venture was rightly ridiculed on Slashdot, where I was again reminded how much better other parts of the world have it when it comes to net connections :(

Mathematica man brews 'AI' Google Killer™

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Google and Wikipedia are 'good enough' ?

We'll solve all our problems with that sort of thinking!

Western Digital flashes home backup and media server


Windows home server?

I realise build-it-yourself isn't for everyone, but I think if you're serious about back ups and media sharing, you can do much better and cheaper yourself. I currently have a 4u rack (from X Case), an Atom board (from tranquil), a couple of SATA raid cards, and capacity for 10 hard drives. It's quiet, low power, and fairly cheap. I've spent less than £500 for 5tb of storage so far (including legit OEM of home server and several bits from quietpc). The great thing about Windows Home Server is you can add/remove hard drives from the pool as and when you have spare drives, new ones etc, and it all happily chugs along.

Beeb borrows copyrighted Flickr image

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What a wuss

I would choose to leave the truth online that pick up a measly £75. It's disgraceful that the BBC effectively requested a flickr cover-up as part of their apology.

As for their explanation-- would the same argument work for me? I'm just testing out my new hard drive with BBC content, honest. Once the test is over I'll delete it all!

Also, as a fee payer, I think the £75 was a waste of fee payers money. BBC just can't catch a break eh?

Microsoft mojo deflated by Seinfeld Vista ads


I liked them

Some people just don't like Seinfeld, the guy or the series. These ads were never going to appeal to those people anyway. I'm not sure this is really newsworthy.

I liked the ads, but then again, I love the show :)

Sky hints at 3D TV launch

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No thanks, wake me up when they can do proper 3D.

Or: spend this R&D time making a better Sky HD box :)

Iron Maiden axe cut ribbon on 'rock’n’roll' hotel


Are 'mere mortals' allowed to stay?

'Cos even the £500 room doesn't seem that expensive really. Try staying in the Skyloft

(a real celeb hotel) in Las Vegas for that amount of cash :)

Where has all the bad storage gone?


Windows Home Server

Yes, it's a server rather than a software solution, but I really like it. It backs up my desktop, laptop, media center PC automatically, and restoring the whole OS is very easy if things go wrong. Restoring a file is a little slow, but nicely done once it's up to full speed.

The added benefits of a server is it can also sit there serving up all my media, with access via the web as well locally.

Pirates pee on Amazon's MP3 parade



Play.com, 7digital and even Tesco of all people have been offering plain MP3s for a while now... and at a higher bitrate as well :)

Vista SP2 to land in April 2009-ish?


Windows 7 similarities

I hope with Windows 7 being technically so close to Vista, some of the improvements might work their way into this SP2. They'd be mad to keep two different codebases with two different teams working on essentially the same thing.

Amazon intros early VAT cut



Clever because if they didn't do it via the promo code, you would have been able to take advantage of their generous price-drop-refund scheme several days earlier :)

But loads of retailers have done this already, Amazon don't deserve this mention tbh. Overclockers for one went down to 15% almost immediately after it was confirmed.

I assumed these retailers aren't taking the hit, but rather doing a bit of an accounting fiddle so these orders look like they came after the weekend? Who knows...

Broadband speed testers fail the test


thumbs up for speedtest.net

They clocked me at 80+MB/s (bytes not bits) down in a hotel room in Vegas, so definitely have bandwidth the test Virgin's new top package!

Sanyo intros 'iPhone-on-a-stick' home internet terminal


Google 'chumby'

Already out in the US, much cheaper!

Virgin probes Facebook safety, chav claims


I was on a Virgin 747 from Gatwick this week

I was severely disappointed, both ways (different planes). They both were really showing their age, the entertainment sucks, and yes, they do already have chavvy patterned seats. On the way back, the seats didn't even have those side-rests most have these days (made it harder to get to sleep on the long flight from Las Vegas)

We flew BA to New York and the flight/airplane was so much better. There doesn't seem to be much difference in price, so I doubt I'd ever intentionally fly Virgin again.

Sharp shows first 'zero-emission' telly


@Ken Hagan

"Given the rather vast infrastructure that exists for the transfer of electrical energy from A to B, and the very high efficiency with which it is achieved"

I thought loads of power was lost between the station and peoples homes.

El Reg dresses The IT Crowd



1) The line on the sign up page "Please note we don't use your details for anything other than the C'n'C newsletters" is clearly a lie... you're also using my details for this competition!

2) Once submitted I get an error on the page, which makes me think I'm probably not signed up at all, despite the text...

Look, I love the IT Crowd, just tell me where to send the bribe :)

Western Digital's 2.5-inch to hit 1TB by early 2010



That's not really much these days is it? I've got more than that dedicated to recording TV shows I don't watch :)

Blazing Vaios: Sony's hot-tops hit the UK, too

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re: Pretty... but badly made

Ok, you troll'd me into posting. What utter BS are you talking? My launch PSP, which survived coming from Japan via eBay no less, is still gong strong. (I still have original PS1 and PS2s as well!)

I nearly bought a TZ, but went for the SZ instead (via eBay from the US this time). Okay, so I shelled out for the carbon fibre version, but you could hardly call it flimsy. It's been going over a year now, I've taken it with me all over the place (planes, trains and automobiles), and managed to drop it a couple of times.

I like small, and I trust Sony enough to import their stuff and it not break on me.

Asus readies fourth incarnation of Eee 900


All these models

... and they still haven't got the feature/price ratio down to what I want. Some of these small cheap computers aren't really that cheap anymore (compared to laptops), yet there's still too much compromise.

Yahoo! knows! where! you! are!


Why am I finding this out from the reg?

I signed up for the beta months ago... you'd think they'd at least fire off an email to people on the list saying they've launched!

Teens admit to Grand Theft Auto-inspired petrol bombfest


Video Games?

Pah! There's much better info to be gleaned from action movies! I think the original Die Hard has some great lessons for us all.

BT slams bandwidth brakes on all subscribers


Is it wrong to see the internet like water?

I'm not monitored to see if I use my water illegally, my shower doesn't cut down to 10% capacity in the morning 'cos it's peak shower time. Yet there is a finite amount of water and pipes... I guess BT could take some service provision lessons from the water companies!

UK.gov dishes out £19m for comms snoop data silos


re: alan

Maybe I missed it in the related stories, but what is the deal with ISPs and data retention? I always think "nah, they couldn't possibly record everyones net use" but I wouldn't put it past this government trying... £19m would help build a pretty big machine to log requests!

Apple pulls posted pulled iPhone modem app


borked bluetooth

I've always been surprised how easy it has been to get a variety of normal phones to act as a bluetooth modem for my laptop while out and about, mainly nokias and sony ericssons. Had i bought an Iphone, i would have assumed the same functionality was there... shame on Apple. Time and again though we're shown Apple do things their own way, and people for the most part don't care.

Google gives GMail always-on encryption

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re: raises the bar for the rest of the industry.

Isn't this the sort of obvious feature that we as web 2.0 google-worshipping surfers seem to turn a blind-eye to for the sake of a wanky interface? This should have been the default behaviour since day one...

Reg hack insults the Parachute Regiment


How hard can falling out of a plane be?

Not very, this guy seems to manage it while concentrating on being a self-absorbed tosspot!

MS products just too cool to comprehend, say MS geeks


re: Mike

I thought that comment was going to turn out to many similar posts about Vista being 'OK for me', but you had a decent point tacked on the end.

The sellers who are building crappy specced, bloatware infested computers are just as much to blame, as are the poor driver writers (glad Nvidia was mentioned, my card is still pretty gimped compared to all the features it had in XP).

Put it this way: would that Mac be running quite as smoothly if Dell had pre-installed their junk on it before you got it?

Sony to bring E Ink eBook reader to UK in September


You wouldn't have guessed this is a tech site...

Dissing an ebook? This is the very pinnacle of IT achievement! Once we get rid of all that pesky paper, all our other problems will just fade away :)

No ???? in Sony's game plan:

1) Launch product in the US

2) Jack up the UK prices

3) Profit!

CE giants pitch yet another wireless HD standard


The more the merrier

Maybe the more consortiums we have increases the chance that we'll actually get a decent product launched soon. I'd buy a HD wireless sender now if there was one up to the job (and it did remotes as well!)

Sky beams TV onto PSP


Just get the Location Free box

Stream everything from live Sky to recorded shows to your PSP instantly with no ripping or downloading, oh and it works for cable too!

Putting a mule on a cloud: one man's battle with Amazon S3


Yay, I get to be that person

Your PHP is horrible!

Netflix will stream movies on Xbox 360


re: Gets pretty expensive

Not really, unless you're homeless or something?

Xbox Live is like £30-40 a *year*. Netflix is a great service, and usually doesn't cost more than a DVD purchase per month.

Seagate first with 1.5TB hard drives


There is a need for this level of storage

I've got a HD camcorder and a 10mp camera. On a week holiday to the Isle of Wight we'd generated 20gb of data! Same again for a week on Gozo, and there's the trip to Las Vegas coming up...

We have a media center with 4 tuners and lots of series links... that can record a good 5-10gb a day if left to it's own devices.

Then there's the Home Server storing backup images of all the household PCs, which is currently on 700gb of back up data alone.

I'm not saying I'm an average Joe, but 1.5tb drives can't come fast enough! I was kinda hoping the next step would be 2tb :(

Google penetrates fake sex world with Lively


April fool?

I can't believe Google have done something so lame... I'm not clicking the link in case it's true :)

No PAYG 3G iPhone in UK until Christmas


The way the iphone price tumbles

...imagine how cheap it'll be at Christmas!