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Europe drafts law to disconnect suspected filesharers


I'll get my coat....

If this goes through I think there will be a slew of "I'll get my coat" icons on websites around the world!

I think I'm on my 6th strike today alone ;)

Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard - Finder

Jobs Halo


"Macs require exactly the same thing every other operating system requires in order to become comfortable with it. Persistence, guidance and exposure."

I agree with James Basset. The assertion that Macs are vastly more intuative usually comes from the mouths/keyboards of those who are already familiar with the OS. For the most part I use Windows XP, but am happy to do the everyday tasks on Linux or Mac OSX. Because of my familiarity with XP I prefer it and find it more "intuitive"...... It isn't really, it's just that I think it is because I'm used to it!

The changing menu bar in OSX confused me for about 5mins until I noticed it. Again, this backs up James' opinion of exposure breeding intuitiveness. The only thing I really miss is the trusty right click........


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