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New emails address you by name, then try to hose your PC

Paul Stevens
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@Steven and Maliciously Crafted Packet

You may mock, but only a wise man would hand over enough money to kill off the national debt of the third world so that he cab run emacs in bash :-)

Flying cow destroys minivan

Paul Stevens

Tragic end to a love affair?

This is what happens when you take your cow to the edge of a cliff so that it pushes back harder. I wonder if they'd have published the story had there been a Farmer Jed attached to the business end of said cow?


Leopard data loss glitch uncovered

Paul Stevens


Cut is move. In windows, you "cut" a file or folder and "move" it somewhere else.

Googlewhack trick used to slip junk mail past spam filters

Paul Stevens


Brightmail couldn't spot a spammy mail if it slapped them in the face. $60-million world wide sales in a pretty lucrative market space is a piss poor effort. Develop new technology indeed. Pfft.

As for the junk mailing scum who infest the ether, I wish it was legal to shoot the bastards. Open season on the ROCSO list.


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