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Airline pilots told to switch off mobile phones


More evidence cellphones don't cause problems

If pilots have had cellphones on in the cockpit all this time with no reported problems, perhaps the FAA etc. should just drop the ban.

Also, why can I not have my non-wireless PDA on, but my digital watch is fine and 400 seat back LCD panels? Seriously, the plane is designed to survive multiple lightning strikes with associated RF interference, but can't handle in incoming call from a cell tower or the RF signal of a Kindle I hold 2 feet from my head for hours on end?

Surge in encrypted torrents blindsides record biz

IT Angle

Legal use

I agree the encryption is most likely due in the main to traffic shaping. It seems to me the trend started right around the time the traffic shaping announcements came out, not around the time the lawsuits started.

I turned encryption on when I learned my ISP throttles torrents, and I live in Canada where it's legal to download any music. I'm not trying to hide anything from the law - just from my ISP who wants to punish me from making full use of the service I'm paying for. I'll be switching to a different provider once I return from vacation.

Official: P2P music not harming Canada


Interestingly enough

They fail to mention in the article that all music downloads in Canada are legal, whether you get them from iTunes or bitTorrent or wherever.


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