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3 expands payment options

stan marsh
Paris Hilton

Another mistake

Switch no longer exists either - it's now Maestro. Bet this was done offshore.

TheTrainline.com fixes web security derailment

stan marsh


Haven't used the trainline since they started charging £1.50 for card transactions (and having simply appalling phone help).

Use any of the other TOCs' ticketing system and avoid the charge (incidentally, it runs off the same engine as thetrainline - so does the problem affect them too? We need to know!)

GNER, for instance, give 10% off some of their fares if you book direct.

Docklands train runs off without operator

stan marsh


A PSA once also warned me not to get off at Shadwell late one night - was going to catch a bus from there onwards.

On and off problems there with fighting kids, and that night was particularly bad apparently. Also good at helping tourists out.


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