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Apple's poisonous Touch silently kills the GNOMEs of Linux Forest

Ruben Mannstaedt

Re: Sad, and a huge loss of resources

Agreed, and yes I also moved from Gnome - and indeed Unity - to KDE4. KDE is a beautiful, smooth, fast, efficient, customizable, and actually very easy-to-use desktop. It competes very favourably with Windows in ease-of-use, especially for those who are used to Windows XP already - except KDE is rather nicer to work with.

Security site knocks spots off Mac OS X Leopard firewall

Ruben Mannstaedt

uhm... no

Actually, software firewalls can stop the burglars from "seeing" your computer altogether, and they have (depending on the firewall) the added benefit of allowing you to specify exactly what communication is ok to go out your computer depending on what program it originates from. A hardware firewall is a good thing to have, sure, but it cannot parse/block communication based on the originating program.


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