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Orange UK exiles Firefox from call centres

Peter Davison

This should get them upgrading

The companies should pay their employees an extra couple of grand per month just for the inconvenience of dealing with older web browsers.

It would be cheaper to rewrite the applications (properly this time) and get training.

Reality distortion for Java on Leopard?

Peter Davison

Apple's Java Tradition

In Mac OS X.1 they had Java 1.3.1, in X.2 they also had Java 1.3.1 and later updated to 1.4.1.

Panther gave us Java 1.4.1 and later updated to 1.4.2.

Tiger gave us 1.4.2 and later updated to 1.5.

Leopard, following tradition, gives us Java 1.5 as this is the last version of Java for Tiger. So I was not surprised.

Following their tradition Apple should release Java 1.6 for Leopard in a later update.

At least Tiger and Leopard provides Java 1.5 - most Unix OS's are still on 1.4.0 or 1.4.1!!!


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