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VMware co-founder quits for academia


This is good news

With all the other x86 virtualisation solutions maturing to the point that they are potentially competing with VMware's offerings, it's good to see him return to academia to rethink the approach for virtualisation that is being taken today.

Processors containing binary translation instructions are already available or being taped out soon, so the need for virtualisation instructions will fade away and a thorough revision of the whole concept is in order.

I hope he will go back to work on SimOS or a new project from scratch as a potential solution for MIPS or VLIW based virtualisation that is becoming relevant again with the future release of the Loongson 3 processor. He's made his millions, but now it's time for computer science again.

VMware douses open source with waterfall of nonsense

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Where does VMware stand with respect to KVM

I primarily use VMware because of its Linux support, stability and performance on x86. But KVM is already more than good enough for workstation virtualisation and maturing fast, so it will probably end up being a good server virtualisation solution too in a few years time.

Then I don't see a big role for VMware anymore except as an application provider for management of virtual machine parks. Their decision to only supply a Windows application for management of VMI 3 already has me looking for a credible alternative, now that Xen's time has come and gone on the Linux platform.