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Facebook takes a break


Gone to the zoo

"Could "gone to the zoo" replace "outage" "

I second that. Add it to the lexicon.

Seems I can access facebook from the .com, never tried to use a .co.uk before, but I just get a directory listing with a php.ini and a (403) cgi-bin folder.

I imagine a trip to the zoo is not far off a customer survey for facebook.

Quake rocks Britain


'big men'

would all you kiwi gits kindly stfu? It makes the news because its UNUSUAL... So would you kindly stop making out that you are big brave men by posting "only 4.9!!" You are not manly for feeling things shake.

See, after a few pints you go to bed at 1.. then the building shakes..

and it's like eh... wha? I was confused.. went back to bed.

Although, being a non-retard I was quite capable of distinguishing this from a truck as it didn't do the engine noise thing.. like a truck does.. you know.

So as this is the biggest in 30 years, or 25 according to beeb, why does beeb list this.. "September 2002 - Dudley, West Midlands (5.0)" I'm no earthquakeologist but.. 5 is bigger than 4.9 right?

Sociologists: Studying engineering turns you into a terrorist


Crying with laughter

Well.. what can I say..

I'm a mechanical engineering student @ Nottingham (no not trent!)

I am neither conservative or religious (my religious beliefs can be summed up in one word, b****cks)

But I think what they are saying here is that most terrorists tend to be.. well.. clever, that is, people in REAL degrees, at least thats the way I interpret those uh.. 'facts'.

I can tell you that we have a wonderful chap here who lectures us in "Professional studies" which is basically all about how to engineer morally, something sociologists just wouldn't understand, they probably learn that it is impossible to do anything selfless or some such bull? Well this wonderful lecturer tells us all about people like Mordechai Vanunu, perhaps you could call him a terrorist? Maybe its better to be a terrorist than an apathist, if you sociology students actually tried to improve society, rather than just study it, terrorism would decrease if not disappear. But I guess that burden will have to fall to those of us with some skill?

Flame icon because i may have gone a bit ott?

YouTube biker clocked at 189mph


A title is required.

whooo, good man! May not have been a real 189 but still, that's some smooth riding!

Dangerous? Well I couldn't have done that safely.. or at all, but I didn't see him put a foot wrong.

Brit violinist does a Radiohead


@ryan, morley, marco, & mademoiselle

me too! Just as many women CAN use the net, its just we sad ba*****ds spend more time on it!

The problem classical music has, is that you have to choose both a good composition and a good performer.. how do you get to know who is what in the first place?!

Well I'll be downloading it! It's not completely dead, I hit refresh and got it second time.

China ramps up space programme



maybe not racist but obviously a self righteous deluded patriot.

You said it yourself, the US and UK PAY China to make cheap goods. And.. oh sh*t, YOU buy them, so YOU are fuelling it, so YOU are responsible.

The same UK that loses the bank details of millions of low income families? The same UK that attacks countries in the middle east, causing a complete collapse of order, then can't put things back together again? The whole world is f**ked.

Where are you from anyway?

Have you seen the UNICEF report on child welfare in 'rich' countries which puts the UK and US right at the bottom? With the Czech republic, Hungary and other eastern european (normally considered a bit poorer than west) countries?

Have you been to China recently? Have you been to New Orleans recently?


whoo yeah!

This rocks. Space travel is the best thing ever.

A mission to Mars with Russia? Please re-ignite the space race!

Tell me theres a 50/50 chance of reaching Mars alive, just give me a pen, I'll sign-up now.

Solar Cycle 24 is go: Official

Jobs Halo


err.. didn't look like a flip footnote to me? Anyway it had a sad smiley! Mine had a happy smiley and was obviously just a friendly vehement insult *grin*


@Steven Knox

Or Steve, maybe you're a gibbering idiot and don't understand tounge-in-cheek humour?


so what youre saying..

right.. hold on...

so what you're saying is... some swirly sh*t is gonna happen on the sun and it might make electric gizmos go hay-wire? Funky light shoes too??

Damn, the sun is awesome.

Will we need to wear FULL foil suits? Or funky aluminium* clothes? Italian suits of a fine shimmering aluminium, cool.

(no firefox, it's not a spelling mistake, it DOES have two i's and yes I can write firefox, thats not a spelling mistake either, f' off, wheres the British dictionary, I'm sure I installed it once already?)

Head banker leaves job over Muslim gaffe


well i...

i thought it was funny... haha. Although it is only 11:15 and i have just woken up.. a little worse for wear. (first coffe of the day.. uugh)

Props for trying to break the bored-room gloom. I bet they all laughed, or grinned at least.

Radiohead top UK album chart

Dead Vulture


ahem.. seconded.

Although there is some discrepancies in CD I'm sure, vinyl certainly sounds different from CD too (and not in a 'warm crackle' kinda way), although it all depends on your hardware of course!

Dead vulture because I still don't have italiics

Dead Vulture


The ignorance of the /some/* comments is astounding!

You see children, the downloads are what we call "crap", some people, perhaps not you, but some people, can tell the difference. This is why people are still buying the 'artifact', it's the same reason the iPod isn't the ONLY digital audio player. That and humans like tangible things, we are materialists, yes you are, don't deny it.

Andy Worth misses the fact that people can still buy the album from iTunes or the like, which is so much less effort than buying the CD.

I like what AC (RIAA take on this) has to say, thank you sir, I would buy you a drink for that observation, were it feasible. Thanks also to Radiohead for going right ahead and proving that piracy is not (I repeat NOT) a problem.

I have always believed that piracy will never be a problem for artists and musicians (as opposed to pop/rock stars) who produce quality music, such that is worth our (too) hard earned cash. Personally I always try, often in vain, to hunt down hard copies of music I have digitally. In fact, some things I have on both CD and vinyl, ok I may be a tad obsessive, but still, quality is the word!

(oh btw, I'm not a big RH fan and don't have this album (or any other) in any form, haven't even heard any tracks from it, but would go for the 'Deluxe' if I did want it)

*Italics Reg? See icon. You know we folk like to express ourselves. If you don't remedy such short comings I will be sending you a bright red, font-size 72, bold and itallic angry email.

Clarkson's 'steal my ID' stunt backfires

Paris Hilton


WHEEEEEE Well done Jeremey!

If I was stupid enough to read the Sun I would have emptied his account and given the money to some really annoying charity, like the PDSA, still, good show Anon. Fraudster.

At least J.C. can admit he's a complete tit, he's not a bad man, just dumb.

Cocktail sticks are pointless (is that a pun?), these people are blind through idiocy anyway.

Paris icon because even she isn't that dumb.

Oz drafts 'batter an orphaned roo' guidelines


shotgun not humane?

yeah, seriously RSPCA, you guys have f**ked this one up. You whinge<sp?> about the shotgun, but a towbar to the skull is better? Well, if I was gonna die from a head wound I would prefer the "no head left" method to the "head with big dent in it" method. Cus.. with a shotgun.. there is just no brain left to feel the pain.. Right?

So I think we can all agree, Roo leather it is, that stuff is so good. Why do we always pick on cows? Although it has to be said, Roo meat is probably a bit tough, they hop about so much. Also, gotta agree with chris who said 'humans top predator' (or something like that) cus um.. yea we are still animals, we play a part in the eco-system. It's nature. Not everything done by humanity is unnatural, in the words of the Bloodhound Gang, "You and me baby ain't nothing but mammals..." I want roo gloves, roo shoes, roo belt, roo wallet. Any sad ba****d gonna make a joke about the shoes?

Sennheiser to show 'CD quality' wireless 'phones


too late for x-mas

damn, too late to ask for these for christmas.

They'll be out in time for my birthday tho. cus.. yeah.. thats gonna happen

I want some.

Hey tom! Ever heard of FLAC? Yes it is possible to play FLAC on pocket(ish) size music gizmos.

'Draconian' Microsoft promises to make Office work again


Sorry 'digital preservation researcher'

I am sorry sir, but I must inform you, there is a reason reg readers often shorten microsoft to M$, they don't give a f**k, they are just a company making money. Its not that they are deliberately screwing you over, not in this instance anyway. The problem here is that M$ office is probably written in about 15 different languages, 10 of which are microsoft specials (e.g. VB, C#, and 'special java') Its more like they can't replace the lock, because to do so would mean excavating the foundations to get to the lock mechanism then reverse engineering said lock which was designed from scratch and hewn from granite by a tibetan monk with no experience of locks who has now found nirvana and didn't leave any documentation.

So once again it falls on the free beer people... I mean.. free software people to save the world (of 'ICT').

Gates Horns


well done AC, I bet you feel like a genius?

Well this is silly, it seems MS have just finally admitted what we all know.. everything they make is utter c**p. An off the record quote from Sir Gates, "Our code is so confused we can't even understand our own file formats, writing code at Redmond is like eating noodles with one chopstick". No really!

Office update disables MS files



uhh.. I think Cameron Colley's comment may have been a smidgen tounge-in-cheek

So here's an idea, everyone just use open office?! Don't you have to PAY for the MS not-quite-equivalent? And oo opens ms files as well as its own. Plus oo is free.. so everyone can have it, on any computer, without paying. Does this mean oo is going to be more compatible with ms-office than ms-office is?

<*snip* *snip*, post cut down to size, try not to ramble>

MPAA's uni piracy-busting toolkit forced offline


modified code??

I seem to remember the GPL says something about offering source even without 'modification too'?

But anywho, if you play follow the links and get to the washington post article..


Go to this bit:

"Craig Winter, the MPAA's deputy director for Internet enforcement, said"

read on a bit...

"decided to include the update mechanism so that it could ship a new version when developers had fixed what he said was a "bug" in the ntop software"

Fix a bug? what by modifying source code??

I think "it beggars belief" is the right phrase isn't it?

It would be funny if it wasn't so frightening.

Will Darling's data giveaway kill off ID cards?


Hang on a second...

Didn't they already do this with pensions data not long ago?

Well hey, look at that, it's even in the related stories! (Thankyou Reg)

They didn't think to maybe... 'be careful' with those CDs to avoid any

more embarasment?

Who are these 1 in 4 who trust the gov and are they retarded?

I was shocked, despite being a cynic anyway, to hear that they actually shuttle our personal info about on CDs.. with private couriers? Imagine if at the end of the day, a bank manager left the vault open, walked out, didn't set the alarm, left the front door open.. you expect some money to get nicked right?

Oz motorist reacts rather testily to small todger slur



ok, so the guy might have a small penis, but no mention of whether the guy's driving was in any way dangerous, maybe he was going a bit quick, but going fast IS fun.

So perhaps this woman is just really up-tight? After all, she's showing a positive reaction to a government road safety campaign.. plus it's kind of uhh... "below the belt" to make such suggestions. So maybe she's a bi*ch?

So was he right to throw a bottle at her?

Was it a glass bottle?

What was in it?

Was she in a car? Because "Malicious damage" suggests property damage (as opposed to say "bodily harm")

Just some things to think about before making rash judgments on a half page story.


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