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Ultra-cheap HP TouchPads to hit UK at 6pm

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Not available anymore...

Dixons site suffered a slow and painful death. Was in the process of ordering one of these and couldn't go any further. Looks like they've removed the product all together now.

Will have to camp outside my local dixons tonight to see if I can get one that way ;)

Stieg Larsson: Oxfam's number one best seller

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I don't believe the Da Vinci code takes place in the Vatican... Angels and Demons does though...

This page has been left intentionally blank

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Oh no....

Won't someone please think of the children....

Everything Everywhere accused of lining pockets with charity cash

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Gates Horns

Suprise suprise

Big corporations in ripping us off shocker...

Spanish fascist decries Franco Eurovision slur

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Jobs Horns


Although, "The Return of Zombie Franco", sounds like a cracking film...

OOo's put the willies up Microsoft

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I remember when Office 2007 came out, users didn't know how to use it cause it wasn't like Office 97 - 2003. Makes me laugh that one of the issues was that people didn't know how to use OpenOffice...

Apple iPhone tops 2009 smartphone sales

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Not a phone

Can you make a call to another phone from an ipod touch? I don't think you can.. Unless you install skype or some such other application. It's like including a netbook running android in the figures.

Yorkshire Ripper loves Wii Bowling

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Love the outrage

In my opinion, there are far more important things to worry about than a couple of grand spent on Wii's for mentally ill people.

No one would bat an eyelid if it were for mentally ill people in any other hospital in the entire country.

Those who are critical of the government on this are way off the mark. I expect that the NHS trust that runs Broadmore have a budget and this was felt to be useful for all the patients that are treated there. The money that has been spent, would always have been spent on those patients, be it games consoles or more rubber wallpaper.

This story is tabloid journalism at its worse.

Peter Gabriel cranks his f*ck machine

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Paris Hilton

Not a good day to be having a bad day

Taken from the website

"Damn It!

Sorry, we're having a bad day and our site is currently down.

We're fixing it and promise to be back online soon."

Paris, cause she goes down as easily, allegedly...

BBC races away with five-year F1 rights deal

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While I look back at the Murray years on the BBC with a certain amount of fondness, I have to say there is absolutely no place for him commentating on the F1 any more. I say this because I listened to his commentary on the race of champions that was recently broadcast on Sky and he didn't have a clue what was going on, who the drivers were and he kept making the same mistakes about the places the cars were on the track.

Brundle is an excellent pundit, so he would no doubt be my first choice for "commentators sidekick", maybe they could get Motty or Jonathan Pierce to commentate ;o)

Siemens kicked off UK government contract

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Men against boys

Having seen this issue from both sides of the fence, it seems to me that when these contracts are negotiated it's a matter of big business stamping all over the Government departments.

I used to work at the court service and it was obvious whoever had negotiated the contract with EDS didn't have the first idea about IT.

For example, moving a dumb terminal from one desk to another cost about £350.

All the systems were slow and eventually when the office I was working in got it's new infrastructure the implementation didn't allow for simple things like putting permissions on server directories. Oh, that's another £350 per directory, per change.

No wonder the finances of this country are in such a mess with massive overspends like this on Gov IT projects. When Gov is not involved, things seem to go much more smoothly.

Dell prices up all-on-one XPS desktop

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The nagware line really tickled me... Thanks for the friday afternoon frivolity!

MIT sues architect for crap computing-dept campus

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Guggenheim Museum.....

.......Is in Bilbao, not Barcelona...

Apple gives MacBooks some Santa Rosa loving

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Cost differential

Plus, also what people tend to forget is the cost of transporting said product the thousands of miles to your door from where it was assembled.