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Al Gore's green job bonanza - can we afford it?


Faulty arguments made sounding logical

In this article, the author berates Al Gore and all the "middle age hippies" are wrong to assume new high paying jobs would be created.

1 - Any new technology creates a new market and a lot of managers, sales, support and technical jobs.

2 - most of these jobs are higher paying than Burger King. Thank goodness!

3 - the government/ politicians can not create jobs. Of course not, but they can provide incentives for entrepreneurs to create jobs.

4 "the dweebs that populate the green movement need opportunities to congregate and repopulate just as much as any other unfortunate section of society" clearly show the author's bias against the "green" movement.

Look Mr. Worstall, your opinion that all the tree hugging is a waste of effort and we should just consume oil and coal like there is no tomorrow may be a self fulfilling prophecy. Hiding your head in the sand because you believe what you want or out of convenience does not change the facts of global climate change.

It is nice to hear one of you radicals logically explain why you are so full of sh*te.

Captain Cyborg plans to milk you, human scum


Resistance is Futile

I'm not a cyborg professor, but lest any of you think otherwise, the cyborg revolution has begun. Call me cray-Z if you wish, but there is a line of people now that would like to get "upgraded" with more computing and/or muscle power.

Think about the disabled for a minute. We have been providing mechanical prosthesis for these folks for quite some time already. The prosthesis are improving both mechanically and "intelligently", especially with a continual supply of a fresh crop of "subjects", er war veterans.

Think also about the mentally challenged, blind and dyslexic. Can technology assist these individuals? Recent advances in providing artificial sight to the blind are allowing some folk to function more on their own. What if we could attach a chip inside the brain of the severely challenged that would enable them to "use" their higher brain functions. Severe dyslexia and other conditions might be compensated for with implantation.

Laugh all you want, you will see more and more before you quit breathing "on your own". It is a lot closer than you realize!

Microsoft dropped Vista hardware spec to raise Intel profits


Everyone knows?

@ everybody knows

Everybody as in "only hard core techies" know that minimum specs are crap!

Most of you know that in general people are just umm STUPID. They intrinsicly believe whatever BS is told them by someone they think knows more than they do. For example Micro $haft.

When you buy a car the label on the window says $$List price and EPA milage which are relative comparisons. The VISTA capable label is another MIS LEADING way to sell computers. There is no other relative comparison for Windows to the masses because that is their only option at Last Buy, Circuit Pity and other retail outlets.

If you don't think M$ is in bed with the hardware manufacturers, then I bless you my son. I was ordained in the "this is a bunch of crap" Church.

We know that no business is innocent from these "deceptive and misleading" practices. How many of you got "free software" from western digital over their labeling of hard drive capacity?

The whole issue is, for the massess, did they misrepresent or decieve the public into buying computers that do not comply with the VISTA requirement?

The answer is, unequivocally, YES!

All blue-eyed people share one common ancestor


"Blue Eyes"?

Actually genetics is based on probability.

It doesn't say both parents must have the blue eyed gene for you to have blue eyes, just that it is more likely (probable) to produce blue eyed children. As with anything based on probability, it is the law of averages.

For example My father Brown eyes and mother blue eyes produced 6 children.

3 had brown eyes and 3 have blue eyes. The law of averages is demonstrated (not proven).

While it is true that having both parents with a recessive blue trait will produce 1 in 4 children with blue eyes, only one parent having the trait will produce blue eyed offspring more rarely say 1 in a 1000 or even 100,000. Yet it will happen (probably).

Frenchman calculates 13th root of 200-digit number


How does he do it

The method is simple.

Take the inverse log of log(x)/13

provides the 13th root of any number.

Try it!

To what level of accuracy is this guy performing this task?

How many digits? Is it a whole number? No fractions?

Since I don't have a 200 random number generator, I can't test for form of the solutions.

Consider memorizing the log's for numbers 1 through 10 to 10 decimal places.

How accurate would your results be?

I was amazed by a slide rule and could not understand how it worked until Algebra 2 and I learned about logarithms. Afterwards, I used to do "amazing" multiplications and square root calculations in my head by memorizing the log's of 1-10 and the sin of 10 -90 degrees by 10. I easily had 3 digit accuracy which is sufficient for most problems. You just have to keep up with the zeroes.

Ubuntu laptop clan trapped in hard drive hell


BIOS Problem?

Surely one of the open saucers can provide a "control panel" to set this the way that seems best.

btw XP seems to access my hard drive every few seconds even when doing NOTHING!

WTF with that Micro$haft?

Blame anyone you want, but if it smells bad only when you are in the room.

nuf said