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Double-click? Oh how conventional of you, darling!

Alex Hearl


...er in the manual, number 3 has the title "indicators/horn/headlamp flash" and num,ber 4 has the title "lights/dip"....

On a more related note, doesn't Windows explorer work in exactly the same way - Click to select, pause, click to enter edit/rename mode.... and hasn't it worked like that since Windows 2000....?

PRISM leaks: WTF, you don't spy on your friends, splutters EU

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Re: Not News

Devon has never EVER been known as "Devonshire" (except by the ignorant). It isn't a shire nor was it ever.

Your analogy of Shropshire and Yorksire is laughable (and puts you firmly in the aforementioned exception).

I don't mind foreigner making the mistake, but for someone claiming to have "grown up there" to get it so wrong just beggars belief.

Laptop power cranks up a gear

Alex Hearl


(please note, my coat is already on in anticipation...)

...what happens when you need to answer the call of nature - presumably the laptop has some kind of rechargeable battery so you don't have to be pedalling all the time.....

Also - what about discrimination for the legless (and no, I don't mean the Sys Admins after a "Liquid Lunch")....

Drunk US man asks drunk son to take the wheel

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@ Drunk drving bastards

Well said Micahel, well said.

[stands up to applaud]

Second Skynet satellite to launch tonight

Alex Hearl


um, unless my memory is shot (which, given the amount of a certain green substance I may or may not have consumed at university, is a distince possibility) I thought that Skynet was the computer system not the satelite system....

Also, on another note, is it really a great plan to be sending up a multi-million pound satelite on the Ariane 5 rocket.... didn't it blow up (or was that the Ariane 4...? damn my memory)

ah well,

</rule 8>

Congestion charge dodgers register Bentleys as minicabs

Alex Hearl


.... makes me glad I don't live in London really....

</rule 8>

Brown will 'scrap ID cards' for UK citizens, claims paper

Alex Hearl


"...he's a Home Office veteran, so ignorance is nothing new...."

that's sooo funny I forgot to check for the PH angle!

X-Files movie sequel is go

Alex Hearl

IT and/or PH angle...?

Where are they?

[invoke rule 8]


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