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Grav-mapping satellite fires ion engines


How high? How fast?

So let me see if I have this right. A really cool looking bucket is an a kind of 'free fall', plumemting towards a hot and fiery death at the rate of 20.6096 double decker busses per day all because of a feeble blue flame engine that can only produce 0.0001 Norris since they only took up 9.5238 Jubs worth of Xenon.

Seems to me that flying around a planet at about 0.1575% of the maximum velocity of a sheep in a vacuum at an altitude of 2024.8018 brontosaurus requires more energy than that.

"All being well, the engines will - as part of the Drag-Free and Attitude Control Subsystem (DFACS) - automatically maintain GOCE's velocity and altitude while the scientists get down to the job in hand. ."

What job is that then? Watching re-entry fireworks?

Hydrogen leak grounds Discovery


Crappy plumbing

From the picture, the whole thing appears to be held together with Duck Tape. Maybe the should get a proper plumber on the job!

North Korea announces missile test sat launch


But its a WMD!!!

Quick, call in Team America to tackle the threat from this axis of evil before we all die horrible deaths.

Oh wait. . .

No oil only fish. . .

Nah forget it, not worth the bother

Deception of 'up to' broadband speeds exposed


I think its moe emotive than speed @Alex

At the end of the day people are paying for a service they are not getting. "Upto 8 MBps" sets an expectation that it is possible to get an 8MBps speed even though technically it may not be.

Incidentally, the argument about distance from the exchange is also dodgy as most (certainly in my area) of the copper has now been replaced by fibre to what was the street cabinet (those green boxes). The ISPs continue to use this as an excuse to deliver lower speeds whilst still charging you for a premium rate service.


Contention Ratios

I have noticed that my BT line conenction rate has been dropping over the past few months and then miraculously went up over xmas which points to contention in my mind as people may spend less time on the internet at xmas. In any event, my download rate (via speedtest.net) remained constant sub 2MBps during the day and went up progressively until the wee hours when it rose sharply. that's the ISP throttling. I think BT are doing this because everyone is buying homehubs as a wireless survey of my street shows.

I'm leaving BT soon with a hope that my new unbundled provided can give me the estimated 4Mbps (twice that of BT down the same wire).

Be Broadband doubles down on ADSL to catch cable


I don't want to burst your bubble but. . .

Here in the sticks, a massive 3.1 cable KMs from the exchange, I bareley ever get 2MBps on my up to 8MBps line so assuming a linnear relationship I should only get 1/4 of the suggested "30 and 45Mbit/s" in other words between 7.5 and 11.25 MBps. Barely more than I am supposed to get on my 'Up to 8MBps' line anyway.

Sorry but the technology is not up to the job of delivering the fastes possible connection rate unless you live next door to an exchange IMHO.

Fully end-end digital connection is what you really need at these speeds, let there be cable, fibred to the door! (Even in the non-suburban towns)

Beeb to cut the f**king swearing

Paris Hilton

But that's all JR can do

If the bad language goes what else can Johnathan Ross do?

Paris because JR probably has done her as well

Scientists ponder mysterious source of cosmic rays

Paris Hilton

The Sun's Evil Twin

There was a story some time ago about how our solar system ought to have a second star as single star systems are very rare in the universe. It was suggested that during the orbit of this twin (probably a brown dwarf) it had a gravitational effect on the asteroid belt which caused large extinction event asteroids to change their orbit and eventually slam into poor old Gaia. Hence the regularity of extictions (60M Years?) on this planet.

Maybe that is what they've seen.

Where did I put my Cosmology 101 book. . .

Paris because all those nasty particles make a mess of your hair

Software outfit keeps Vulcan airborne


Long Live the Vulcan

I used to live near RAF Woodford where they either built or repaired Vulcans, not sure which I was only a kid. They had an annual airshow at Woodford and the highlights were the RAF memorial flight (or whatever it was then) and the Vulcan flypast.

The previous comment about your whole body resonating and the ground vibrating are quite true. In my case, even bubbles appeared in my cherryade and when the Vulcan flew past. Every hair on your body stands on end, the exhilaration cannot be described.

Such power, such grace such a noise it is beyond anything else and yet I think those of us who have seen, heard it and even felt it also dare to do the thing we are no longer allowed which is to feel more than a little patriotic.

Long Live The Vulcan

Dutch fire up petrol-pumping robot


What about the cow?

To be honest I was more concerned with "I was on a farm and I saw a robotic arm milking a cow. "

This represents a direct machine-carbon life form symbiotic interface which has sneaked through under the radar.

OK so the cows may feel some relief from said machine but where will it end?

Dearly departed to heat Manchester crematorium


Oh no not Oliver Reid!!

Cripes, how hot would it get when they cremate alcoholics.

Global warming? PAH- its the local crem!

US regulator raises Dreamliner hacker risk fear

Thumb Up

Integrate with Google Earth

Wouldn't that be great. You could get at google earth as a passenger and use it's "Fly to" function - quite literally!

Living brain in powerful robot body tech goes live


Creepy Crawly

I'm sorry but putting animal brains into robots whether rats, moths or politicians is very creepy.

I can't help pondering on how frustrated the poor moth (in this case) is at no longer being able to fly.

Let's face it, all an adult moth (and indeed politician) is interested in is flying towards lights, nectar and reproduction. Nor sure how that model fits in with modern day policing, although I could make a few suggestions. . . anonymously of course.

Poor Moth.

Speed-cam fines topped out in 2005


Re Jason Irwin's comment - Meredydd Hughes

I'd put money on him getting away with it because in his evidence he will use the global cop get out of jail free statement "I was driving safely"

just wait for it!