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Researchers dissect world's first Mac botnet


Not a vulnerability / exploit

This is not evidence of a vulnerability within OSX, it is evidence of the stupidity of those who downloaded warez software and supplied it with their user credentials. As far as OSX is concerned, this would have been an authorised software install, manually authenticated by the user - no technical exploits.

Inmate hacked prison network, broke into employee database


@Michael Chester

Mmm, true - but there's always the case of malicious users on the local network or even local PC.

Bloke knocked up kebabs close to corpse couch

Paris Hilton


...'cos she knows a thing or two about kebabs.

Apple takes wraps off rumour-matching MacBook Pros



"How many people need 4 USB ports on a laptop? Seriously?"

Gamers, desktop replacements, office laptops - most of these would include at least an external mouse, a printer, an external hard drive for Time Machine and you'll want one port free for things like pen drives etc.

"How many people need HDMI to hook their laptops up to a TV to watch 'the occasional movie'?"

Isn't that what a lot of people do on Macs - make and watch their movies? Also usefull for giving presentations on modern displays & projectors.

Apple revamps MacBook as 13in MacBook Pro

Jobs Halo

@ the haters

But it's so **shiny**!!!!!1!!!11

Judge slaps Fasthosts for rubbish kit and support


@Igor Mozolevsky

£15k - £25k for a server? F**k me, not sure about you, but the servers I (and most others are used to) such as HP ProLiants and Dell PowerEdges etc, cost between £350 - £8,500 for brand new, stock models.

The likes of redundant power feeds, network transit & fire supression are standard with most of the larger providers, and in my experience the whole package (hardware, hosting & utility access) start at around £70/month.

Hot standbys and managed backup solutions are stuff of larger setups, and I imagine aren't a requirement of someone who just wants "a cheap dedicated server".

Samsung unwraps MacBook Air beater

Jobs Horns

Let's not forget the most important issue...

...will it fit in the manila, string-tie, slightly-bigger-than-A4, office envelope that I keep lying around for such a device?

UK ISPs agree to menace their filesharing users



= usenet.

Adobe opens Photoshop for freetards


@ "Freetard" whiners

So someone called you a name? Get over it, this isn't your MySpace page or something.

Religious MPs get free vote on hybrid embryos


@ RIchard Kay

"You certainly are not respecting my religious rights by wanting my convictions excluded from the democratic process."

Your *own* convictions are most welcome in the democratic process - but by definition, morals which you class as 'religious' are not your own. Why should the democratic process & subsequent legislation be subject to such impersonal superstitions?

"Where do you imagine current laws on murder and theft first come from anyway? Thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal - both are from the 10 commandments.""

I think you'll find that such basic ethics of morality are common to all 3 of the mainstream Abrahamic religions and even pre-date them, not just yours. Indeed, such moral codes have been found to exist in civilisations many thousands of years B.C. Moral codes like this offer a survivalistic advantage to any civilisation / species, one could almost call it Darwinian, as such ethical morals actually have nothing to owe to any religion.

The only points worthy of note which the bible makes about various morals, are the pretty grotesque ones demonstrated in the Old Testament such as genocide is ok, providing the civilisation in question is not Christian - to name just one. Some of the most religious countries have some of the most messed up morals e.g. excecutations in Iran & the States.

One final point: If you genuinely believe that your basic morals come soley from your religion, then clearly you don't have any of your *own* - which if I were you, would be quite worrying.

Head banker leaves job over Muslim gaffe

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Scramble the care police

"We have a robust approach to equality and diversity and do not tolerate discrimination."

And this harmless little pun encroached on which of these? Personally I think it's quite witty - but of course, fictional superstitions deserve the highest levels of unquestionable respect.


Mac OS X firewall blocks Skype and online gamers


I'm not so sure...

"They've got great design skills though, so they've gotten away with it so far."

...incorrect, the only thing they have gotten away with is a good PR engine and an extremely gullible customer base. Their design ‘skills’ aren’t worthy of such title. Example: Their design ‘skills’ conceive a phone with no buttons, no picture messaging, no video capture & out-dated, slow internet connectivity (no 3G) – but no fear, their PR guys will be able to spin this off as a mobile phone revolution and flog it for the same price as a half decent laptop. Similarly their design ‘skills’ neglected to include a screen in one of their MP3 players, but this was soon turned into a ‘cool’ feature by PR, and lapped up by non-thinking idiots who thought it would make them a bit more ‘spontaneous’ and ‘less boring’.

Macs seized by porn Trojan

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I don't think it's so much a larger user base that has been the incentive for the malware creators here. It's far more likely that someone finally cracked at the ever increasing nausiating piety & smugness that seems to gush out of most Mac users.

Hopefully this news will stop so many fanboys getting so hot & wet over their 'computers (i use the term cautiously)' and subsequently curb the need they feel to talk about it 20 times a day.

A bit of humble pie could do the Apple camp a huge favour; who knows, maybe they'll go back to creating websites for their pussy cats, making "cool" photo albums of themselves or whatever you're supposed to do on a Mac, instead of pissing everyone else off at every oppertunity.