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Fire at The Planet takes down thousands of websites


Lets hope

From the seriousness, that no one was hurt or injured. :)

Fasthosts' dedicated servers go titsup

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This post has been deleted by a moderator

UK bank blames fraudsters for World of Warcraft ban



I find this highly interesting..

What I found happens alot, a user orders something, a few weeks later - realises they dont want it - so instead of going down the root of speaking to the company to get a refund, they issue it as a chargeback / fraud.

What i expect is happening -

Teenages are using their parents cards, with or without consent - the user realises "Jesus thats a rob" and then issues the charge back - thus the bank sees this as fraud.

Halifax, is just "trying" to show some responsibility, but we all know - that if a hacker really wants to wipe you clean, they will do more than just order WoW I mean - hell, surely they would know the IP is traceable or atleast the range is - especially if they are on dynamic, it would be a little harder to trace but do -able

Personally, I dont think there should be any contact with the ISP to a certain extent, its not their fault, is it? Or is it?

I think its just the case of the public / users trying to bend the rules to make it work in their favour - ive seen it happen so many times on a day - to - day basis. Its crazy.

I think halifax could of done something a little more than declining transactions to WoW, what about the current users, that are real, what happens then? Its not ideal!

Again, it all falls back to control - if a normal person can't access their own money and pay for things with their own money at places they wish - then why give us a card then?

It probably, falls back to the government - big brother is watching.

Dell tells customer 'Mac is good option'


What a bunch of *** again

Well.. id hardly say £130 on components is fantastic, infact it's probably just as bad as the crap thats inside any of these prebuilt machines, dell, packard bell, HP, etc etc the list could go on and on.

You cannot in no way shap or form, upgrade a dell machine with standard ATX components. The bloke is right, to say it wont be cheap, because it wont.

But you can build a decent machine on a good price, but dont skimp of CPU, RAM, Mobo, PSU & HDD - its basically most of it. Stick to good brands, mobo Gigabyte - Ram Cosair etc etc the list could go on and on. If you build just on price, then don't bother. Waste of your time & your money.


What a bunch of ***

Well as use usual the stupidity of The Register comments, is un real. Mac is far superior to Windows, always has and always will. There is currently no Malware, no spyware, no viruses for the MAC - where as Windows is loaded.

MAC is only a good option for the media industry, i.e graphic designers, movie editors etc etc.

Id say, the tech support man, gave possibly good advice but jumped the gun. He should of found out what the user does with his PC - if just email and word, then PC = Good, if hes making fanatastic graphical images, then MAC is good.

Id say, the bloke shouldn't be sacked, just trained a little more to see what the user needs/want.

So to round off for the stupid ones:

MAC = Good for media

PC = Good for other stuff, email, browsing, games etc

Aka - shut the chuff up and do some work.

Microsoft opens Server 2008 licensing a smidge


Windows - sod off

Apache will ALWAYS be the leader in PHP/MYSQL - it's just far too good compared with Windows - yes Windows has the nice GUI but thats all it's got. You need 50GB of RAM just to run a Windows Server ;) - Where as apache run's nicely with any amount

As far as I am concerned - I will always use Linux/Apache Servers for my websites - they work better, more secure, more stable and far easier to keep up-to-date.

Ofcom investigates X-Factor debacle


Jesus Chuffing Christ

Its all just one big con... Yes he may get a million quid, but when you think he has to pay for is unreal, such as: Moeny to label for making his CD, money to staff for "Looking after him"

The easyiest thing to sort this out

Ban the whole friggin show and Ban it from TV - i think Ofcom should spend their time more wisely - Seems to me a big pile of dog muck!

Jesus christ.


Who Really Cares?

Do we care seriously? I mean, theres enough singers coming into the business most of the time - the fact that their voices will be made to sound better by some machine - just tops it off.

However, people that still watch the X-Factor, must be joking when they are moaning abotu aline being engaged? Surly people have betetr things to do at thistime of year than to moan? Maybe not

Personally, I say scrap the whole lot of them - waste of time and money!

Fasthosts primes another password reset


We moved.. join the boat

We moved to www.sar-hosting.co.uk and it would seem so have a lot of other people, they helped us alot, they rang up Fasthosts, waiting forus and transfered all of our data. It was a easy as 1-2-3



They also have 24/7 live chat as well

Perfect in my eyes.

Codemasters pledges to stay civil on file-sharing


When you think about it

When you think about it, the manuafactures of these games cause this them self. Now, I now - let me explain.

You want to buy a game.. Say for Example Colin McRea - you pop downto your local game/gamestation - you see the price £49.99 and go JESUS CHRIST!

Now, I think - if people like codemasters didn't over price their games, I mean £29.99 you can live with but £40 upwards is just a rob.

Personally, I don't like these bullying tatics that are being used to make people panic and pay the £500 - which Ithink is a joke - personally id let them take it too cout - use on of the excuses above - and then counter sue for

Legal Costs


taking time of work due to stress

And A gesture of goodwill payment - a sorry

Fasthosts customers still frozen out of websites



Currently been onthephone for two and a half hours - started at position 60 now at 13- moving 1 place every 15 minutes roughly


Niche Gut

10:43AM Still no password in the post. Tried to call got to que position 50, sent a support ticket in - nada.

Pain in the backside


Re: Other Options

Johnn, yes we moved to www.sar-hosting.co.uk and they are top notch, they are a small - medium firm and their support is fantastic.


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