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Viewsonic PC Mini 132

A Gould

I'm sorry, what? £350?!

My Revo R3610 cost £160. Pretty much the same spec. Does the same thing. WTF?

Hisense 1080p Media Player

A Gould

Delivery cost

Given that there is only 1 UK distributor, and that they charge an extortionate £7.99 delivery, reporting the price as £60 is a bit misleading.

It's actually £68.98, which is significantly closer to £70 than £60.

Windows 95 to Windows 7: How Microsoft lost its vision

A Gould

Would agree.

Not sure what all the Win 7 hype is about really. Been using it for a week or so and so far I have experienced little different from Vista SP2.

The differences are no more than a OS X upgrade which is...er £25.

Buffalo Linkstation Pro

A Gould

Not for techs?

Any technical users will gut this of the stock firmware and slap Debian on it.

1.2GHz CPU and 256MB RAM, should run very nicely.

First USB 3.0 hard drives fall short of SuperSpeed speed

A Gould


Perhaps that's because they can only be as fast as the drives inside them?

It's a bit like complaining that your 2CV doesn't go any faster even after you've installed a top of the range gearbox.

FSF launches Windows 7 anti-upgrade letter campaign

A Gould

Fortune 500

Only care about TCO.

That's it. Can they get the same work done with less money?

Sony reveals slim PS3, drops price

A Gould

Ah the special Sony exchange rate.

It seems that it European consumers are forever subsidising American ones when it comes to Sony products.

Selling stuff inside th EU is not 1.4x more expensive than selling it in the US.

Ovi still bouncing on and offline

A Gould

Oh wait...

There's 'Nokia Magnifier'. Now that's a killer app. Whenever I focus, it gives me an error, and when I close it, it throws a kernel exception. Fantastisch.

A Gould
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Its not as slow...

today, but there's still nothing good on it.

At the end of the day, all the innovative developers are writing for iPhones. Nokia have missed the boat. Ovi is just a pile of crappy wallpapers and ringtones.

Ovi swings to open position

A Gould

Its like swimming in porridge.

It's slow, and is full of useless crap

Toshiba Qosmio X300

A Gould

Toshibas are crap.

In my extensive experience, Toshiba laptops are the most unreliable and badly built of the premium brand machines. The hinges in particular are diabolical.

Firefox devs ask navels when to curtail Mac OS support

A Gould

If they want it so much...

why don't they learn objective-C and do a 10.4 port themselves.

Samsung punts popcorn flicks for pounds

A Gould
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Either that...

...or I could buy an DRM unencumbered (might as well be these days) DVD with a bunch of extras, not have to hope that my hard drive doesn't fail (or my phone get nicked) and have something tangible from Amazon for £5.98. Until rights owners realise that people will not pay more for less they are going to have trouble selling downloads - cf. music downloads which are generally cheaper than their CD equivalents.

EU sets cellphone users loose in aircraft

A Gould

There's something cheaper than a mobe jammer...

...ear plugs.

Women overtaking men in tech abuse

A Gould

Is that a...


Ten years old: the world's first MP3 player

A Gould

I still have my PMP300...

...but no parallel port to plug it into.

Elonex £99 Eee PC rival to arrive in June

A Gould

What's wrong with...

...Using a computer at a desk? Has anyone ever tried using a laptop on their front? It's horrible.

Steve Fossett dead: Official

A Gould

@By Cor

It's far more likely he's with Jim Morrison, frankly.

Google in mass 404 land grab

A Gould
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This is completely different.

You fail to see that there is a basic difference between the two kinds of behaviour. In on case, you have a cable provider moderating html output (something the end user can do nothing about) and in the other, you have a piece of USER INSTALLED software altering html output. If you don't like Google Toolbar, uninstall it. You don't have the same luxury with your ISP.

Student taser victim spared electric chair

A Gould

Excuse me,

Maybe it's the Brit in me, but didn't they think about politely asking him to leave first? Even bouncers ask you to leave nicely before they lay into you.

That the "officer" pulled a gun as a first response is, quite frankly, scary.

I was also under the impression that in order for a policeman to arrest you, he needed reasonable ground to do so. In this case someone taking to long asking stupid questions doesnt really seem like an arrestable offence.