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Apple MacBook Air stays skinny, gains beefier specs


Sony Z series

If I had that sort of money to fritter, I'd buy a Sony Z series every time. I reckon it looks nicer, probably lighter, has a better battery life, is far more powerful, actually has a better keyboard (despite looking the same...) and has a usable amount of ports.

And since when was nVidia's GeForce 8400M an integrated GPU?? Apparently is, according to El Reg and Apple's Website.. Shame on you, it's dedicated!

Close, but no cigar indeed.

Dell offers glimpse of monster quad-core laptop


it aint a gaming laptop

"If you're serious about gaming, get a ruddy desktop."

It's a workstation, it's part of Dell's corporate range, it's not aimed at gamers.

Robotic hand relief



..oh yes, I've ordered fifty. Just so I don't have to clean them afterwards..

Now get back to writing El Reg and stop leaving silly comments!!

MSI Wind Windows XP Edition sub-notebook


For God's sake..

Sony never had any trouble selling its TZ for £2k - and it can't do half what a "real" laptop can, blah blah.


What's so difficult to understand about the concept?! A 10-inch screen is nowhere near full-sized, machines with a 12-inch display are generally regarded as ultraportable, and it's considerably smaller than any of those.

Fekk me, the only thing these machines are lacking in comparison with considerably more expensive Sony/Asus/FSC ultraportables are the DVD drives. MB Air doesn't even have that..

Look at any other consumer market - it's all relative. A brand new car at £4000 is an absolute steal - but I certainly don't have 4k lying around..

Of course £300 isn't throwaway - but neither is £200. Even at £300 - £400 this new breed of laptop are bargains, IN COMPARISON TO OTHER ULTRAPORTABLES. Jeez, it's like moaning about a full-on gaming machine because it weighs a bit and the battery is sh*te.

If you want a full-sized, full-power shed then off you scoot down to Comet and buy one; you're cleary not the target customer for these laptops, so stop complaining and I hope you suffer forever from back-pain from lugging your new 3.5kg, £200 desktop-alike piece of junk. Still, think of the apps you'll be able to run on it, eh eh. Happy in the knowledge you couldn't have done so on an sub-notebook...

Samsung slips out skinny phone



..what about the Sony Ericsson W880i? Either my ruler needs re-calibration or my phone is thinner than either the Samsung or HTC

Apple MacBook Air



I don't know what motherboards Apple may have used in the past, and I'm not commenting on whether they design their own components, but it definitely does still outsource the manufacture of its laptops to Asus.

It doesn't make anything itself.


It was the MacBook Air sub-notebook




There have been loads of thin and light laptops, check out FSC's Q2010 for starters:

Few ports, about 20mm in depth, no optical drive, reasonable sized screen, absolutely stunning. Cost the best part of £3ooo just last year too.

There are few things new here. And the one USB is just a pain in the neck - are some of you that deluded to think users don't want to plug in a mouse AND a USB key at the same time? Or perhaps print from something on an external disk..?! There's no excuse, it should have 2 USB ports at least.

And great, it has wireless, which works really really well with all the routers that require setting up with ethernet cables first.. Getting round that one will be a doddle for first-time users

I'd buy a Sony SZ6 everytime. It takes up pretty much the same amount of space in my bag, I'm not actually going to notice that whole 400g more, it's stylish, has bloody good performance for an ultraportable, I can take another battery with me when I'm travelling and it's made by the same flippin company. No-brainer



"Frankly, the 1.1kg of my Portege is nice to carry around and do presentations, and even the 2.5kg of the IBM/Lenovo is alright.. but thinner and lighter IS better as far as I'm concerned. Those asking who it's for -- it's for me."

Erm, brilliant point, and I wish you all the best...

...but it weighs more than your 1.1kg Toshiba..!! Hope you enjoy that extra thinness though

Nokia wins hearts, minds with breakthrough mobile


Not quite

See, to me the idea of converging phones and music players doesn't make any sense.

I had an iPhone for a little while, and not once after my first week with it did I use it to play music on. I don't particularly mind if a phone doesn't have a two-week battery life, as I'm going to be home at least every other night and can charge it - but use them for playing music and the battery life really is appalling.

I'd much rather it be my mp3 player that runs out of battery half way through a long journey than my phone. That's just not something I could cope with.

Canon PowerShot A460 compact camera


camera not phone..

Camera phones don't even get close. The lenses are nowhere near as good, and performance in low light levels tends to be far worse. True, manufacturers can cram 5-megapixel technology into them, but with tiny sensors this just means images tend to suffer from noise. Stick with a proper camera if you want photographs you can actually display.

Asus Eee PC as 'hard to get your hands on as a Wii'


why moan at the price?

Don't you realise what this machine is made for - yes it costs a whopping £219 rather than £100/£150, but what on earth would you buy instead?!

You're not gonna get a decent ultraportable for anywhere near that, although granted you could buy an under-specced 15.4-inch 3kg machine made by a retail store for twice the price..

The eeeeee is ideal for the commuter, it's light, it's particularly robust and the lack of Windows really isn't a problem for most users. True, at some point Vista will probably get stuck on it, as with a larger screen, more memory, faster processor, and you're back to paying a hell of a lot more money again.

Look at anything in its league - some of the UMPCs cost up to 2k, 11-inch machines like Sony's TZ cost well over a grand. You might be too tight to fork out £219 for an ultraportable laptop, but the sales success suggest most other people - me included - disagree.

OQO Model e2 UMPC


"Um - since the Japanese language has no 'Q' sound...not particularly, no."

There's no 'Q' sound in OQO.

It's pronounced oko. Which the Japanese are perfectly capable of saying. Oko-cho-kogome.

So, just a little bit..


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