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Ballerinas and fish-gutters beat techies in UK immigration race

Matthew Sullivan

@AC Newbies...

Trya self built NASCOM, and a Zenith. (oh and I still have 2 Beeb's here in Aus ;-))

Vista SP1 kills and maims security apps, utilities

Matthew Sullivan

@Jos Re: Re: The bitter truth of being a Mac user

I bought a Mac Book Pro as a replacement for my Dell Latitude in Nov 2005, it is a Duo Core 2 Intel Mac, I have MS Windows XP installed in Parallels and Linux there too. I put Windows on because I needed it for work, in particular to get it to talk to a Colour Printer, I have a Mac driver for it now, and the only times I have fired up Parallels in the last 12 months are to demo 'hey look it runs Windows in a window' to anyone who asks me what I think about Macs.

I have until recently had no problems with my Mac Book Pro, the only problem I am having at the moment is occasionally C,V,B,N, M and <space> keys don't seem to work on the first press (well more that I finish typing and look at what I have typed and find that those keys are missing occasionally - occasionally being once or twice an hour).

My Mac Book Pro has only been powered down for around 24 hours since I got it, and that was when it was out of battery power and I had forgotten to take a charger with me.

Cost, all in all it cost Au$200 more than the equivalent Dell Latitude replacement I was looking at, and I consider it money well spent.

My old Latitude used to have Slackware Linux as the OS of choice, dual bootable to Windows for any @Work operations. The images for both are in the Parallels config mentioned above, both still work, neither gets used.

With reference to your comment about the Sys Admin for Linux stuff, you don't need to be a sys admin to install Linux, there are some 3 question installs out there that work really well (Corel Linux <spit> was the first). The problem is with the way that with both Linux, and Windows the 'Easy Interface' makes use of the Administrator (root), and the clueless use these all the time because it's easy. Mac have got it nice, everyone is a user; if you have admin privs assigned to you, you have the GUI sudo interface pop up to increase privs for that operation (all automatic). Better still, there is the nice little padlock which seems to require sudo privs to unlock in addition to what ever it is you're updating, double layered security, admittedly same password, but it stops automation in it's tracks. got my Mum to checkout my Mac, and from someone who has a hard time with Windows, she found it no more difficult with the Mac and in some cases she found it easier to understand.



Exploit Wednesday follows Patch Tuesday Word update

Matthew Sullivan

.... including Office for Macintosh documents

Typical, spend $349 on Mac Office, and now they break it's compatibility with other office products.

Time to get rid of M$ and put in OpenOffice around the entire office to ensure compatibility I think.

/ Mat

MS drops nagware validation for IE7 installs

Matthew Sullivan

Re: Desparate measures to keep market share?


> As for Firefox; it's reliable, doesn't support ActiveX

I don't run either Firefox or IE because they both support ActiveX. Though at least you can turn it off in Firefox without breaking the OS and just about everything else.

/ M

(..and no I don't run Safari or Opera either..)

London man coughs to 172mph Porsche jaunt

Matthew Sullivan

Reaction times.

Well known FACT. Reaction times of the fastest people in the world behind the wheel (Top Fuel dragster and Funny Car racers) is 0.6 seconds... and they are just waiting for the green light, the processing work involved in recognising dangers, processing the ideal response to the danger and actually doing it is considerably longer (and is likely to exceed 1.5 seconds for anyone who doesn't have 20:20 vision and is super alert and concentrating).

..and on a related note:

Speed does not kill - it's the sudden stop that kills.



(A 300kmh/180mph bike rider)

AMD's lawyers go ballistic as Intel's e-mails disappear

Matthew Sullivan

Sounds familiar

... Morgan Stanley anyone? (what was it, $1.5b judgment against for not providing emails on time...?)


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