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Heathrow to get new facial recognition scanners



oh, the trials they have run. which means that they've been using it already on the general public, most likely. that would explain why me and my family, a couple of months ago at Heathrow, were each given cards at one end of a corridor, and had to hand them back at the other end of the corridor. we weren't told anything about being included in these trials, but i'll bet that is exactly what it was all about. would make no sense otherwise. and i think we should've been clearly informed.

A peek inside Apple's iCloud data center


last pic shows dell power edge servers

last pic shows dell power edge servers :?)

Police head-cam TV show debuts in US

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evidence. let's see it.

good news. so if i notice any officer wearing a camera, then in court i can demand to see all of the footage of the entire encounter, if any at all is presented as evidence. if only partial footage of the entire incident is or can be provided, then how can any of it be considered a true full version of events? what is conveniently left out can prove or disprove things, so any missing footage invalidates the rest. my untrained opinion.

Antarctic meteorite yields exotic new mineral


nice one

that's the funniest thing i've read all week. thanks for that. 10 points for hilarity.

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physical properties?

the interesting question would be: what are it's physical properties, and what effects does it have interacting or reacting with other substances? but i guess it'll take more than a few enshrined tiny grains to work that lot out.

PS. very funny discussion. hehe.

Carbon trading registry suspends ops following hack attack



and encourage even more pollution, so long as they're (the rich folks) getting paid for it. in fact, in that case, more pollution = more profit.

it really has nothing to do with reducing pollution. only making money. hello ? it there anyone home in there ? time to wake up and smell the coffee folks.

More privacy for the Queen, less for everyone else


don't believe it

yeah, and they'll keep their word will they? just like all the other promises they've made right?

a politicians directive is simply: do whatever we (gvt) want regardless of any 'common public' opinion. but be sure to tell the people what they want to hear regardless of if there is any truth in it.

.. besides lies from politicians is exactly what the public is expecting, and has become the accepted normal these days. i am, as always, totally disgusted by this.

Patents do not protect small firms, says trade body


intentional ?

i think that this situation is perfectly intentional.

large corporations stomp all over the little people, like taking candy from a baby.

if a 'little' individual (who's not well funded) invents something potentially profitable then the corporates are able to use their substantial resources to do as they please, because the lowly individual (or small company) can never afford such a battle, and would effectively get wiped out. besides, you'd be amazed at the lies and fake 'proof' that the wealthy are able to produce.. because money talks.

let's not forget that it's _Individuals_ that innovate and invent. and so large corporates would want to throw their weight around to ensure ownership of said potential profits, to the best of their ability. fair or otherwise. in fact fairness has nothing to do with companies, which only exist to make profit.

Walmart falls in with Washington's war on terror

Black Helicopters

hello ?

FYI.. it's an old strategy called 'divide and conquer'. to cause people to distrust and make enemies of each other.

Herts cops 'ate the evidence' at scene of crime, court told


more like..

cops inadvertently gather evidence.

if they hadn't done what they did, then the pizza delivery guy probably would have taken the evidence away with him and later disposed of them.

the officers both secured and retained the 'crucial' pizza boxes.

it was the boxes (and attached papers) that were the evidence, not the pizza. since the police didn't eat the pizza boxes, they didn't eat the evidence. see?

Renta-spook: GCHQ commercialisation 'is a live issue'


patent rules.

my understanding (and i've looked) is:

if the 'invention/article' is public knowledge prior to patent application. it cannot be patented.

when a patent application is made, the 'article' is then published (and becomes public knowledge at that time). investigations are undertaken, then application is either granted or denied.




..more smokescreening to cover the real truths (as usual).

Plasma space-drive aces efficiency numbers: Set for ISS in 2014


do both

we could do both. we have the resources. if only we could use them properly.. for creation rather than destruction.

Maude: Gov contracts 'made my eyes water'


372 pages of legal mumbo jumbo

haha. the writing in even a simple contract show that the legal profession have really outdone themselves at causing general confusion, vague terms, and sometimes re-defining the meanings of ordinary words. there've been cases of contracts referring to non existent documents etc.

no wonder they have no idea what they're signing.

and even through all that, simple errors are easily made.

for example, what happened to me. when an incorrect addition to a title deed, by the sellers lawyer, (because of some confusion due to 2 properties both being on one arb document at one time). i called those lawyers and said to them that the contract clearly stated that i would be owner of both properties, but they assured me that the document was correct and was for only one property. twice i checked, with same outcome.

then after all signed and done, i got a (rather nervous) phone call from seller's lawyer saying they had made an error and accidentally (legally) sold us 2 properties for the price of one. HAHAHA. i couldn't help laughing, and told them i'd informed them twice etc (via email and phone call). most amusing. but we are honest people and i said. i told you so. and ok to 'amend' the contract to make it right. However, they were very lucky because it was already a done deal, and i legally owned an extra property. mistake or not. dumbasses.

and the contract had so much mumbo jumbo in it that it made me laugh.

hope you enjoyed my little story. which is true btw. aaahh, t'is friday after all. hehe.

Christians vs metalheads in FB flame war



astutely observed and well stated. good man. thank you. :?)

Shell's London office UNDER WATER and besieged by GIANT EELS



it's the revenge of the sea.. oh, hang on. that was BP...

oh hold up.. it's a river. damn. hehe :?)

would put 'joke alert' but karma is real. an its commin ta get ya. so, welcome it is then !

UK plans increased spending on cyber-security


you pay !

our gvt wants to increase internet monitoring, censorship, and control systems... for your own protection, of course... but. we must finance this for the privilege of being controlled better.

NSA: Secret 'Perfect Citizen' project does not spy on US


not so

not so good at lying as you think. the truth will always come out eventually. it's hard to prove lies but very easy to prove truth.

Europe approves mass data transfer to US


promises promises

can anyone recall when the last time any promise by 'authorities' was actually kept? i can't.

if anyone thinks that said data won't be mined/searched using automated systems, then they're living in la la land.

i think these witch.. erm, i mean terrorist hunters have been helping themselves to whatever data they like (that they possibly can), and trawling/cross-referencing it with their automated terrorist hunter super computer 'surveillance' systems. now they just trying to make as much of it as legal as possible.

"no, we compiled this information by manually reading through all the data, specifically to find these items, honest!! look, here's some cctv footage of a poor bloke sifting through some data, see?" LOL

Australia unbans the internet


of course

no surprise there then. of course this will be delayed till after elections, otherwise someone will get real unpopular real fast, and won't get re-elected at all. duh!

Beeb dubs Facebook users 'saddos'


depends what you're doing

don't be so quick to put everyone in the same labeled box. facebook is a free global communication tool. and/or a toy depending on what you do with it.

Some of us use it to find and spread interesting and potentially useful information, and have many thought provoking discussions.

oh, and take a look at who is calling whom a saddo, oh ye grand wise olympic committee with the multi-million logo that looks like porno simpsons, and spending all that cash when so many are loosing their jobs and homes.

hello? is there anyone home?


who's free time?

of course the BBC would say this. they don't want people spending their valuable free time on the internet, when they should be watching TV. duh!

Brazilian banker's crypto baffles FBI


not what we told, is it ?

thanks AC, that is good information.

If you are told by a policeman while getting arrested: "you have the right to remain silent", then surely this is really not true. ergo a lie. so, would that constitute false arrest ?


once again...

in UK we:

a. 'have the right to remain silent' so we don't have to incriminate ourselves... or:

b. 'have to disclose encryption keys if required by law enforcement' or face jail.

it cannot be that both are true. it can olny be either one or the other.

what i need to know is: which one is it then?

DUH !!!

PS: agreed. truecrypt rocks !!

BT signs first smart meter deal


no it's not

..it's absolutely not going to happen at my house.

i paid for and own everything on my property, including the meters etc, so it will be my decisions what gets changed. my decision alone.

if some company claim that some statute allows them, or anyone else, the right to gain entry to my property without my permission, then they can just try it.

a statute is not a law. these are 2 different things. it's called a court of law, not a court of law and statutes (nor even a court of justice).

i can also choose whomever i like to supply my gas/electricity, based on what ever criteria i like, including if they 'require' a smart meter or not.

Police confirm cybercrime budget cut


what good were they in the first place?

i mean, does anyone out there know of any individual (not company) at all who both: got ripped off by card scammers/identity fraudsters, and the prepetrators actually caught and prosecuted?

i don't know of any, in fact a couple years back me and wife got defrauded, and got the delivery address (plus fake name), for goods purchased by the thieves with stolen card details. we gave these details to the police (England), and they literally said to me that: they would not persue it as they were all busy with 'higher priority" issues, and did not have the manpower to do what i pay them taxes to do. (arrest thieves).

so what good have they been anyway?

thanks for listening to my little whiney rant. :?)

NASA: Civilization will end in 2013 (possibly)



laughter abounded at the tinfoil hatted ones. perhaps this attire will soon be the norm. hehe.

Thousands of 'sexsomniacs' suffering in silence, say profs


patient confidentiality ?

how exactly does this Sharon A Chung person know what people have, or have not, discussed with their doctors?

that's what i would like to know.

Queen's speech pledges faster deficit cut, 'freedom bill'


oh, and

what exactly is this 'national debt' to which the queen refers?

..while i'm here saying stifle/ridicule worthy things, let me tell (or remind) you about something very simple and very terrible..

what exactly is 'national debt' ? and who owes this to whom, for what reason?

the answer is simple. national debt is the interest charged to a government/country by it's own frigging central bank, for the privilege of using the printed paper that this central bank prints and assigned imaginary value to..

the result of this is simply that we all owe everything to our central bank, who effectively owns and controls everything. conspiracy?



did the queen write this speech? or any of her other speeches for that matter ? NO.

so who writes these speeches, and why should the Queen read them out? is this to lend them more credibility?

well, my opinion is that whatever she says in 'her speech', are the words of the same old politician liars, with there secret agendas, and whom never keep their promises. so sad to me.

anyone with anything of constructive common sense, who speaks out, and anyone who happens to know any inconvenient truths about lies and so-called conspiracies, who speaks out, is generally stifled and/or ridiculed (how grown up).

is this comment too close to home, and hence one which will be stifled ?

Facebook gives users' names to advertisers


the price to pay

yes, just accept that there will usually be some price to pay for free goodness out there.

my opinion is simply that if you use FB (and other thinks like that), then your reasons for using such a service should be important enough to risk the pilferation of your stuff (yeah, i like making up words. k).

see it all depends on what you doing in there. if you just playing silly buggers then you take risk/pay price without reasonable cause (or thought)..

have people forgotten that these kind of things are tools, and not toys?

Sergey Brin: 'We screwed up' on Street View Wi-Fi grab


wifi signal hardware

yes, exactly. good point which seems to have been missed.

in order to capture this wifi data, the streetview cars/vehicles would have to have been equipped with wifi enabled hardware, which is short-range. and this is not needed to take photos and gps position data. the only things they needed for streetview data.

as you say, not only equipped (and powered), but turned on, and plugged in to the roving data capturing system...


it's all a bit confusing

how google give us such great apps and stuff, and yet also do all this seriously dodgy untrustworthy stuff.. i don't want to be too ungrateful but i really smell rotten ulterior motive.. to collect every bit of data on every one of us that they can possibly get away with.. or not. i think.


how could they not have noticed

ok, let's think about this for a second..

so, 3 years of.. how many cars? collecting wifi data in how many countries?

now, how large would this accumulated data be? pretty damn sizable. how on 'google-earth' (hehe) could they not notice that they had this massive amount of data? and they then say 'oh, sorry, we'll delete it' which means they know they've got the lot.

clearly they are lying. how blatant and scummy.

.. and now they're 'eyeing up' face recognition technology. if them faces are blurred like they're supposed to be, then what indeed are they interested in that tech for? double-scummy if you ask me !!

ConLibs leave open question over net surveillance


of course

yes, of course they will press ahead with as much surveillance of the general public as they possibly can. duh !!

current UK politics still seeks maximum control over you and everything. wake up people!

'Phantom Ray' robot stealth jet rolls out


what kind of peace..

what kind of 'peace' is bombing other people?

i thought that peace was Not killing other people. oh well. what a sad race of beings we have become.

Voting chaos in not-fit-for-purpose electoral system


We demand a new election!

We demand a new election!


just seen this. don't know yet of any other similar outcries/petitions..

McAfee false positive bricks enterprise PCs worldwide


you're correct.

ahem.. companies using mcafee should be using a Mcafee EPO (e-policy orchestrator) server. with this you can delay mcafee updates being served to the client machines, which is safe practice.. because it's not the first time such a thing has happened..

Rogue admin waits for verdict


security procedures?

what kind of security procedures are in place when only one guy has critical passwords stored in his head? ridiculous. any IT dept should have a system where these type of passwords are stored securely. like on an encrypted pen drive kept in a fireproof safe, for example..

because you never know when person(s) with passwords suddenly become unavailable (or hostile).

'Goodness, evilness makes you powerful' - like the Force



yeah, yeah, let's have a good laugh about who did the study, and find fault with those used as examples in the article. none of us are without flaw.

consider this:

fear damages confidence, which in turn damages ability to achieve. dishonesty/deceit and acts that cause loss or harm to another, cause fear. (oh no, those questions again. what if i get caught? and more webs of lies to cover other lies etc.).

really evil people really don't care and arn't afraid. whatever. so are more confident and achieve higher.

really good and honest people have little or nothing to fear. so are also more confident and achieve far better.

so i think here it's a case of how much fear or confidence someone has that influences their abilities... how's that for a quick 'observational study' !!

Herd of sheep, off tits on drugs, savagely Tased


simple question

Did any of those sheep have a pacemaker?

One fifth of humans say aliens walk among us


is higher

.. it's the other 80% who are idiots.

so you were right, the number is a lot higher than you might have thought. hehe.

British Gas signs Voda so meters can snitch direct


call me old fashioned

yes. perhaps i am a bit old fashioned in this case. i totally don't trust these new 'smart' meters.. if they're as smart as the companies/staff deploying them then we're royally screwed!!

not to mention the obvious target to hackers (and who'll end up paying for that then?)..

seems to me that since i own my house, it's completely my decision about what equipment is installed in it. i can and will tell british gas 'NO thank you'. i'll stick with my current one. if they don't like it, then tough!. they're not the only gas suppliers around.

UK is safer from al-Qaeda 'bastards', says security minister



i' from Zimbabwe, and i can tell you that living here in england, i have far less freedom and are far more likley to be harassed by authorities for any reason they feel like (or no reason, except for wanting to assert their 'precieved' authority).

for example, i have no plant passports, and my carbon emissions (from breathing) are not licensed...

why the 5% title ?

because of this: (which echoes my sentiments on this whole ridiculous mess).


What a daft way to stop your spaniel eating the milkman.

PS. i understand if you can't put this message up, due to the link. but i'll have my say either way.

MEPs to US: Hands off our bank accounts


who's finances?

yep. the good ol usa (and other countries), are so interested in our finances, when they themselves have somehow lost billions, and cannot account for where the money went. they say they just don't know. blah de blah.

i believe they should get their own house in order before looking at our personal finances.

besides, they apparently had no interest whatsoever in 'following the money' when it came to 9/11 and other such attacks. why not? instead they're only interested in knowing absolutly everything about you, so that they can monitor and control you.

this whole hoo haa has nothing to do with security, unless of course that's defined as total control.

UK universities being broken by border control measures


unintended consequences?

unintended consequences? i don't think so.

it's clear to me what out 'state' overlords are doing.

Climategate witchhunt fingers scientist


denialist behaviour?

denialist behaviour? what rubbish.

do these scientists understand that 'science' requires questioning and testing everything, in different ways?

it is supposed to be that scientists drill down to the basics of things, and verify these things.. and they very often disagree with each other, which is normal. they can't oust one because he/she doesn't have the same view. that's just ridiculous.

a real scientists doesn't accept anything without thorough research, testing, and reasoning through. yes a laborious process often.. but nevertheless, ensuring that facts are accurate is essential.

Airport scanner staff object to vetting


who's to say

who's to say that this person looking at the (apparently not grainy or blurry) naked image of your teenage daughter will have no contact with her.. after all this screener person will most likely have easy access to her address and all personal details. and if said (unvetted) person turns out to be a twisted sicko...

so especially for anyone viewing these images absolutely MUST be vetted and screened to the highest degree.

Is Mandy right to cut science funding?


way to destory local innovation

just realise that when an inventor in England has ideas worth researching and developing, then they can expect no help or success whatsoever in their home country.

and so then what happens next? i'll tell you. they either: try to develop this on their own with very limited resources and support, or...

they spread the word around a bit about their ideas and predicament (UK will not support innovators) and (just maybe) others in other countries will see the potential and resulting opportunities, make an offer, and then it's goodby england. who will benefit from this and who will not?

England and it's useless government will loose out on any revenues (tax) from such work being done in another country, and it's resulting profits. as well as any other benefits like being able to say england has great innovators. because they won't have any longer.

one word can sum up this ridiculous situation: Idiotic.

Dear Government

thanks for Nothing !!

i'll call you from Germany, Japan, or even China. and LAUGH at you and what you could have had, when the time comes. and remind you that it was all your own doing.

'Alien spies live among us' says Bulgarian gov space boffin


re: oh no...

science is a method, not a textbook or article. thanks.