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Russians offer Terry Pratchett-style droid luggage

Brent Russell

Like my donkey ?...

Mount a seat on it and have a long stick with the 'card' on, never walk again.

Cruise missile streaks across Google Earth

Brent Russell

It's an MD90

Look carefully you'll see the dark delta of the tail planes behind the rear 'fins' which are actually the rear motor pods.

I dropped a top profile pic of an MD90 from http://www.airliners.net/info/stats.main?id=110

over the image and it's a perfect fit. It's the paint job fooling you all.

Explains the twin contrails close together, the size, even the cockpit window form and position fits the overlay and the apparent large size of the rear 'fins', they are quite big pods.

Somebody do a check on Airline paint jobs. May not be black though, possibly red wings with loss of colour due to atmospheric effects and the satellites altitude shot was taken from.

One way to fool any 'watchers' you have heaps of missiles whizzing around with a cunning paint job eh ?