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Last call for UK liberties

Mark Burton
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While we're at it...

...let's ban adding Fluorine or any other non-purifying chemical to our water. Remember, in Blakes 7 the federation kept the populace under control with additives to the food and water...

Ah. I guess that makes me "old, middle class, white..."

--Paris, 'cos I work there.

Fring looks to ID to boost ego coffers

Mark Burton
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An internet company without a viable business model? Who'd a thunk it!

Still, as spegru says, as a user of the service I think it's great

--Paris, cos I work there.

US Dept of Agriculture rubbishes Amish anti-RFID push

Mark Burton
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One thing is for sure

You won't get any Amish reading all this and commenting back...

--Paris 'cos I work there.

MS to ban freedom of speech?

Mark Burton
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Is this the same Microsoft...

...whose foul-mouthed Santa chat robot had to be withdrawn...?

--Paris, parce que...

Tri-corders, alpine oxy-pills: Acropocalypse at DARPA

Mark Burton
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DARPA - Does Anyone Really Pay Attention?

--Paris, cos I work there.

Reg competition: Cisco goes isup

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Top Cat did it

I seem to remember he was always "whipping the T". Perhaps that's why Officer Dibble was always after him.

--Paris, 'cos I work there.

IBM pitches 'network security' blade server

Mark Burton
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LoL Really!

"...Later on, PN41 will offer IP Transition Gateway, which translates IPv6 addresses into their IPv6 counterparts (both forward and back). That software is expected to arrive before the end of the year, according to IBM."

I can do that already in my head! I can also convert IPv4 addressess all the way to IPv4 addressess right in my head too. And MAC addresses to MAC addresses, and...

--Paris, because I work there.

Cuil confesses 'serious file corruption'

Mark Burton
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cuil! unkewl!

Well, google returns 4,470,000 results for cuil, cuil returns a little over 121,000.

No match again. Can't even find more references to itself (yes, and everything else containing the word cuil, I do know that) than google!

Spammers, Cuil, and the rescue from planet Google

Mark Burton

@ mytest

Bugger! you beat me to it. Calling your search engine "arse" (cul) in French is right up there with the MR2!

I was impressed that when I searched for myself I got an article I did write with a photo of someone else. At least they weren't masturbating... ;)

New York threatens Comcast with anti-porn suit

Mark Burton

Best comment yet

StopThePropaganda clearly has made the best comment yet with

"...I guess that's the way Democrats want it. If 1/10 of 1% commit a crime with a gun, ban all guns. if the same proportion of illegal pr0n is out there on binaries then ban them all!

But, if 10% of a given racial or immigration status group is committing crimes, don't touch those because that would cut down on the amount of thugs supporting these politicians.."

Fantastic! A bullshit political dig, guns and racism all in one go. Oh and throw in some made-up statistics to lend a bit of weight.

Is he after a job with UK.gov??

Jacqui Smith un-downgrades cannabis

Mark Burton

PM Looks a bit tired?

..is this a reference to a Dr Who Christmas special from a couple of years back?

Orange eyes up TeliaSonera

Mark Burton

Oh for God's sakes

Just use Vodafone if you really care. (un)fortunately, we live in an integrated global society and whilst I agree that water and electricity should not have been privatised, it's too damn late.

Still, all those lovely new nuclear power stations that the Labour (weren't they all CND at one point, until they got into power) government wants being run by foriegn organisations is an interesting angle... Cheap plutonium anyone???

Heathrow 777 crash flattens servers

Mark Burton

To Paraphrase Buzz Lightyear...

That wasn't flying, that was falling with style!

Laughing Squid squirts ink at Best Buy

Mark Burton
Black Helicopters

What a laff

Perhaps we could try a similar thing, where we all dress up as politicians and civil servants and run around losing personal information on CD on the one hand whilst banging on about the need for ID cards and more government intrusion on the other...

Wikipedia black helicopters circle Utah's Traverse Mountain

Mark Burton

@u all

It's always worth remembering that there is no true objectivity. Everything you read or write is biased, often unintentionally, often deliberately.

Assuming that something written is independent or even true without cross-checking is short-sighted and naive.

Wiki is no better or worse than any politically motivated newspaper or journal.

Just my biased opinion, of course.

Canadian Taser death caught on camera

Mark Burton


While you're all going on about language, how about making your points without resorting to swearing. It's not big and it's not clever. Oh, and a quick spell check wouldn't go amiss either.

Clearly this death is an emotive subject, but if you can't make your point without resorting to written abuse, it's very probably not worth making.

US tech industry backs Buffalo in Wi-Fi patent spat

Mark Burton

Raise AND Call?

Really! You should know better. You can either raise OR call, you can't do both!!!