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Jobless Apple pumps profits 15 per cent

Jobs Halo


No, he probably means if it was still sans keyboard (flimsy at this size, needs clamshell), weighs less than a pound and costs around £500. That's what I would mean anyway.

Cambridge security boffins slam banking card readers


It's worse

The biggest flaw of the card readers surely is that they tell you if they PIN entered was right or not. Never mind brute forcing the PIN. How about brute forcing the customer in the basement until they cough up the right PIN in between the blood?

Google maps Russian assault on Savannah


Georgia map

Although Google knows where Caucasian Georgia is, apparently it thinks there are no roads or towns there. So what's all the fighting about? Search the map for "Gori, Georgia" and see for yourself.

Are the ice caps melting?


Archimedes' law -- correctly

While on the subject of accuracy: climate science might be complex, but Archimedes' law is not. Ice floating in fresh water will not change the water level when it melts, but the same is not true for ice floating in sea water. Salty water is denser than fresh water, but the ice has very little salt in it, so it will displace less volume than the resultant water melt. When the sea ice melts, it will slightly increase the sea level. I can't be bothered to look up by how much ;-)

Leopard on a PC?

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@Tony Smith

Why? Well, here is a good reason: to run it on my 900g sony vaio x505.