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Fanbois squeal over Mac OS X upgrade

Jobs Halo

A commentard?

See, this is why I enjoy El Reg. The commentary on either Apple or This Old Box or stories about willies...all bring a "One Foot in the Grave" feel...I just know it's coming and yet I have to keep watching.

"Oh, I dooon't BELIEVE it!"

Cheers by the way, the update was lovely thanks.

And being a app minder daytimes, I do enjoy some eyecandy in my hometimes. ...

One of those 'oh fekkin arse I'm still a fekkin written in fekkin Visual Basic fekkin sold globally how can that fekkin happen' app minder....

mmm Leopard eyecandy..oo look at that Expose...shucks and you can spot my Aunty's face in a crowded photo?

Oh, stop it. And you run faster on the same hardware than the previous version. See, this is why I still come home nights.

OK, I'm done, carry on gentlemen.

Apple squeezes JavaScript juice from Safari 4 beta release


@ Stick to making white boxes

"It has completely cocked up the minimise and restore buttons. Really cocked them up."

Huh? Oh, re-reads...and sees Vista...

My go at this wee first release beta version was a sly install in my corporate cell block, which would mean XP of course, and it's a darling here so far. The restore and minimize are consistent with other apps as an aside.

And I'm a little impressed with CTRL-+ (or "-" obviously) to zoom on a page and seeing that it magnifys the whole page and not just the text.

Up till now I'd thought Safari was somewhat pointless. It still needs some work for sure, looking mighty good though.

I haven't bumped into any of the Javascript I usually use that's kicking me to the curb so far, definately faster too.

Oh, and @Tab Bar? ...

Yeah, David, a tab behaves just like a normal application window (drag the app around the desktop, maximise the window), when you click the middle. It's only the little grabbey bit on the right of a tab that moves tabs. Hehe, I'm getting small joys from dragging my tabs off into new windows...and then back again.

Apple grabs double-digit US laptop marketshare


@Danny - and Isaias

You forgot to mention that Nestle owns Jenny Craig - the diet giant...

A wonderful business mix - self propagating even....

Hehe, oh and @Maliciously Crafted Packet - yes - though I've moved away from the sys admin here in yet another global machine - Lenovo at work, Macbook at home could indeed be handy experience to have.

You think Microsoft is bad - try working for a 200,000 employee insurance broker and feel the corporate love....Still my part of it is down here in Middle Earth so it's as fine and dandy as it can be :)

NZ teen botnet mastermind cops a plea


Hmm a gift...

The parents of children such as this who have to home school their children may feel differently.

Certainly this is partly due to the shortcomings of mainstream education. Much is also due to the nature of the syndrome.

Also certainly, in this case, he was aware his activities were illegal yet didn't associate them as criminal.

His immediate guilty plea also helps in sentencing.

To perhaps highlight the beautiful mind, the investigation showed deposits to this highly focussed and completely self taught boy of around $36,000.

NZ Dollars that is.

Yes criminal. And yes, a boy lost in a nasty world.

NZ police cuff teenage botnet mastermind suspect


A lost boy?

Here's a story on this from a nice source, this guy is a well respected tech journo down here in New Zealand and also has a son with Asperger's Syndrome:


Not to explain away the damage caused, perhaps an insight into what may be a teenager who struggles socially and has gotten out of their depth.



Apple gives MacBooks some Santa Rosa loving


@Nathan..Tax and cost of doing business yep..

Dollar for dollar comparisons just don't cut it....

The tax is GST in Aus (10%) and here in NZ (12.5%). Different business compliance costs, the red tape adds up as well.

There's the iPod index floating around somwhere, similar to the Big Mac index...yeah yeah, same point, different commodity.

And yes, simplistic as all hell yet cutely highlights the differences...

Petrol tax, just to throw another one in for a Friday evening..hmm ok in the sterling...

6p a litre in the US, somewhere around 50-60p a litre in the UK yeah? Ours sure only about 20p, and then we pay the GST...

Essentially though, I've just realised I've been sucked into this silly carryon and it' a Friday and I haven't had a beer...

Data recovery firm sounds Mac hard drive damage alert


The Safe Sleep is essentially Hibernate...but quicker?

Well, they do they same thing yeah?

...And hmm, a little humbling to admit, I mean, I know they both write to disk, and yet with either my used to be HP or my is now MacBook, I just shut the lid, chuck it in the bag and go (I did have to restart the HP every week because Windows gets tired hibernating often, go figure).

...And I wandered past my MacBook as it sat on the coffee table the other day and pushed the lid closed from the back, being a nice smooth retro formica number the machine nicely slid off and onto the carpet...and then went to sleep.

...And I dropped the bag my HP was in when fumbling for keys to open the door and pulled it out to find a nice crack in the lid and a LCD that would flicker now and then from then on.

It took four years of that kinda treatment for the HP drive to fail. Nicely though it was with that nice pleasant disk threshing and a delayed write error now and then to let you know it's time to change.

...And, just checking Disk Utility for the MacBook...It's a Toshiba. Woo-Hoo!

Yeah, yeah I know, I've been the giver of bad news more than a few times with sudden failures...

Silly perhaps but I kinda figure these things are like a lot of things in life, or maybe just the way I live it...

Trust until you can't...and take out insurance ;)

Oh, hehe, backup, bugger, I've never backed up this MacBook. Shucks, fingers crossed.

Googlite explains PageRank tweak



hehe, like allhealthnet.com ,now there's a classic. So informative... It's that ever so admirable way to make a buck, the link farm. Or as some call similar webholes the Adsense Ready site.

Yes, those keywords you use when you search are targeted by these noble types, ever so kindly assisting you to generate revenue for them when you click the ads.

And screwing the results for the rest of us....

Oh sure, you can report these to Google and Yahoo when you find one in the same sort of search result that your own website is in....Poor sods that have to sit at that desk, if you thought your spam was bad, those buggers are targeted by the same respectable web creators.

Which, anyway, is a little off the point with regard to Pagerank, a slightly backward second cousin if you will.