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Government piles filesharing pressure on UK ISPs

Jack Hughes


"ISPs can tell the difference between P2P and non-P2P packets."

Yes, but as Les points out, they can't tell the difference between legal and illegal P2P packets. Also, encryption should also prevent them from telling P2P packets from those, say, from when you are accessing your Internet banking or purchasing something online.

If they were investing in deep packet inspection technology, then they may as well also use it to shape the traffic flow (which DPI gear is perfectly capable of), reducing the bandwidth available to other high data resources such as video streaming or those they do not like (the BBC's iPlayer, for example).

UK nuke-power plans leak early

Jack Hughes

@Peter Sage

I don't really understand what you are trying to argue here. You seem to support wind power and be very strongly against nuclear, but then you say that we can cope with about 20% of our power coming from wind. Where do you propose to get the other 80%?

I do not claim to have any significant knowledge on the subject, but from what knowledge I have gathered, it seems that nuclear is the only viable source of power.

MoveOn tells Facebook to stop shining Beacon

Jack Hughes

Say wha?

>> Privacy nuts: just add *beacon.facebook.com/* to your Firefox AdBlock Plus blacklist.

And that's going to help how? That'll protect the privacy of others, whose purchases get shown, but how will that stop yours getting shown to others?

Germany rolls out ePassport II - it's fingerprinting good!

Jack Hughes


"Fingerprints become mandatory in June 2009"

And about time too, I've had mine for longer than I can remember!

Data recovery firm sounds Mac hard drive damage alert

Jack Hughes

Wait a minute...

If they only get the HDD and not the entire machine, how do they know the drive came from an Apple? Is it by serial number?

Also, I got my MacBook in June 2006 and it came with a Toshiba HDD. Since then I've switched it for a drive with larger capacity, so I may just be checking what brand is in there now...

Hooray for Time Machine?


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