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Parallels 4 users want their money back

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Glad I chose VMWare then...

It was a coin flip, but I went with VMWare over Parellels, seems like that was a good call. Actually, it wasn't that much a coin flip, VMWare was cheaper at the time. Go figure.

McCain 'dead' email ruse punts penis pills

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Actually his wife is in her 50's. And McCain is only in his 70's. It's called Google.

Chrysler plans electric car production model

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@My eyes

Because the ugliness is what sells the Prius. People driving eco-friendly cars want everybody to know how eco-friendly they are.

OMFG, what have you done?


Comments links

I'm getting used to the new layout, but the comments link on articles no longer stands out. I can't easily see if there are any comments on a story, and sometimes forget it's even there. I'll get used to it, but I think new readers may not even notice it (but maybe that was the point?).

Also, glad to see the proper Paris icon returned, all though I think I liked the new iFan / iHate icons better.

US utilities plot remote switch off


I'm pretty sure they can already do this...

My parents are on a plan where the power company can turn off the hot water heater during peak usage, and they get a small credit whenever they do.

MetaRAM now pumping 288GB of memory into Intel boxes


288GB ought to be enough for anybody.


Next Visual Studio going multi-screen?

Paris Hilton


...I'm sure they'll find a way to @#$% up my current dual monitor strategy in the process... How about making it not crash all the damn time first?!

Paris, because she's usually occupying my second monitor...

Robotic hand relief


THX 1138

So someone else appreciated that scene from THX 1138 also! Does it have a hologram upgrade?

Mines the one making sucking noises...

Blinking to replace remote controls, claims Japanese boffin


runners maybe

I can see it being integrated into headphones so runners can control their IPOD without hands. Still may looks funny though. What if you have an eye twitch?

Over half of US HD TV owners blurry on Blu-ray



It's not that people can't tell the difference, it's just that the difference may not be large enough to justify the purchase, that's the boat I'm in. With gas and food prices going at the rate they are, I suspect the trusty ole' DVD player will look better and better to people everyday.

Hyundai and Kia's latest pitch to US drivers - Windows



"Can you imagine a car where MS wrote the ECU"

It's probably work just fine since it doesn't have to be compatible with cars built 20 years ago.

Line up for full-windscreen satnav



Oddly, GM has had HUD technology for years (my friends Pontiac has it), but it's never really caught on for some reason. One problem with his car's system is the windshield has to have a special coating, making it damn expensive to replace if it cracks. I wonder if they've gotten around this somehow?

Best Buy nixes in-store Heath Ledger shrine

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Reverse psychology?

Maybe Best Buy told the staffer to build the shrine just so they could dismantle it and receive some publicity for "doing the right thing." Perhaps someone hearing that Best Buy doesn't want to profit from his death in bad taste will then shop at Best Buy because they are not an evil corporation (today anyway). Paranoid? Maybe, but it doesn't mean everyones not out to get me.

Apple to charge $20 for iPod Touch update


Vote with your wallet.

Next time buy a Zen or a Zune. Of course Microsoft charges $399 for their update to XP. Apple $129 for there update to Tiger. Where do you draw the line between an update and upgrade?

Plants will make greenhouse effect flooding worse


So what this means...

...is we will know the effects of global warming AFTER it's already happened. There seems to be more and more variables all the time that the simulations probably don't take into account. The weather service can barely predict a thunderstorm 3 days out with any accuracy, I don't know how anybody expects we'll be able to predict sweeping global climate changes a century out!

Denon sits on the fence in HD war



The picture used may be a bad omen. Does it imply if you buy the player won't be able to afford a disc to play? I really wish one format would win already and the production costs go way down. At this rate consumers are going to be paying a premium to make up for R&D costs and investments into the failed format for years to come...

China's 'elephant man' goes under the knife




Flash flaw may prompt Wii to 'hang'


Had that happen yesterday

But I wasn't watching video, I was looking at houses on realtor.com with their flash player. Has to unplug the console from the wall, what a pain. The console's reset button didn't even work!

Astronauts chuck fridge off space station


global warming

Perhaps if they were going to send a fridge to menace the earthlings for a year before selectively killing one, they could have at least turned it on to help offset global warming?

XM and Sirius propose a la carte options


Sure, but for HOW LONG?

Until they raise all the rates and slow let commercials creep in. A year? Two? Whatever, cable's monopolies on areas has already proved to suck. It's only with FIOS and satellite that they've been forced to raise their level of service. Let them compete and run out of money, when they go broke a smarter company will step in, by their equipment, and learn from their mistakes. In other words, not spending millions of dollars on Opera and Stern or other celebrities who aren't worth it.

Harry Potter and the Chancers of eBay


"It cant be the most hyped, it wasnt designed or marketed by Apple!!! it is not an iPotter(tm)"

But isn't this the book were Harry trades in his wand for an iPhone?

Sharks in the soup, says conservation group


surfers can rest easy

Well, that would at least solve the surfers being eaten by sharks problem now wouldn't it? The way the media portrays it, THOUSANDS of surfers are eaten by the INFINITILLIONS of hungry sharks in the ocean EACH AND EVERY DAY!

iPhone contract charges unveiled


RE: Activation fee ?

"So you can only use them with one provider, they charge a fair amount for the device, and then lump an activation fee on top. That fee is not a choice, so it should simply be part of the price of the phone, or be 'free'. Honestly. Is someone going to buy one and not get a contract ?"

But then the phone would be $36 more expensive. Most people shopping for phones don't think about fees until their signing the contract and too embarrassed to make a fuss about it. And the phone companies like it this way...

Need hard facts? Try Conservapedia



I guess you could pull up the same article on all three sites, run them through a diff tool, and only read the sentences that match. Maybe dump the matching sentences in a fourth site called wikidiff. I guess that could give us an unbiased wiki.

Paris Hilton released for 'medical reasons'


I'm sure she'll learn her lesson...

Like punishing a kid by sending them to their room with their Nintendo... stereo... computer... *rolls eyes*

Sirius and XM's star-crossed merger


RE: Commercials? On radio you're PAYING for? ABSOLUTELY NOT

I wasn't around then, but I've been told cable TV (in the US anyway), was originally commercial free. Now I pay $65 a month for 4-5 minute commercial breaks every 12 minutes and an extra $15 month to be able to skip them with my DVR.

I'm sure when I'm ad old man I'll tell my kids about the good ole days of satellite radio with no commercials. And I'm sure they'll look at me funny.

Schools ban iPod cheaters


My highschool school solved this years ago...

They banned pretty much all unnecessary electronic devices in school period, except for calculators. And graphing calculators could only be used in approved classes. You couldn't have a walkman, discman, gameboy, beeper, etc...

Now of course I had this Sharp electronic organizer which just looked like a basic calculator to the uninformed teacher... So the moral of the story is, why bother, there's always a way to cheat.

Chinese translation software blamed in racist sofa outrage


She'd rather her daugter learn the word from Chris Rock then?

Why the distress? Just tell your daughter it was typo and not a real word, then when she gets old enough to enjoy pop culture entertainment, she'll learn the word the "proper" way.

We all have way too much free time on our hands if we can find the time to sue over a typo...

Which games console is most web 2.0-friendly?


Linux on PS3...

"So how many sites work if you install Linux on your PS3 and run Firefox as your browser?

I bet those problem site's just work then."

Why do people always feel the need to make this argument. This article was written for the people who just want to turn the console on and expect it to work as it is. Not people who want to install an entirely different OS on their video game machine. Most people probably wouldn't even know how to begin to do this anyway unless Sony released an official installation CD.

Is everyone so unimpressed by there PS3 that they need to install Linux on it to make themselves feel better? Please, you either prefer a PS3, or a Wii, or an Xbox, it's your choice. Just because someone has a different preference doesn't make theirs wrong.

Future PCs to integrate powerline Ethernet


Two words

"In any case, electricity meters suppress the signal, so there's no chance of your neighbours stealing net access from you."

Two words: Extension cord :)

'Cops help kill 32 Students', claims furious blogger


Outlawing guns won't do anything

Chris writes that "Take the guns out of the hands of these people and the shootings cannot happen."

If you are intent on committing a murder, or a murder suicide, do you think you'd be worried about getting caught with an illegal gun or what you would have to do to get one (making them illegal will not make them go away).

If someone is going to commit random mass murder, they will find a way. He could of just as easily made bombs from household chemicals, should we ban those too?

I'd hate to say it, but you can almost make the comparison to how DRM has *stopped* music/movie piracy. Punishing the law abiding citizen never stops the determined criminal.

Brazilian airline takes off in Second Life


Setting the framework for a virtual 9/11...

...and then a virtual TSA that would be slower than dial-up?

Plants may be red and yellow in galactic boonies


RE: The smart plants are all wearing Black

I'm not plant biologist, but wouldn't absorbing the entire visible spectrum possibly cause the plant to overheat? I didn't buy a black car with black interior for this reason.

UK boffins are going on an alien hunt


Alien DRM....?

"Now here's a thought:

If alien signals are encrypted and we do manage to decrypt them, could we find ourselves faced with an inter-planetary lawsuit for unpaid royalties...?"

Only if you attempt to view the decrypted signal on more than one telescope or upload it to Q-bit torrent.

Why I won't buy a Dell next time


I agree about the firewire...

Even my Mom's $300 Compaq has a firewire port on it, it can't be that expensive to put on the system, and I think today people just assume their new computer will have one.

Man sues MS after FBI uncovers smut surfing habits


Makes me wonder why criminals don't sue lock smiths...

Makes me wonder why criminals don't sue lock smiths for not adequately securing their homes when the police kick through their door.

And what does surfing porn websites have to do with illegal gun trading in anyway?