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Carphone slated over iPhone porkies claim

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Talking rubbish...

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"Talking rubbish...

Stuart • Thursday 29th November 2007 11:22 GMT"

Sorry I can't let the above poster go unremarked upon, especially with the title "Talking Rubbish"

Iphones can be purchased from O2 Carphone Warehouse and Apple

The reality is that if you lose your iphone you DO NOT have to buy another contract. You buy another iphone and use it on your existing contract.

"correct me if i'm wrong"?

consider your pompous inaccuracy corrected.

Hundreds for chop as Tiscali launches Pipex jobs purge

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yep, I'm off too! My experience of customer services was not good from Pipex but now they are Tiscali I am even thinking about paying a penalty to leave early.