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Fasthosts' dedicated servers go titsup

Dave Thompson

we should have known

Lets face it, fellow fasthosts users, we should have heeded the signs when they f**ked up our passwords - maybe this will finally spurn us to finding another company who are worthy of our business.

It's worth paying twice as much for a decent server!

Skull and crossbones, because Fasthosts are pirates amongst the Internet seas... 'yarr...

Rogers wraps 'unlimited' mobile browsing in small print

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All mobile phone browsers stick the phone number and IMEI number in the HTTP request header. So, I would imagine that's how they know if you're surfing from a phone or a modem...

Microsoft warns on Home Server bug

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"but no serious gamer chooses WIndows anyway do they..."

"but no serious gamer chooses WIndows anyway do they..."

B*llocks... I'm a PC gamer, why would I choose a rip-off PS3 over a PC that can not only play the vast majority of released games well, but also lets me do other stuff as well?

You only have to look at the shite conversions of Half Life 2 Episode 2 to the PS3 and Xbox to see why serious gamers can only choose Windows...

Wire it up to Bravia TV and you've got a brilliant gaming, movie and cough, hack, productivity experience...

Oh yes, and most of us developers do write in a platform independent later. It's called .Net.

Tesco in X-rated Lawnmower Simulator shocker

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Yes, yes I remember Hovver Bovver, with those fantastic renderings of your neighbours houses - and wasn't the dog on it called Rover...?

BBC readies global web and TV expansion

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@ Morely Dotes

I don't think changing your hosts file will stop adverts coming in if the BBC put them inside the streams of video that are getting pulled from the content server...

Which they'll do, unless they're complete f**kwits...

Mind you, seeing as they've already bought the player from Verisign for God-knows-how-much rather than build it themselves, it looks likely that hacking the hosts file might actually work...