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2060: Humvee-sized, bulletproof meat-eating spiders attack

Gregory J. Neumann
Black Helicopters

@Domestication ...

YESS!! 6 (count 'em SIX!) LASER EYES!! And I thought laser-eyed bears were cool. We train 'em to spin arachnoceramic (what a great term!) armor for their riders. When they die, we just use the high-green-tech shells as strong points / houses like in Morrowind. Perfect for anti-black-helicopter opps. This is a win-win deal ... um except for the odd arachnophobe.

Budvar beats Anheuser-Busch in latest Budweiser battle

Gregory J. Neumann

False Advertising?

Seems to me the application could have been denied simply on the grounds that the US version can only be considered beer in some warped US definition. As a victim of the mass marketing kill off of the numerous small breweries in the eastern half of the US, I can only applaud this unexpected outburst of common sense on the part of the EU!

Mine's the one w/ the Saranac India Pale Ale in the pocket. ;-)

Second Life mounts assault on reality

Gregory J. Neumann

I see possibilities here ...

1.) We Yanks finally figured out how to make the REAL money in Sadville:



2.) In keeping with the true spirit of Sadville:

Throw out the suits and force them back to a Sadville "joined-thinking-collective-(un)consciousness" judicial "consensus". Somehow "system" doesn't seem quite the right term for Sadville, does it? :-P


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