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Microsoft's 'successful' Nokia slurp kills off Lumia photo apps

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why the vitriol, the schadenfreude to Microsoft? Oh yes, MS has stylish alternatives to Apple! Attack, attack, attack

Dell ‘xpands XPS line with 'WORLD-FIRST' MEGA-RESOLUTION laptops

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Re: Finally! - And aren't u a fine convert to the iReligion!

And aren't u a fine convert!

500 MEELLION PCs still run Windows XP. How did we get here?

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I sort of hoped it wud be my precious Apple, 500 million, yes, how did we get here!?

yes we know that everybody sees Microsoft as the only thing that stands between the iSheep and world domination.

Climate change made sea levels fall in 2010 and 2011

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War is peace

Slavery is freedom

Warming is cooling and rise is fall

The great scam of AGW!

Israeli activists tell Hawking to yank his Intel chips over Palestine

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Re: genocide 22 whole UN resolutions against Israel!?

How about a 23-rd resolution proposed by the General Assy: The world is flat and Zionists' Israel is the one who flattened it.

167 For

3 against

19 abstain (incl. Great Britain)

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Re: Mr Hawking, you should listen to “Palestinian academics”

"We don't have a problem with Jews; we have a problem with Israel."

ever read the Qur'an, man? Let me enlighten you. There is no mention of the State of Israel in the Qur'an, but boy do they have a problem with Jews there. For example, as reproduced faithfully in the Hamas Charter from a hadith (canon interpretation of the Qur'an):

"The Prophet, Allah bless him and grant him salvation, has said: "The Day of Judgment will not come about until the Muslims will fight the Jews (and kill them), until the Jews hide behind rocks and trees, which will cry: Oh Muslim! Oh Abdullah!, there is a Jew behind me, come on and kill him. Only the Gharqad tree would not do that because it is one of the trees of the Jews.""

So, my foe, do you still believe that the problem is "with Israel", or you continue to be a naïve fool, a useful idiot?

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Mr Hawking, you should listen to “Palestinian academics”

He “received a number of emails from Palestinian academics”.

Let's see what each side has given to humanity:

Israel and the Jews:

• The Bible

• The ten commandments

• First true humanistic monotheism

• Care obligation for the weak in the society in the ancient world

• Personal hygiene requirements – first in the ancient world

• Einstein’s theories

• Intel chips (from 8080 to Core iX) - design and manufacturing (developed in Haifa, produced in Kiryat Malachi)

• First modern cell phone (Motorola)

• Most of the Windows NT and XP operating systems were developed by Microsoft-Israel

• ICQ, intant messengers

• X-Box Kinect

• Pill-camera

• B-stent for heart operations

• MRI/Ultrasound/Nuclear scanners

• Drip irrigation which improved the lives of hundreds of millions in drought stricken countries

• large-scale solar energy generating plant in southern California (Mojave desert)

• Disk-on-key, SMS, voice-mail, multi-channel civilian radio recording

• Hundreds of start-ups on Nasdaq

• Dozens of Nobel prize winners in various sciences

And what has the Palestinian nation given to humanity? Let me think, oh yes:

• civilian airplane hijacking;

• international terrorism; and

• the civilian-targeting suicide bombing, as supported by a great majority of the Palestinian society.

Yes, Mr Hawking, you should listen to “Palestinian academics”.

Kickstarted mobe charger 'kicked to death by Apple'

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Apple: "FRAND-ness for me, not for thee"

Apple loses iPhone patent lawsuit

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"Taste of its own medicine" comes to mind...

"Taste of its own medicine" comes to mind...but when Apple is on the receiving end, MSM calls the other side "patent trolls".

Headaches, delays plague Windows Store, dev claims

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Apple bias alert

Dear Lord, pls make this wretched wretched Microsoft an Windows 8 thing fail, otherwise, Jobs forbid, this wreched wretched program stop that unstoppable rise of Apple.

Let's all join our virtual on-line hands and say "Windows 8 is bad Windows 8 is confusing Windows 8 is rubbish" and Amen, Apple will rulez the world!

Climate change threatens to SHRINK FISH AND CHIP SUPPERS

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Re: "According to computer models...and always "much faster than expected"

Noticed how all "climate change" (formerly (ie before the few cold years) - "global warming") always are negative? How always the scientists are "stunned" that the rate of whatever-deterioration is "much faster than expected" and is "accelerating sharply"?

Well here is a conundrum. Let's assume that the shills are right, this time and that warmer waters mean faster metabolism, doesnt it mean that the fish will grow faster, therefore be bigger? And even if not, doesnt the lower size due to the boowoowoo climate change will result in lower need for oxygen? Lower need for oxygen, more oxigen for the fishes, more oxigen for the fishes, bigger fishes? It is called negative feedback, boffins.

and finally, "we may be missing a big piece of the puzzle of understanding climate change effects in the ocean" - yea sure, and "we" need much more research budgets!

Global warming: It's GOOD for the environment

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Re: warmer sea temperature - so why are we not frozen or boiled by now?

Oh boy, you are so clevel, describing an unstable system with a 100% positive feedback, meaning that there can not be stable temperature at all.

Since the Little Ice Age (which ended in 1800-1850) CO2 increased by more than 30%, the mean global temperatures (according to the AGW alarmists, that is) increased by less than 0.5% (less than a degree over 250 Kelvin, or so, I cant be bothered to find out, but that's less than 0.5%).

So how is it, that for 150 years, the vapor-warmer-vapor-warmer hullabaloo did not result in the oceans boiling by now? You clain 100% positive feedback, care to explain? Ooops?

10m years ago there was less CO2 - but the Earth was warmer

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Facts are secondary for the AGW neo-commies

Most those who passionately believe are "watermelons" - Green on the outside, but red to the core...

As someone from another blog aptly commented: for the lefties, facts and empirical proof of their gut feelings is helpfl, but not necessary.

AGW is a dying theory, none of their "models" was able to predict the recent hiatus in the warming (which in turn began at the end of the Little Ice Age), so they are deceptively screaming "the warmest years ever", etc. But dont confuse them with facts (or they will obsessively edit the truth out from Wikipedia)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 'a harmful drug', says Apple in ban bid fail

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Äpple Ųber alles!

The tactics of Apple are deplorable, simply disturbing. Shows the bankrupcy of the whole IP concept.

The most dangerous job in America: Keeping iPhones connected

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Dog bites man with an Apple product - big time news

Why do you have to mention Apple product, are these antennas are exclusively for iPhone?

Apple's trial experts are 'slavish fanbois who believe in magic'

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at last, Samsung speak like men, saying what everybody knows

Usually, they are meek and are unwilling to say what everybody knows - there are people who see Apple as some kind of higher entity that needs to be helped (even without being shareholders), and its competitors are seen as enemies that need to be decimated.

But Samsng are still spineless. If they had a shred of self respect and at least one test- icle, they wud have said to Apple - see you in court, but in the meantime, look for another supplier, mateys.

Maybe they will wake-up to the fact that they are men, but I dont hold my breath.

LG: We're not walking away from Windows Phone

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Re: The only way M$ will rescue Windows Phone

"MS are getting old and tired" - yeah, selling all those Kinects to kids does make your hair silver, kind of, isnt it?

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Re: The only way M$ will rescue Windows Phone

"If they want WP to fly, then it has to do something different, distinctive and good, compared to two relatively mature and competent alternatives"

They already do. WP7 is at least as good as Apple and Android, and it is really different - if you say something like the above, it means that you have never tried the platform. So why are you commenting?

CBS supremo: Apple TV is still dead to me, just like ...

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OMG, a spineful content executive that's not bullied by Steve? Incredible!

Compared to the spineless music industry that grovelled to Jobs and Apple, and got subjugated forever, this guy did not blink. He will get the stick now from the media - NO ONE can be allowed to challenge the invincibility perception of the Church of the White Fruit.

iPhone con man knifed to death in knock-off mobile brawl

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Dog bites man with an Apple product

New principle of journalism:

Dog bites man, not news

Dog bites man with any Apple product - must-print news!

'Exploitative' Proview slammed by trademark judge ... in 2010

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Apple tastes its own medicine, and "indignadoboys" squeal!

Apple: legal atacks for me, not for thee!

Apple plays by ALL the rules possible, goes for the jugular, for the throat, NEVER compromises unless absolutely must, but when someone else does the same against it, Apple applies to "fairness" and fanboys go indignant - how can someone want to stop the progress of the "little company from Curpetino that could" to wolrd domination!? How unfaaaaair!

Lumia sales fail to set world alight

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Let's protect the domination of our preciOS!

If you have not seen anyone with Nokia Lumia, then you must be right!

Or perhaps the buyers of Nokia are not iiiiiiiiiP tossers/poseurs? Perhaps they dont have the messianic zeal of Applistas?

And finally, how can "most" be "too busy laughing at them" if they have "never seen anyone with one"

Samsung shifts Apple A5 chip production to Texas

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Honourless Samsung, can you imagine Apple trading with...

...someone that humiliates it all over the world by pressing charges of "slavish" copying?

But Samsung just dont have the guts to show the finger to eveybody;s favourite underdog.

If Samsung were real men and not sissies, they wud have told Jobs and Co where to go for their CPUs and then we wud have seen the true Apple's mettle. But everybody's afraid of the little underdog that always goes for the throat and so Samsung is humiliated at one end and licks Apple at the other.

shame really.

EU: Apple-Samsung row could be stifling competition

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No, it is Apple's predatory policies that stifle competition

The Apple-biased media does not mention who started this war - Apple demands monopoly over design that was around since the first photo-frame and, yes, LG Prada, etc.

So who exactly started this mortal fight in order to preven ANY compeition, aye fanboys?

Apple boots MacBook Air wannabes out of slim case fabs

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Another article in the series "Resistance to Apple is Futile"

just give up, guys, you can all produce socks for iPods, you know, or we may allow you to supply us with CPUs, until we boot your backside and make it ourselves.

After all, we are the cute and stylish underdog, and the media loves to cuddle (to) us, promote us and propagate our products, dissing any competition, however feeble. and if they dont get the message, we will sue them for making rectangular products and the compliant media will rejoice every time we get a temporary injuction.

Competion to Apple is futile!

Despite Android lead, iOS devs slurp scads more mazuma

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Resistance to Apple is futile" propaganda

This article, like so many is not informative, it is part a heart-wish of the journo to diss any competition to Apple, to make sure that there is no critical mass for any competing platform.

Oh the schadenfroide of HP downfall...of Motorola Xoom modest success...all to the greatness of the big white fruit!

As an example, note the deluge of articles today claiming that the sales of Nokia Lumia are "less than expected" - by whom?

Samsung v iPhone 4S French entrenchment: 'TOTAL WAR'

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Reading the article, wud anyone guess that Apple is trying to strangle Samsung elsewhere?

Reading the article, an uninformed reader gets the following picture:

There is an evil monolythic Asian corporation, that is trying to push a nice, fluffy-white underdog from the market, using som obscure methods that no-one understands and that are probably "unfair".

The article does not mention the fact that it is Apple that uses despicably low methods to keep its overwhelming domination, how about prohibiting competitors sell rectangular devices, the likes of which have been on the market BEFORE Apple introduced its products (LG Prada was BEFORE iPhone and JooJoo tablet was out BEFORE iPad).

I wonder why El-Reg feels to need to shiled the 300 kilo gorilla from competition. What is the brand of the journos phone and laptop, I wonder.

Samsung's Bada outshipped WinPho 7 in Q3

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@drewc - and how exactly this responds to my post?

and how exactly this responds to my post?

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El-Reg savours tormenting Apple's rivals

In its Apple worshipping, El-Reg (like most of the other media) loves to poke fun at Apple's compeition, especially Microsoft. why? because by subtle and not so subtle innuendoes, the Apple free-mason media hopes to extinguish such competition before it threatens Apple's domination, and it bends over backwards to diss Microsoft, cos WinPho looks like a force to be reckoned with and whatsmore, it makes iOS UI look jurassic and heaven forbid, Applistas just can't use the littany of "copying of Apple".

In its messianic agenda, El-Reg is sloppy with facts, after all, what shrinks is Microsoft Mobile, it''s like comparing the sales of iPod Classic with modern competing media-players. But El-Reg glosses it (or rather "tars-it") lumping WinPho with WinMo, even if it is clearly labelled on the chart.

What worries Apple loving journo is that WinPho is a clear riser, witness the recent surveys of developers where WinPho has been rising faster than any other OS and clearly has the critical mass (no word, hush!) that together with Microsoft's muscle and standardised development environment and an apparent hit that Nokia's 800 is, may mean, OMG, that Apple is not gonna "iPodise" the mobile phones market...where is the world coming too...

I wonder what hardware (and software) does the writer use in his private life...watch the first 5 minutes of Simpsons Mypods and Broomsticks episode for a parody of Apple worshippers

Winter for webOS, winter for Droid, but springtime for iPad!

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How predictable...Apple beats everybody up and Appleheads rejoice.

Samsung says Apple lifted iPad from Kubrick's 2001

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"weenie girls" - you mean Apple?

"weenie girls" - you mean Apple?

Windows Phone 7: 'Different, delightful'... and unfinished

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Clearly, the journo is an Apple worshipper...

...trying to rubbish any competition to his Apple church. Exactly why isnt WP7 "unfinished"?

Aahah, precisely 2 (!) points cited by our journo - no cut and paste! no apps!

I wonder if he called iPhone "unfinished" when it was launched, without GPS, without stereo Bluetooth and yes, without cut/paste and...apps.

"Think different" - buy Nopple!

Microsoft made a phone, and I hate it already

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Someone made a competing product to Apple...

and the fanboys hate already hate it!

How to run Mac OS X on a generic PC

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Why do so many posters here try to convince me to buy Apple?

Are they AAPL shareholders? No, they just want to see their Apple United decimate everybody else - become the new Microsoft, only more nasty.

iPhone owners are superior beings, says survey

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El Reg's a proud Apple MC (Media Collaborator)

The Reg shud change its solgan to "Licking the hand that serves Kool-Aid", they are such Apple fanboys, esp the Olrlowski guy.

Apple adds 'S' to iPhone 3G

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In Short


I know what the “S” stands for in the new 3G”S” designation!

Short AAPL.

OpenMoko preps Linux phone prototype

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It's not even an iPhone ripoff

Rejoice McWorshippers, despite being the nicest form-factor (and yes, it is NOT an iPhone "ripoff", they were out BEFORE the heavenly iThing), it seems that OpenMoko team cant take off the ground, and with the other mobile phone players cant even bring themselves to copy the good things of the iPhone, AAPL IS on the way to surpass MSFT in market value!

iPhone to get 3G in May 2008

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iMsick of Apple - BUT

Hi, firstly, I am not an fanboy at all, in fact I wanna puke every time the media sucks the Apple and find it puzzling why Apple worshippers put a commercial entity as their cult item, BUT

iPhone is undoubtedly good looking and has some great touches, furhtermore, since it is based on a sowftware, it is easily scalable to other devices. Without a doubt, the direction of the GUI is the right one. Yet, a year has passed and NO other manufacturer had the guts to put out a device with truly large touch screen, finger-centered controls and touches like "physical" feel of scrolling, etc (i mean how annoying it is the "jump-scroll" on my TyTN II, even if i can touch scroll it? In the end, a phone is all about the GUI, cos the innards are purchased as building blocks.

The future is with devices like the iPhone only with physical qwerty keyboard and some other touches (the form factor of my TyTN II is great) but the only thing that comes close to this is the Nokia Tablet 810 (a concept in jan07 called N99 was close, but it disappeared), and its not a phone, so the future looks bleak for us, Apple-skeptics. After all, the iPhone costs say $250 to produce, how much does the most basic Nokia cost? not less than $100. With the prices of components falling (and the price of OS negligible), which will u rather buy, a basic Nokia or pay a bit more (yea i know the margins, etc) and get a "tablet" style phone with good media and browsing abilities?

Nokia and others were caought like rabbits in the light of the Jobs truck and were unable to react. the mots ridiculous, was the party line by Nokia and MOT that "iPhone is good for everybody cos it broadens the market for expesive phones". the sheep, they will not know what hit them, and again, i am Apple hater, rather than Apple fanboy, i will rather be seen dead than with a product that everybody and their dog finds "cool"...but I predict that Apple will overtake Microsoft in market capitlisation terms (i dont own AAPL) and become the new dark side. By that time some of the "faithful" will try to desert to a new underdog (Microsoft?) but it will be too late and the new jumpers on the Apple band-wagon will rejoice.

Dreaded Blue Screen of Death mars some Leopard installs

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It's never Apple's fault, Aple is faultless!

Definition of Fanboys: Persons who feel the urge to promote the interests of a commercial entity for no direct tangible remuneration.

Souds familiar, iLemmings?