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Jobsian cult indoctrinates American children



Try mentioning 'Ethics' and 'Apple' in the same line to the employees/slaves at Foxconn in China. Im sure they would love to discuss the matter with you.

Intel hit with largest ever EU fine



Intel pushing technology? More like intel seeing the tech AMD use then copying it.....onchip memory controller, true x64 architecture (do the intels x64 chips still drop down to 32bit if they even get a sniff of a non 64 app or driver?)

Moron = someone (such as yourself) who believes that intel were treated unfairly

Windows 7 RC download page reveals May ship date

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How many negative posters have actually used it? On my system it runs a lot of applications (games) better than XP does. That maybe luck but I doubt it as I am also running it on an old Dell Precision and apart from no aero toys (thanks to an ancient quaddro) in runs like a dream. As soon as i get the ram im going to be throwing it onto an old Thinkpad T21 too to see how that handles it.

From the second i started the installs it has surprised me at how fast and smooth everything is, the new taskbar setup takes a little getting used to but on 2 systems of varying specs i have no issues as yet. If W7 drivers were not available it has happily accepted Vista and XP drivers.

I will happily cough up my own cash for it

And before you start with the MS fan tirades I am a Windows/OSX/Solaris/Ubuntu user so do have a vague idea about different OS's :D

Woman sues over Vista to XP 'downgrade' charge


Everyone who joins this class action should be shot

Its like me buying the new Nissan GT-R, saying I like the RB26, demanding one then asking them to swap it for free.

As most have said, it is the vendor levying this charge, first for re-imaging with a now non standard build and for the recovery media to go with it. The actual license is free.

To the previous poster whinging that MS said they would for $60, line up against the wall with the others. They will supply it for free but if you want help thats classed as a support call which they will charge you $60 for. If you cant re-install yourself stop reading the reg

God im soooo angry with the human races inherent stupidity im gonna push the red button

Mines the one with CLUE in the pocket

Microsoft smooths Windows 7 snafu

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Meh, why complain, its free

Was watching the W7 team blog and the usual retards were out in force saying "blah blah poor way to treat customers". Given a choice of fighting for hours to get constantly kicked off or wait a day and have a key and it downloaded in less than 2 hours the latter was much better.

Painless install, 25 mins from Booting from cd to being on the desktop. Only 1 thing not working but thats because its a proprietary dell card and they didnt create Vista drivers for it. It flies, it really does and thats on a super low spec system.

Thank you MS for not listening to the big box makers, it really does make a difference

Off for a new HD to put it on my gaming rig :D

First Windows 7 beta puts fresh face on Vista



What exactly was the flame icon for? Your poor interpretation of my post or the fact you think im American.

As for the former, hard to be bothered when you failed to understand my post. The latter? Im a tight fisted Yorkshire man.

The Brother marrying Sister system has a lot to answer for :D


Is this pessimist corner?

Why dont you wait .... ooooh .... a whole day and download the bloody thing and try it. Go on, give it a go.

I have with OS X, which I consider to be a useless turd of a shell, and I use it daily. As for "Its just Vista SP2" and they are making us pay for it again ..... what about Panther, Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Monkey flinging its own shit through the bars at the Zoo then? Why, its the same OS with a few tweaks and maybe a new application here and there, but you all get down on your knees in front of Mr Jobs to thank him in that special way everytime one comes out.

As for the OS X dock comparisons, you mean a bar which you can drag applications to to start without having to go through a menu? Am I the only person on the planet who ever used quick launch? And which version of Windows was that available from?

I had no need for vista when it came out and im still using XP at home. I have tried Vista and without all the bloatware that comes from the vendors it runs fairly well even on systems at the bottom of its range (even on my old Thinkpad T21 with 512MB ram .... sans Aero :D)

I will be downloading it and installing on an under-specced system again to see how it works on it. Then I will give an opinion

Applers howl over Mac OS fix


I have to say something

To all the people posting as Mac admins whose machines have all updated with no issues..........try getting them out of the box and switching the bloody things on.

Im a Mac admin (for my sins) and they cause me just as many issues as the windows and linux systems. Even after a clean install on brand new kit. The only difference is the windows and linux machines at least give you an idea of what went wrong, where as the mac is as unhelpful as the saturday girl in Gregg's.

And im posting this from a Mac, which I use all day.

Daft list names Firefox, Adobe and VMWare as top threats


I know I slept in this morning....

but until April 1st? WSUS updating iTunes?

What next? Fuhrer Brown standing down and calling an election early next year?

I want some of what they are on and will pay top dollar cos it has to be the good stuff

Employees sue for unpaid Windows Vista overtime


Has the credit crunch hit the lawyers?

They really are scraping the bottom of the barrel now.

15 mins is bull, I can get Vista Ultimate to boot and onto google through FF in 3 mins on an old P3 Thinkpad with 512mb ram.

I blame the shoddy techies not using their own images and sending kit out with supplier bloatware on there. Try it for yourself if you are unfortunate enough to get kit from Dell. 2 systems side by side, one clean install one Dell install. Boot and see how long it takes to get to google.

Mine the one with 'Clue' in the pocket

Phorm losses shoot up by half

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You wont hear from anyone

Hey Reg, The reason you havent heard from anyone yet is because BT are already using phorm to see who reads El Reg ..... and blocking them from being offered participation.

Helicopters cos you know im right

Apple faces iTunes case in Norway

Jobs Horns

Is the internets releasing toxic gas now?

For all the commenters saying whats the problem, burn it to cd, rip it again then put on your other player ....... sucking exhaust fumes is not a healthy pastime.

When you shiny new U2/Coldplay DVD arrives in the post.....wouldnt you be annoyed if you had to burn it to vhs, re-encode and burn it back on to dvd before you could watch it on the player of your choice?

It has nothing to do with DRM tracks at all, its all about Apple's closed business practices in refusing to license their tech to other manufacturers ....... Phillips got done for it with cd's so why should Jobby get away with it?

Slimline Xbox 360 to be named the Pure?



Actually you have to thank Sony for starting that with the PS1, MS just see that the supposed biggest and best get away with it.

I dont have a 360 or a PS3, i just worked in the industry during the launch. If the internets was as available back then as it is now then Sony wouldnt have even made it to the PS2.

Hackintosh maker gets legal greeting from Apple


@ David Webb

Yay someone with a valid point in this mess.

Apple do not make the hardware, they have created an OS that uses specific types of components, these components are then sourced by Foxconn and assembled in a shiny tin designed by Apple.

When a friend was looking to upgrade their old G3 for a G5 i suggested they switch to a pc as the apps they used were available for it in a stable form. I got the specs down for the standard G5 then compared it to the cost of parts (and OS) that it would cost to build the equivelant pc.

Even at retail prices (20-30% above trade cost...even more for bulk) the pc tower came in at over £300 less than the G5.

Apple will never open OS X to the mass market simply because they would lose the exclusivity that helps them sell their current products.

Heaviest Virgin Media downloaders face new daytime go-slow


Shills to the left of me, shills to the right of me

The scientology bods are gonna be upset, VM have got more shills posting to this than they could ever manage on one of their stories.

As for people saying its ever since virgin bought it, I always understood it was still NTHell who bought out/merged with Virgin mobile and bought the right to use the Virgin name because theirs was worthless now

Im on Be now so have no issues......and as for the shills blaming illegal downloads....have you bought the Orange Box from Steam?

Apple okay with Safari 'carpet bombing' vuln for now


@MS haters

I constantly see people bashing MS for having IE installed by default, even though you can download Firefox day 1 and never have to use IE again.

I have one question for you, what the hell do expect users who have bought a windows pc to use to get onto the internet? Calculator? MS should install FF/Opera/Safari but not their own browser on new Windows PC's?

Safari by default is much much worse IMO

Imagine it in other walks of life, "Yes, sir......here are the keys to your shiny new Jaguar ...... though we have to let you know that some Tard complained to the EU regarding monopoly and we had to put a Perodua engine in it"

Yes IE was a POS but at least they have started listening and improving the bloody thing. Who knows what IE8 will be like but I will be willing to give it a go just to see. MS install a suite of basic apps to get you going on your shiny new box, just like Apple do, just like all the different flavours of Linux do.

Next you will be demanding that MS shouldnt be pimping their file system and Kernel on windows users.

Dixons admits 'it's even worse than you thought'


DSG dont train their staff? They do but not on products

I have occasionally bought items from PC World/Curry's, but only after checking prices I have not been that fussed paying a couple of quid extra on say a new monitor for having the convenience of getting it on a sunday rather than waiting for delivery.

That said the level of staff knowledge is pathetic, and that is being kind.

My brother called me one day said he was in currys looking for a large plasma/lcd and asked me to come down and help. Once there I found that the details supplied for the tv's were useless. Not one label said if it was 1080p/720p or gave the resolution so I could work it out for myself. 3 members of staff later and still none the wiser. So onto his 3g HTC and found out. Once had picked one (lot cheaper than online for once) he tells one of the drones. Then the knowledge kicks in.......on the extended warranty. Reeling off detail after detail about what is covered blah blah blah. Didnt like it when I shot down his every argument because most of the stuff he was babbling on about was either covered in the 1 year warranty or by his home insurance.

As a previous poster has mentioned, and especially true in PCW that the tech staff with the knowledge are stuck on the tills and the muppets are on the floor.

DSG shouldnt bother with refitting stores, they should spend the money on training staff and making sure they have stock of the latest items in.

Microsoft slams OEMs over XP SP3 install cock-up


Cant really blame MS

On clean installs on 1 Dell Intel, 1 IBM Intel and 2 AMD's all have been fine on having SP3 installed.

I actually have pity for the people who bought big box for home because this is a difficult one for them to resolve.

But for all you techies having this issue? You should be ashamed. Allowing boxes onto your networks with all the bloatware they come with? If you arent ghosting when you get them or at least rebuilding them then you cant blame MS or the vendors.

Having been a techie for companies using the big boxes thats always the first thing I do. If its not modem helper (come on Dell, leave it off the laptops) £$%^ing up VPN connections then it's some other useless crap blocking some app you need on there.

Sad, because this issue has shown how many of my peer's dont know better

Retailers risk libel nightmare over 'no-work' database



Having recently been in the job market after redundancy none of the positions I applied for required I provide references at application or 1st/2nd interview stage. The company I was succesful with asked me to supply them after I had been offered and accepted the position.

At this time if my previous employer had supplied a bad reference and the offer was withdrawn I would have had an idea that the reference may have been why. And I could have argued the contents of it. (Ignoring the legallity of withdrawing the offer for the sake of argument)

I think the general consensus of the comments made are that employers will abuse the system way before this stage. For example, manager has 50 cv's on his desk, does he

a, Sort through them firstly by qualifications, experience and ability?

b, Use this database to possibly get rid of a chunk in order to make his life easier?

I have clashed with many of my managers over my working career. Luckily most have been good people and never taken it personally. Then there were the complete dicks, these are the ones I know would abuse a system like this in using it to vet applicants and to make life hell for one of their employees.

This means that applicants would never know why they didnt even get a rejection letter, never mind an interview. This story wont make popular headline news so the majority of people affected by this wont know about the scheme. Its mainly retailers, and of the ones mentioned I know from personal experience one of them is full of the most egocentric wankers in the country. They can and they will poison the system.

Windows XP SP3 sends PCs into endless reboot

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As far as I know the overclockers are safe, as I have overclocked my AMD (Phenom too....yes yes asking for it I know) and installed SP3 and it has been running flawlessly since.

One thing I did do before installing was stop all of the extra processes that were running so only thing running was AV.

I say its people who have any version of the Sims installed, they deserve a dead computer

Two arrested over piracy at computer fair


@Mark Jan

Doing 31 outside the Richard Dunn Centre is ok, the limit is 40 :D

As for 60% being uninsured? Drive through on a regular basis and you would realise it has to be more because 99% of them cant have a license they drive that poorly so why bother with insurance.

And the figures the police quote for retail value will come from the BSA, who are usually like "OMGWTF Quicken 98 discs, thats like ripping off god, 1 million fine please"

Actually cant be arsed about the story, just wanted an excuse to slag off Bradford drivers.

Price cut fails to push Xbox 360 past PS3 in UK


@Martin Saunders

There are no documented contractual deals for shelf space for the systems and software, its simply a scratching back's exercise that Sony have been playing for many a year. Chains that keep a certain amount of shelf space seem to get slightly larger allocations of new hardware and a slight priority on restocks. The big boys also cover the costs for most of the chains POS, like Intel paying half of your advertising if you put their logo on your ads. (Which they cut back on after Time skanked them, ran ads with intel logo's then sold the punters AMD kit for bigger profit)

The non-conspiracy reason is simpler though, Wii gear is selling so well they never have enough to fill the shelves :D

Music biz proposes 'iPod tax' in return for format-shift freedom


I know nothing

From many years working in a record shop and dealing with these parasites (they are...they make their living off of someone else's ideas and talent) it is my understanding that when you buy a cd or other format what you are actually paying for is a copyright license to the music on the cd for personal use, the cd is merely the media that they use for you to obtain the items you have purchased a license for.

Therefore if I have a license I should be entitled to use the media on the cd any way I see fit as long as it is personal.

Changing the rules after the game has started? Bad music industry...go stand in the corner

BT: 'We did not let anyone down over Phorm... it was not illegal'


Waste of time ....

Having them on Breakfast, a 6 year old press packer from newsround could have done a better job.

BBC stop calling them journalist's ...... and refer to them in their new true guise.....presenters.

BT and Phorm secretly tracked 18,000 customers in 2006




O2 broadband is actualy provided by Be Broadband, who I went to after dumping Pipex/Tiscali.

In an earlier Phorm story comment a Be customer posted a responce from them saying they arent trialling and have no intention of ever trialling.

Which makes me happy because they have a bloody marvelous service .... and fast too :D

Mac is the first to fall in Pwn2Own hack contest

Jobs Horns

Joy :D

After spending the last hour fighting a G5 over a f&$@ing Quark install this has made me soooooooo happy. Great start to the weekend.

Apple US retail sales leap past PC par



For all the people you support to ask you what they should buy and then ask you to source it I have only 1 question. Where do you get the drugs you have them on? Almost every tech I know has the the constant problem of "I just bought this for my comp....make it work"


This was in the early days of external drives and I dont think Steve, Bill and Linus together could get the piece of crap working. So bad whichever pc it was plugged into wouldnt boot....even the Linux kit :|

As for Macs looking nice? Think again :D http://www.igniq.com/images/t_fighter_070605.jpg

Gates Halo

@evil graham

One point out of my entire rant you can pick at? I must be getting better .... as for the reason Time going out of business? That was down to massively reducing margin on the hardware hoping to make it up on warranty sales.....which they couldnt. And their really crappy support didnt help either.

One point I forgot to mention....Frank Bough ..... NAV isnt Windows, its put on there by the system builder, same with all the other crap that you mac owners call bloatware.

Gates Halo

It just works.....except if its peripherals

All those people convincing their friends and relatives move to macs, do you consider the problems when they want to buy a new printer? An external drive? A webcam?

I know that with my rubbish archaic OS (lovely XP) I can walk into any computer shop, pick up any item and know that it has a 99% chance of working with my machine (Would have been 100% but i did have the misfortune of being presented with an Amacom external dvd writer once)

I know that if I want to watch the latest and greatest film trailers on the Apple site I can, even on my 2k machine as Quicktime is updated for those systems....yet someone with OS X 10.2 cant, they have to upgrade their OS first.

As for the build and quality? I have seen machines from Time that have better quality components inside them....if im spending £1400 on a machine I dont want a bloody GeForce 6200LE as my graphics card (ok not current spec, but its what all the G5's we have here were shipped with) a card/gpu so poor and flaky they halved it's capabilities just to get it working? Not what I would expect in a premium system.

They say macs have their uses .... but i for the life of me cant think of one that a pc with XP cant do just as well....if not better.....and cheaper.....with much more choice.

Microsoft releases latest XP SP3 build


Confused @ Jaykay

How will me going on a course stop macs being overpriced shit and mac owners blinkered iTards?

Back on topic ....... As for SP3 the beta testers I know said its as much an improvement as SP2 was, fingers crossed that M$ relinquish the desire they have for Vista and give XP dx10.

Paris Hilton

Back atya jaykay

Yes....i r stoopid

And why didnt I think of using InDesign before .... oh wait...... with rosetta its even more flaky than quark.

I like being a sheep, because as a sheep I have a computer that does anything I choose to do, with any software I want to use and any hardware I choose to plug in.

Paris, because she is stupid enough to pay £80 for a service pack.

Jobs Horns


OS X more reliable?

Uh huh .... tell that to the designers on the 35 macs I "have" to look after.....Yay....quark only crashed 8 times today, oooh look.....its decided to rename all my files on the network due to permissions becoming corrupt. Troubleshooting guide for CS2 on XP.....change this setting...thats it...on the mac it goes all the way through to "buy a new mac". And by the way, because I was made mac admin I have to use one everyday and cant wait to get home to my lovely dated xp systems.

Mac's have their uses....makes it easier to spot the t@£ts on the train or in starbucks.

And another thing....when running all those apps on your Ubermacbook.......can you play Crysis? Oh no you cant. My dated XP can.....and very well too.

Only reason people buy a mac is to be different ....not better......just like Goths really :)

Tiscali and BPI go to war over 'three strikes' payments


Another bye bye

Been a Pipex customer for years....then Tiscali took over. Packet shaping, bandwidth throttling and now this.

I finally had enough after a few weeks of evening speeds no better than dial up and got my mac code last week. Im off to pastures new with no limits and no throttling ........ feels good.

PS F*** you Tiscali :D

SaveTheInterneters to save the internet from Comcast


RE: I have limited sympathy

Oh yes, only illegal filesharers use P2P dont they, there isnt any valid reason for using such things as the Bittorrent protocol is there.

Try telling that to the 2 million World of Warcraft players in North America that get their updates using torrent protocol. Having to search the net for FTP updates of patches (possibly compromised too) because their ISP chokes the official download.

There are numerous legal applications for P2P usage around the net but its the self righteous morons such as your self that seem to have the voice just because it takes an extra nanosecond for your knickerless britney photos to appear.

Heres a quid....go to the shops and get a clue

UK.gov lambasted for ignoring peers' cybercrime report


I know why they havent acted

Its because one of their IT supplying donaters/loaners doesnt have the requisite staff to consult, provide or implement the services required to bring such a project together.

Oh ......hang on..... they didnt have that for the projects they are already working on....prob explains why they have failed and gone over budget.