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UK.gov plans more active-traffic motorway ANPR cams

Michael Rawlinson

Motorway traffic congestion

Most of the congestion on motorways is actually caused by heavy lorries. A trip down the M1 usually means a drive on a two lane road with the third lane full of heavy lorries driving with their cruise controls set. When one lorry approaches another with a closing speed of about half a mile per hour he pulls out to overtake, still at half a mile per hour, and reduces the mtorway around him to one lane for anything up to five minutes. Politicians, of course, like to blame the car for the problems because the road haulage lobby is rich and powerful and they don't want to upset them. Surely the real solution to congestion, pollution etc is to force the road hauliers to invest in rail freight and give all three lanes back to passenger vehicles and vans of a size suitable for local delivery.