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Vint Cerf and Co. sic the world on Comcast

Ayn Rand

Bruce Schneier should chat to his new employer

BT announced it is buying Bruce's company and no doubt loading his wallet with enough filthy lucre to spend time on such pro bono activities.

Perhaps, he should ask them about how their traffic shaping is going over here in the UK?

VoIP is Dead. It's just another feature, now

Ayn Rand

Here's to Objectivism


I am huge fan of your snarky style of journalism.

I love the way that you exist for your own sake, neither sacrificing yourself to others nor sacrificing others to yourself. The pursuit of your own rational self-interest and your own happiness is the highest moral purpose of life.

It is great to see that my work is now spreading across the pond.

Keep Up The Good Work,

Ayn Rand


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