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Seagate to close Northern Ireland plant


gone to china?

Globalisation at work, ship everything to china and india then moan when they find kids working for free in sweatshops.

VoIP is Dead. It's just another feature, now


Skype Cheapskates, Use VOIPBUSTER.

If you want a decent voip solution then you should be prepared to pay something for it. Voipbuster has the solution check them out. No i dont work for them, just really like the service after being frustrated with the likes of skype.


My girfriend has just moved to china. I plug my house phone into my routers VOIP socket, (Speedtouch 780) I credit them with a few euros (via pay pal) and then I can call her china mobile for an hour for about 40p. If I want to call from my mobile I dial the the london access number and im using up minutes from my talk plan while voipbuster gets 0.007p per min. Yep it cost me 0.007 pence to call from my mobile in the uk to her mobile in china for the grand old sum of 0.007pence per min.

Its crystal clear it doesnt need a pc at either end, I get through every time, it costs pence. No echoes, no delays, Its VOIP. Its better than skype.