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Blogger silences Google ads with death and destruction

Zoltan Kelemen
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It's not only about "getting rid of ads"

This is about the purest form of "hacking". Exploiting the workings of a system in ways it's creators never intended it to work. It's not about efficiency or need, it's about style.

Here's a much earlier exploration of the same idea (shouldn't be taken too seriously either): http://asofterworld.com/index.php?id=194

If you want to get rid of the ads, use an offline client like Thunderbird, read your mails on your cellphone or get adblock. Whatever.

Bittorrent declares war on VoIP, gamers

Zoltan Kelemen

@vividvew, Re: DSCP

If you're tossing DiffServ and your CCIEness around, I'd suppose you're aware of the expression of "trust boundary". And also, that this usually does not encompass host computers (much less end-users).

Why would anyone in their right minds choose to trust DSCP(or TOS) markings placed there by either a VoIP or a bittorrent user/software? Markings that can be recorded/changed arbitrarily, and markings that are quite often cleared on various network devices anyway.

Soo... we're back on the starting line, aka deep packet inspection, to figure out what tarffic we're dealing with. Most traffic CAN be placed on arbitrary ports, transport protocols etc. So non-deep doesn't tells you anything, really, unless you trust your users.

BTW, you have just had your ass handed to you by a CCNA.

Having passed a QoS exam helped, though ... ;-)

VoIP is Dead. It's just another feature, now

Zoltan Kelemen
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VoIP != Skype

In contrary with popular beliefs and press bs, VoIP is a lot more (and somewhat different thing than) Skype.

Even though I can fully agree, that Skype is more-or less a bubble, that may pop or it might just deflate (perhaps lingering on like ICQ. Anyone remember ICQ? :) ) it is NOT VoIP. Or rather, VoIP is not Skype.

VoIP will just get back to where it belongs: behind the screens, making your calls work, without you being much aware of it's existence. It might be powering your desk phone in the office, it probably is behind your el-cheapo long distance calls and maybe you or a geek friend is running a home PBX on Asterisk.

Saying that VoIP is dead, is like declaring HTTP dead when Netscape went out of business ...


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