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Google's Street View spycar clocked in London

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Google cars....

Hate to say it, but your Opel/Vauxhall is a Saturn Astra now in the states. Exact same car - another badge.

Reg readers split on Vista readiness

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Vista not bad, but worth the effort?

I help to administer an AD network of about 15 servers (Win 2k, 2k3, UNIX, and RHLinux) and about 500 Windows workstations all running 2k SP4 or XP with either SP2 or SP3 depending on the machine. We have not deployed any Vista machines and I seriously recommended to the IT director that we try and skip Vista and wait for the release of Windows 7 to do any major workstation rollouts if possible. Because I hate using Vista? Not quite...

I have Vista Ultimate three machines at home (in an eternal 30 day trial - lol) just to play around with. I've been using these machines to run Vista throughout the beta process and ever since. I don't have any issues with the OS itself except that it doesn't run as fast as I would like (my hardware isn't TOO old, but it's no longer cutting edge). And SP1 crashed two of the machines when I tried to install it - one recovered on reboot and finished successfully, the other one I had to uninstall and haven't tried again. Otherwise, I think it's ok. I also set up a test machine at work and tried setting it up with Vista business and the normal apps we use in our organization and DID run into some problems there. I would estimate that at least 25% of the apps we use will not run, or will not run correctly under Vista - and no, they are not from the 90's. We also have a lot of older pc's out at our sites that can barely run Win2k - they do ok for what they are used for (mostly terminal emulation) but Vista would be out of the question on about 1/2 of our workstations.

But seeing as the wait for Windows 7 isn't supposed to be that long, and there isn't any pressing need for us to switch... I don't think it's worth it.

As far as open source... I love playing around with different flavors of linux, but I am one of those people that believe that the ease of use (for end users and administrators) and compatibility just aren't quite there yet. Close maybe - but not yet.

US beak pecks at RIAA's 'making available' filesharing attack

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Limewire vs. torrents...

I still use Limewire quite a bit... as for torrents, my ISP is Comcast (it's all I can get unless I want to go back to dial-up!) and so my torrents will download for a minute or so and then stop for two hours. Then they'll start back up for a couple of minutes, then... well you get the picture!

Slashdot website down

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WORK? Who can work when we don't know what happened to Slashdot?????

Shocked Shatner shunted from Star Trek XI

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Just needed to cast my vote for Firefly... I was hooked after the first ten minutes of the pilot. And then it was gone.... I still can't believe they killed off Walsh in the movie though! Tragic...