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Wireless power delivery gets blended

Frank Bellavance
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So not only ...

is this completly useless, as it as to be on a specific point on the counter, but it also probably consumes a shitload more power then using a standard cord.

What, pray tell, is the adventage?

Trend Micro's CEO says 'AV industry sucks'

Frank Bellavance

Who needs an AV anyway?

Been without one for ages. Glad to live without having to endure the huge slowdowns. But then again, my OS of choice tends to be slightly harder to infect. Besides, as the only place I can write under normal times in my home folder and that gets weekly backups, if I ever get trouble, I just need to format and restore the home folder from when it wasn't infected

Apple's carpet-bomb Safari flaw can wreak havoc on Windows

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WinUpdate on IE was bad when it was introduced

This is one I will never personally understand. Who in there right mind said "We want to make updating the system easy, let's put all this powerful capacity in IE. We just won't explain to everyone how to use it to install file everywhere. No, even better, let's tell everyone. " instead of having a relatively simple, but dedicated tool.

Paris, cause she can't always see the consequences either.

Oracle hunger fallout: Will Red Hat survive?

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Congradulation asshole

Yes, the title is regarding the comment at the end of the show (if you haven't listened, do)

Overall, very interesting show. I would like to comment on the vmware opensource part, however.

The truth is, as far as I can see, that the benifit of VMware going opensource, for the custumor, would be minimal. Having free versions of the product lets anyone who doesn't have the money to buy it use it. The really nice features of VMWare all require a SAN. If you can afford a SAN, I don't think the licence will be that big of an issue. For small guys, vmware-server is "good enough".

To the custumor, opensource doesn't mather as much as we like to think (myself included), simply because most users do not want/cannot look at the source code.

Tesco punts Xbox 360 bundle for £33.24

Frank Bellavance

Quebec consumer protection law

You need a law like was recently implemented in Quebec, Canada.

It states that if a product is advertised or labled at price X, but the retailer really ment price Y, if it scans at price Y they have to sale it to you at the lowest of the 2 prices - 10$. This also applies to web order in that they HAVE to honor the listed price at the time of purchase.

This was done to avoid supermarkets labeling things at, say, 9,90$, then charging you 9,95$ or 9.99$. Now, if they do that and you catch them, they are obliged by law to give you the article free. Cut down enormously on labeling fraud

Phoenix hijacks Windows boot with instant-on

Frank Bellavance

@Mike : Sleepy time

If you're using a laptop, try unpluging it and seeing how much you like that option the next day. Sleep and hybernate are not the same. Sleep just powers off "most" of the computer and leaves everything in RAM. If you loose power (your battery runs out), you loose everything

TV-Links man was arrested under trademark laws

Frank Bellavance

Bittorent usage

blizzard uses bittorrent to download patches to it's games

a LOT of open source projects use bittorrent to save bandwidth for downloading the CDs (gentoo, ubuntu, etc)

Music industry rebuffed across Europe on file-sharing identifications

Frank Bellavance

It did appen in Canada

It was a year or so back. The Canadian equivalent of the RIAA took Videotron and Sympatico to court to request the information. The ISP said they were willing to do it, but needed a court order. The court refused to give the order. The ISPs aren't the ones who refused to do it, it was the court. If I remember correctly, the judge went along the lines that the cost to the users and the court system was too high compared to what the music industry had a chance to get back out of it.

Behind the Apple vs Universal breakup

Frank Bellavance

Protection money

Having a music tax (don't let anyone fool you, this would be a music tax in all but name) is the equivalent of paying protection money to the mob and hoping they do not come and break your legs anyway. The ONLY way this would be even remotely fair to the custumor is if the labels couldn't sue. We all know this will never be the case.

The old buisness model of taking 90% of the money and not giving any back to the artist doesn't work any more. It is time this raketiring was stoped and people realise what tapes, CDs and records were originally ment as promotion tools for shows. It's time digital music, like radio, became once again a show promotion tool, not a money maker.

Scientists need you to organize galaxies

Frank Bellavance


[quote]I love infinity - it's so ridiculous.[/quote]

It's more the amount of ridiculous is infinite.

Doctors slam Choose and Book

Frank Bellavance

Sad thing

The sad thing is, I am sure that if this had been properly managed, a system for booking appointments that was actually secure could be done for under 1 million. Heck, all you really need is properly constructed web forms over a secured intranet with a secured database backend!

Microsoft strips Office from charity PC scheme

Frank Bellavance


Unless they have a very specific need for the word processor to be MS office, why not just install the office suite from openoffice.org?

Command Windows with Powershell

Frank Bellavance

A litle overblown

[quote]this revolutionary new technology[/quote]

So we can say MS finally implemented something Unix and the likes have had since .. the 70s, and it gets called "new and revolutionary"? Either the sarcasam is so tick it broke the floor, or someone needs a wack on the head.

Mars: more evidence of a watery past

Frank Bellavance

Well, let me take a moment to be proud

Just to remind people. Those 2 rovers had an original mission time of 90 days. Another reason to ask the Canadiens to design things ;-)

Souvenir coin sparked nano spy alert

Frank Bellavance

Closest neibor

1: The border between Canada and the USA is bigger. Plus, part of the contry (Alaska) is only accessible by going over Canadien territory.

2: Close diplomatic and economic relations, even considering the US constantly tries to screw us over by taxing wood and demanding we sale oil cheaper.

The Kremlin uses kryptonite to silence Sheryl Crow

Frank Bellavance

About waterpipe grounding

Just so you know, the reason water pipes are grounded is much simpler and 2 folds.

1: To provide a central easy to access ground for things like tubs and sinks (as those must be grounded, in case of electric items falling in water)

2: To avoid throwing electricity all over the place in case of a wire malfunction that lands a wire on a pipe.

EU spoils Blair's energy saving party

Frank Bellavance

An even bigger source of infinitly renewable energy

Imagine if we could harness all that hot air coming from politicians to produce electricity. They might actually be of use for once!!!

Games firm pursues 500 pinball 'pirates' through UK courts

Frank Bellavance

Clear extortion

This is clearly an extortion attempt and abuse of the system. I hope someone takes it to court and contersues in the name of all the defendents.

Serbian vampire hunters prevent Milosevic come-back

Frank Bellavance


Would not the embalming process replace most of his organs with fluff? Also, the embalming fluid, to my understanding, would pretty much destroy everything it touches. Would make comming back as a vampire a very unpleasent proposition.


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