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World finally ready for USB-bootable OS/2


Re: Ahhh OS/2 Warp

Still have the box with the CD's on the shelf


a VM running it,

still there are some things that goes easier/quicker than with linux

BOFH: My diary is MINE and mine alone, you petty HR gimps


glow in the dark

Those nice graphics glowing from your Hercules card ...

Technology quiz reveals that nobody including quiz drafters knows anything about IT


missing the boat

not really internet questions

i don't use failbook and twatter so i can go wrong already with 3 questions

i never was inspired by an i-thingy so what do i care what year it was invented and what does this have to do with internet?

real questions are not really there , just a few

made 9 out of 12

but my real internet knowledge from the beginning up was not tested at all

but what can you expect in an age where almost every kiddo thinks that f.b. is THE internet :(

Microsoft spells out new rules for exiling .EXEs


internet explorer ?

I just read the "Evaluation criteria"

And the first thing that pops up in my mind is :

internet explorer, active-x and conduit

They rate very good with the given criteria

I am not a real windows user so i can be very wrong


Five-year-old discovers Xbox password bug, hacks dad's Live account


kids are always good testers

has not really to do with computers but about 20-25 years ago we had to develop some cases/boxes that would carry car/battery-inverters or mobile radios that would be used under extreme conditions like:

vibrations water heat cold etc

what we could not damage, kids could break in days

they were not allowed to use hammers and that kind of tools

so the smart ones took a rope and tied the casing/box behind their bicycles riding over shitty streets with pools of water, the result was awfull

it took some time to make the product kiddy-proof before we could deliver the final product that was happily accepted by the client

GNOME 3.12: Pixel perfect ... but homeless



Looked at it

Tried it


Immediately back to MATE and Xfce

Microsoft slaps LTE mobe broadband into Surface 2 slabs (Yeah, take that, iPad)


> Correction:


>"Beginning this Tuesday, Microsoft will offer a version of its Surface 2 that fulfills a request of ̶m̶̶a̶̶n̶̶y̶ a user"...

"of many" and "a user"

isn't that the same ??

Microsoft gives away Windows Phone 8 licences in India – report


Almost free

now in my country they try to push a winphone nearly for free ..

with as logan "it is almost the same as an android"

and ofcourse joe 6pack belives that

but if you try to get an android or iphone for your 2year upgrade you really have to demand it (almost brutal)

before this started winphones were almost not seen

now i have people asking me daily "why does this not work, why can't i install that, why is it so ugly and difficult"

lets see what the future brings

Julie Larson-Green: Yes, MICROSOFT is going to KILL WINDOWS


and than this:

Don't forget >>

Microsoft CAN NOT release a perfect version of windows even when that was/is possible, they are not only a software house but also a marketing industry (and they did a good job with that)

The shareholders would not allow a perfect windows because it would not make money

because :

. not selling new versions

. not selling updates

. technicians without work

. sysadmins without work

. less/no income from trainings

. less/no income from roalties on computer sales

etc etc etc

just because it just works without problems

what they want are

errors, virusses, incompatible hardware, problems and more disasters

just because that makes money by resolving a PART of the problems, upgrades, new versions, technicians training and working and if possible create some more money making issues.

somebody at IBM said once a long time ago (in the OS/2 ages) :

if it works don't fix it

Microsoft change that into:

if it need to be fixed we can make (more) money.

So, if you stay with windows your future is upgrade, renew, fix and pay

You don't want that than you have to use a (more) stable alternative

While world drools over Apple, Microsoft fixes Windows RT 8.1 update


Re: "We take immediate steps to ensure a quality experience for every single customer"

i thought it was like "if it is not clickable, it does not exist" for the common windows user

Kids LIE about age on Facebook, gasps Brit ad watchdog


porn and age

so , you set up an account for a 12 year old and they get bored of the restrictions.

In the first computer they find (internetcafe , neighbour, friend etc) they will create their new account and put their age +10 years ..

and you think that protect them from porn ???

in both accounts NO ABSOLUTELY NOT !!!!

Just watch them sending/receiving pictures (vnc is great to check on them) of every bodypart to/from the rest of their "friends"* with the new chat options like sending pics and creating groups.

You will see more kiddyparts and nightly invitations than you have ever seen in your life.

So the door is wideopen for all the abusers out there.

what to do to completely block that shit .. i really have no idea

and neither have parents because most of them have problems with even switching the pc on and are completely computer illiterate.

Blocking FB by a firewall, that maybe works at home but not for public accessable pc's and they will find one, because without FB access you dont belong to the group


can be anyone under the 100 years old, they will blindly accept all "friend" requests just to have more "friends" than their schoolfriends

My kids, they think that i follow everything they are doing (BOFH tactics), so the scare factor keeps them more or less sane, but i know schoolfriends of them who are completely running uncontrolled.

PHWOAR! Huh! What is it good for? Absolutely nothing, Prime Minister


Porn ?

just look at the message/chats your son/daughter is using in facebook, now riddled with the greatest collection of nude pictures

so failbooh will be blocked as well ??


if you put it straight in the female it is wrong

if you put it twisted in the female it is right

Review: Nokia Lumia 520


here lies a/the problem

> For many tech-savvy Reg readers the Lumia 520 has too many compromises,

there you go ,

> but I’ll bet you know somebody, a friend or a relative, who would welcome a basic-but-functional smartphone too.

Yep and than i am the one who needs to solve their/the (un)solvable problems with the wp8 and they will ask ME, why, i advised a phone that does not do like an iPhone or an Android.

NBC.com HACKED to spread bank account-raiding Trojan


they forgot to cleanup after this ??

By M. Alex Johnson Reporter

NBC News

updated 7/16/2012 4:07:32 PM ET

REDMOND, Wash. — NBC News has acquired full control of msnbc.com and its digital network from Microsoft Corp. and is immediately rebranding the site as NBCNews.com.

Top tools for junior Linux admins

Thumb Up

Re: how about mc

FCL is still out there :)

looks more to NC than MC

but without them i am like "blind"


the first tool that i install on any linux machine is midnight commander (if not already there)

from there on the rest is more easy

Microsoft says Google trying to undermine Windows Phone


if i buy a product that does not function the way i want it, i will change it for something that does what i want

what can be software/device and/or brand

so if youtube is so important use a device that does the job

Linux kernel dumps 386 chip support


Re: Z-80

the 6502 and the 6522 where nice chips that made $$$$ for me, they were always burned

Microsoft seizes Chinese dot-org to kill Nitol bot army


Maybe a deep conspiracy theory, but what is ms going to do with the information that they can extract/manipulate now ?? build their own botnet ??

Multi-platform exploit sniffs your OS, penetrates your back door


Re: @AC: Except For [fix]

let me fix this for you:

Except we know Windoze user isn't that secure....

He will click randomly any button to get rid of a popup

(without reading its content)

Facebook phone app attempts to seize ALL YOUR MAIL


Re: Simple.

tried it .. did not work .. windows is still there

Microsoft takes on tablets with keyboard-equipped Surface


Re: Of course it needs a keyboard...

ofcourse, almost forgot that

now i know why they needed a multitouch keyboard

US space programme in shock metric conversion


forgot this

1 cubik meter (m3) of water has 1000 liter and weights 1000 kilo


ok ... for our american friends .. something very simple (in metric)

we have a hole in the ground

long 9 meters

wide 6 meters

deep 3 meters

we fill the hole with water

how much does the water weight in kg or pounds??

and how much time you needed to calculate the result ?

to help a little bit:

1 liter of water weights 1 kg


9 meters = 9.84251969 yard = 29 feet 621⁄64 inches

'Facebook ads are very boring and not very imaginative'


do they have advertisements ?? than my adblock is doing a good job ....

Windows hits 25


please stay full with bugs

The %^$^ pays for even more than the mortgage :) .

but i still can remember how happy i was when i got my copy of Desqview and Qemm and for my own use could stay far away from the first wind-os's

SSD tools crack passwords 100 times faster


Secure ??

If it only take 5 seconds to crack a password, why take the time to create one (write it on the side of the pc in case you forget it etc)

Oh sorry , i just read that most windows users already follow that line of not creating passwords

.... i said nothing

Microsoft rejiggers EU browser ballot after complaints


criminals or just plain stupid?

Are they at microsoft hardcore criminals or are they really just to stupid to create a little program without errors to make a simple program to create random choices and think that nobody will notice it ??


Botnet takedowns 'don't hurt crooks enough'


education ?

The majority of the people who get infected refuse to understand/read anything about their pc/operating system, they just click on buttons till something happens, they disable/uninstall anti-virus programs if they cannot get access to their infected documents or external devices.

Those will never, AND I REPEAT NEVER, accept anything that changes they way they (mis)use their pc out, of free will.

Maybe the only solution is to confiscate the infected pc's (will be difficult in companies) till the user(s) went to school/training after paying a fine for the cost of their unwillingness to be a "good" computeruser.

Till than , bringing down botnets is just bringing water to the sea.

And the source of all of this is the stupid idea of some software companies to create software that does everything automatically by default, because that is a better computer experience.

And YES it will be difficult to sent "Granny" to school, but than the only solution is to hold the makers of the software she is running , responsible (as well) for all the nasty effects that their programs create. (and than the price of vista 2013 will be around U$8000 or more to cover all the costs :) )

All and All it will be a very difficult path to follow and with the trend of today it will take a very long time before there is a real solution.

Think software patching is a hassle? You're not alone


lost cause

If you don't train users, specially on the level of vista joe xp 7 pack, who just click around on anything to get something finally going, to read and to use their own brains,

scamware levels will go skyhigh, offering quicker nicer better more beautiful software patch/upgrade buttons.

And the "Use our software and everything will go automatically" slogan and policy has to be wiped out as soon as possible and the inventors of this BS as well.

Experts reboot list of 25 most dangerous coding errors

Paris Hilton

fix-it ?

And the time limit to fix a bug can be .. let me think .. Oh yes something like 17 years ?? .. and in that time you paid already how many time for the same error ??

In other words,

the "little" get smacked/sued and have to pay and/or fix their program immediately

and the "BIG" will start press conferences, lawyertalk, mumbeling about options, undocumented features, etc etc and nothing changes for a long time ..

and Paris ??

She knows BIG is NOT always better

Dell refunds PC user for rejecting Windows



The bunch of thieves called microsoft owns me still the refund of 32 unused and sealed winnt licenses, even ordered by court to pay (now 15 years ago) they let you run around the world and force you to use all of your money to rent lawyers, till you give up or that the cost to collect are higher than the refund.

they just don't want to pay ..

I praise this guy that he got his money back

DARPA, Microsoft, Lockheed team up to reinvent TCP/IP



i don't know what made me laugh harder, this article or the new BOFH

Conficker borks London council


and you think that is bad ??

See the government (and their offices) of my country (dom.rep.)

100% corruptedxxxxx sponsored by microsoft, to force everybody to use ie6

what of course does not work because they got the servers infected because they disabled or uninstalled the anti virus because else they were unable to use the usb/cd/dvd to play games or listen to music and now those servers are a complete mess.

Yes everybody play games on the server and copy cd/dvd, that is the fastest machine, that is what multitasking is for --- or not ??

Dell and HP sing Microsoft tune on Word injunction

Black Helicopters

Zombie ??

Now it is getting clear who the real microsoft zombies are.

Or are they just a bit brown around the nose ....

Microsoft warns of 'irreparable harm' on court's Word injunction


business model?

I thought that 'irreparable harm' was/is part of the microsoft business model

Just like sue-ing the hell out of everybody else microsoft doesn't like


>> Microsoft has said in a court filing to stay the injunction: "Even if Microsoft ultimately succeeds on appeal, it will never be able to recoup the funds expended in redesigning and redistributing Word, the sales lost during the period when Word and Office are barred from the market, and the diminished goodwill from Microsoft's many retail and industrial customers."

We know a bunch of companies that microsoft "killed/demolished" that way

and that a number of companies like "Best Buy, Hewlett-Packard and Dell" "face the imminent possibility of a massive disruption in their sales"

Yes good one, take responsibility for that, YOU, microsoft sold broken/stolen goods to them, don't blame others for your actions.


So, about what is microsoft crying now ?

OpenOffice next ? I don't think so, SUN did not make $$$$$ out of the xml use

But time will tell ..


Sony's Windows 7 virtualization switch-off (partly) reversed


VitualBox as the solution?

So install an acceptable flavor of Linux on a pc

Install VirtualBox with a Windows xp (UE of equivalent) that fits for your usage, use the same basic image on all the other machines and continue working.

Lot cheaper and probably more stable, less time consuming(?) and will work with the old hardware (maybe just a memory upgrade)

An maybe it is now a good time for SUN to create a VirtualBox without the use of vx/vt etc.

(like Parallels had before they could not keep up with the linux kernel versions)

Twitter goes titsup


great, thank you all

And i got lately the feeling that i was the only one who does not use twitter/facebook/myspace etc

You all made me sane again today with the great comments

Fraud groups ding Bing for illicit pharmacy promos


surprised ??

I have no idea why those researchers get upset,

illegal practices is the trademark of microsoft

what else can you expect than ??

Microsoft bribes Oz to ditch Firefox


smart ??

Now we know at least a few things:

A) ie8 is not using standards else you could use opera/ff as well

B) ie8 is prob. crap, else it would be chosen for its quality and not for a $$$ bribe.

C) what other "easter eggs" or "options" are hidden in ie8 ??

So ms pays/bribe you when you search+shop with blunt/live/whatever they call it today, but if you get too smart they cry foul-play

So what will happen if a bunch of smart guys "find" the treasure at the same time ??

i would LMAO

And one thing is for sure:

the ms pricing will go up to cover all those financial games.

i think you have a better chance in the lottery ...

<my warped blue striped coat with pinguins and dragons on it ...>

EC rejects Microsoft's browser promises


now it is clear

After reading the responses on the article it is painfully clear that 98% of the pro-ms/anti-eu people have a reading problem, and have almost NO CLUE what is is all about !

Even when perfectly is explained the WHY, WHAT and the HOW, they continue to point to the same things that are NOT relevant.

Maybe caused by the [next] [continue] [ok] [accept] buttons that are always flashing around several times.

Microsoft's Azure cloud suffers first crash



i am 4.5 years old and i am a pc

(usa advertisement)


that happens if you let kids work with windows

Windows 7 test build 'turns off' Internet Explorer 8


i knew it

> Two restarts to remove an executable?

Yes, it is still the old windows NT ... nothing changes ....

It is like flushing the toilet twice before etc etc

MS puts up $250K bounty for Conficker author



re: Paris, I'm sure she knows more about safe Hex than some of the muppets who set site update policy or don't bother checking their AV is working correctly.

Call them Lemmings, who after years of abuse [yes/no/maybe] [error 35654@54] [contact your system administrator] they figured out that just clicking on something till it maybe works, is the quickest solution. reading the given information is proved to be a loss of time ..... .

Result, switch off updates (you cannot always trust them), remove anti-virus programs else you cannot access your favorite word document of music stick without those annoying messages and overkill popups.

re: I think you will find that Bill has always said he is first and foremost a businessman, so one cannot really blame the Windows mess on his inferior programming skills

That is oh so true, business first, if the product works for you, be happy, if it does not .. wait and pay for the next update. MS does really care about NOT having high quality, else they will never be able to sell an update or new version, and THAT is bad for business.

(yes, there are OSses out there that you install once and forget for the next xx years, like some Novell servers, IBM flavors and that does not make money, thus VERY VERY bad for business)

re: $250.000 ...

What an awfull cheap offer, but again business is MS-business, they don't really care about 250k, but it covers the FREE advertisement/name-recognition in several magazines, newspapers, etc

As long as MS does not loose $$$$$ they are not really trying to invest $ in training users/administrators to keep their systems running clean.

They rather sell you a new update/version,whatever

For me:

I prey that MS does not go down, because all the sh$t that comes with them makes for me $$ to fix it, and that pays the bills.

But at my places everything is MS free, so i have at least some place to work relaxed without being afraid for the next crash.

My coat .. filled with OS/2,OpenSuse,Ubuntu for relaxed work and a xp-ue copy to make $$

Ghost of Lennon punts laptops for kids


re: Aid and Self-help

As living in a country that fits the OLPC profile and being the neighbour of the country that fits it even better :

YES the idea was good in the beginning

> free software (linux based) and machines that can work in critical conditions for the people who cannot afford a computer etc etc

YES the whole setup has many flaws

> when people are hungry they will sell the machine for food

> when ppl never learned to read or write how can they work with those magic boxes

> 1 internet connection for all, what? internet where? in a 50 km range with no electricity or phone service..??

and now, because of "to keep up with the technology" the laptops are (also) provided with a special version of XP, and the enduser needs to license and pay for the software ....

how ?? as it was intended for the poorest people/areas ??

At this point the project is going downhill, too many ppl, with no knowledge of being real poor (as defined in western eyes, a lot of those real poor are rather happy with their lives) are getting involved and $$ companies who go for the free advertisement/profit/marketing opportunities and who don't give a sh#t about those poorest.


Microsoft preps IE 8 for the web-challenged


Maybe i am extremely wrong but

I always thought that windos was build around IE

Now when they try to start using Standards they will prob. get into problem with their OS

One browser fighting the other ??

Or is this IE8 the base of windows7 (or 8?)

It is just a thought, i won't have the problem , the last version of windows that i used was 3.0 for a few days.

Obama tries to stay connected


Security ??

And a Blackberry uses what as OS ??

And as mailserver ??

Let's see what fun the future brings ........

OLPC and Microsoft punt Windows-only XO laptop

Thumb Down

they really need to go back to school

So now we have a "cheap" laptop for the "poorest" countries and people

Most of these people can't read and/or write correctly, have NO MONEY almost to eat and than we give them laptops with the most expensive operatingsystem in service/software/ownership ??

How the F%^K does that fit ...

Someone is filling his pockets with M$$$$$ or they are plain stupid and need to go back to school

BTW, they also never really investigated in those poor areas with no infrastructure, electricity, telephone and other "normal" services, where the people are really hungry, how fast that laptop is changed for food ...


Microsoft officially 425 years behind the times


bright star ??

now it is very clear,

or at microsoft they are unable to program correctly

or at microsoft they dont give a shit about their clients