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Rogue TV satellite brought to heel after auto reboot


RE: Safe mode?

Err.. i think you'll find in this case it was "Space + F8".....

Oh yeah, let THAT one sink in.. oh yeah.. oooohh yeeeaaaahhh

Apple patents glasses-free, multi-viewer 3D

Jobs Halo


MAYBE the hardcore processing is going to be done in the cloud, via Apple's billion-dollar data center (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/05/26/new_apple_data_center/), with a new-generation Apple TV device delivering the results to your home...?

Google Nexus Two 'lands November 8'

Black Helicopters


the witch who would offer you Cupcakes, Donuts, Éclairs, Froyo, and now GingerBread Men..

This is Hansel and Gretel, except the mad witch is all-seeing already ;)

Motorola sues Apple over - what else? - patents


They MUST have calculated

that it's cheaper to shut the competition down than try to beat them with brains and sheer inventive genius.. good luck to them all :D

Nuclear merchant ships could open up Arctic routes for real



Is ANYBODY concerned that the precious ice we've been told is breaking too fast because of 'global warming' is now going to have it's breaking INTENTIONALLY ACCELERATED by the works of man..? Anybody? Anybody at all? Fiiiiiiiiiinal offer, no takers? Sold, to the suited and booted man looking for short-term gainzzzzz!!!!

Happiness: Yours for £50k a year


@ £30K median...

I thought the UK median was £25K - i'm sure everyone here on £25K or less would welcome an extra five grand haha..

My coat's the one with £5K missing from it...

OCZ's low price Onyx SSD

IT Angle

are ANY

of the mentioned drives available to buy right now online, even in the US?

Nokia's free Ovi Maps scores a download every second


I'd say..

It's an agenda matey, pure and simple..

Sony Ericsson confirms Android Xperia

Paris Hilton

She's a

sexy li'l thang, ain't she?


Paris, coz well...

IBM Linux chief: Chasing desktop Windows a 'dead-end'


The entire community should just

get behind the Linspire initiative, or something very similar! Before Linspire was linspire, it was Lindows, a linux distro trying to mimick and deliver the experience that people are familiar with in windows. I understand Linspire is now under/alongside Xandros, so i don't know where it lost it's way, but the idea was perfect. Their pre-installed distro was even being sold in WalMart!

Sounds stupid to some maybe, but with enough momentum and clout this should have been the movement that brought linux to the massive masses.

Speaking as a non-geek, what linux needs is consistency and predictability. It's fine that it's so flexible and diverse and all things to all geeky men, but in a world where most people have a specific list of things that they expect to be able to do with/on a computer, the linux community should really be working to establish what that list is, develop child-proof solutions for each of those items on the list, bundle those things into a distro, back it with unprecedented hardware support and watch the thing fly.

As people ask for more, reach to that massive linux shelf, and give them more. Make it child-proof, and it will sell itself....

Intel to announce quad-core mobile Core i7 chips tomorrow

Jobs Halo

Time to start saving for...

a new Macbook Pro based on these - it'll be unibody v2 ofcourse, with Snow Leopard all patched up, Grand Central Dispatch working it's magic, OpenCL doing it's thang, and out in 6 month's time and will simply crunch thru every apple before it like Pac Man, how u like THAT man?!?

How to run Mac OS X on a generic PC


Errr, just a wee second..

I don't hear you all moaning when Nokia supplies you with a 'closed software/hardware' combination.. What gives?

Google gave the world Android - install it where you want on compliant devices/non-windows/you sort out the issues

Microshite gave the world Windoze mobile - install it on compliant devices/reminds you of windows/you sort out the issues

Nokia gives the world S60-tied devices - They supply the OS and the hardware marriage/take it or leave it.

The only reason i can see why people moan so much about Apple's business model is because they yearn to get their soiled paws on the goodness that is OSX. Well, tough! Want the OS, get the kit that comes with it. Apple guarantee an'experience' which is delivered by the marriage of hardware and software.

If you want the experience, you know where to find it :D

Apple tablet spooks world of PCs

Jobs Halo

Wait a second ! ! !

Is THIS the device that was meant to slot into a 20" + monitor via the side, and essentially be the pc you can carry around with you, bring to your desk, slot in, and work away?

Patriot Torqx 128GB SSD


I second price fixing!!!

@ JC 2:

I second that! This is very similar to most new pieces of technology on the market nowadays - there seems to have been a decision taken by these companies that every new iteration of a certain technology warrants a higher baseline price-point than the previous technology.

This leaves the newer technology at a higher price point to older technology regardless of how long its been on the market, and the end result is more money in their coffers no matter when you buy it. Games consoles are one clear case; flat-panel TVs are another. They just won't go below a certain price point any more and that really is bad for lower-level uptake of these technologies..

Shame that really, as mainstream adopters will hold out or save and not produce the sort of product churn that actually drives sales.

SSDs really should by now have eliminated the need for a mechanical main/system drive in any personal computer needing 120GB or less - leave the mech DDs to work as storage-only or as part of elaborate raid arrays where cost and reliability are still a factor.

Boffins: Blue light kills MRSA 'superbugs'


I reckon...

Blue light-sabres brandished by docs and nurses in brown/grey sack-cloth clothing haha! They'll have a red light mounted on their foreheads which will show where the spores are on your body, and as soon as they see them they whip out (ala Stewie from Family Guy's "whip") their sabres and start waving them around all over you!

Wooooing wooooooing wooooooooooooiiiiiing!!!!!

Mine's the one with the real light-sabre - may the force be with you!

Apple drops white Macbook processor speed

Paris Hilton

I spy with my little i...

Snow Leopard is on the way..

I believe they'll make sure all their gear is on Nvidia graphics first before launching the OpenCL-compatible Snow Leopard..

Thus begins the evolution of computing yet again - WinDoze owners left in the dust, cough cough...

Paris, because she knows it's not about the size but what you can do with it :)

New chip aims HD video at iPhone



they'll probably do that iPhone-into-the-side-of-a-cinema_display trick and you'll carry your iPhone around as your low-powered mobile compute device...

The OpenCL would ensure that it responds pretty well and handle most low-power tasks thrown at it. Combine that with MobileMe and iWork.com, and you're fully connected and mobile.

Microsoft delays first Windows 7 public beta


I can confirm to the contrary...

that i have just successfully downloaded BOTH betas (64-bit and 32-bit), and ALSO got both keys legally from the microsoft website via TechNet..

It's on!

It's back up and running!!

Go get your keys!!!

Mine's with two keys in the inner pocket - ciao!

Microsoft smooths Windows 7 snafu

Jobs Halo

How to download using firefox

1) So, follow numerous online instructions which direct you via technet, and hopefully you arrive at the download button.

2) Next, you 'view page source', after you have copied your Activation key/saved the page etc..

3) Find ".iso", and copy the url up to that part (e.g. www.microshizzle/download/latest_junk.iso), and paste it into a new tab, and voila,

4) download manager begins :)

Holy Jobs coz his creations are simple in their beauty; beautifully simple :)

Samsung swaggers in with 100GB SSD

Paris Hilton

Oh hurry up...

and adopt these things already! The soooner the big-boys start adopting the technology the sooner the prices can come down enough to make them competitively-priced replacements for the consumer market..

I've been teetering on getting a SLC but the price/capacity argument rang true in my head, and i cannot for the life of me find the intel X-25M @ greater than 80GB available online...

Paris, because i know she appreciates a well-positioned fast hard drive...

Apple MacBook Air Late 2008


@Anonymous Coward ; Oops! I sat on it!

There are very few laptops you CAN sit on and get away with it - you even have to pick and choose amongst the ToughBooks to get away with such foolery.

I do wish people would come up with genuine reasons not to like something; objective reasons that show your comment is well thought out.

You want Satellite Pro - go get one. I like, and use OSX - and these are the machines that run it. I bet you don't go flaming Nokia for not licensing their S40 mobile platform to other phone makers. You buy the phone out there that most closely matches your needs, wants and wallet.

And yet Apple doing it's own thing in that same vein doesn't seem fair - WHY?!?

Mine's the one with made by Freedom of Choice (TM)

Virgin Media to dump neutrality and target BitTorrent users

Paris Hilton


this doesn't encourage them street pirates to get back in business i don't know WHAT will!

Paris, because she can tell a real fat pipe from a fake one :D

Is filming someone in the street a breach of privacy?

Paris Hilton


the footage is going to be used for commercial gain or public broadcast, the broadcaster or potential beneficiary must obtain your permission.

Pre or post-filming doesn't matter if it's in public, but it must be pre-sale or pre-broadcast.

End of...

Paris, because she knows ALL about private footage :D

Facebook ignores huge security hole for four months

Paris Hilton

I reckon...

the Facebook engineers were busy sitting reading The Register rather than checking their mailboxes - who would argue based on clear evidence?!?

Paris, because she keeps her eyes on the right kinda ball!

Israeli Linux fan squeezes Windows refund out of Dell

Paris Hilton

IF they wanna charge more...

They need to be like Apple.. They lord over the hardware and the software, and you get both or nothing if you want the machine.. Wipe it later if you want but you've paid for it. Install something alongside if you want but you've paid for it...

Paris, because she gets what she pays for :)

Japanese first to mass-produce tiny 'safe' lithium battery


As long as...

they return mobile device battery life to the legendary 6310i levels, i couldn't care less WHAT's in there...

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 Windows Mobile smartphone


How much?

£600 for this mobile device? Even an iPhone on PAYG costs less - where is the justification, especially considering what else i could spend £600 on?

Google frees Android from code of secrecy


The biggest winner...

...is the start-up that makes a business of releasing fully-functioning ports for all those sloooooow Windoze mobile devices out there haha! I'd pay £29.99 for an install onto my HTC S710 right now!

Man buys new MacBooks, pulls them to bits, takes pics


@ Webster Phreaky

Webster, i honestly don't know why you're so unlucky with the machines - and i dread to ask if the way you use them may have anything to do with it... Logic board death on every machine you've had? You managing the heat issues well enough man?

I'd suggest something like a Panasonic Toughbook if you're getting no joy with the Macs. They however are not $hit for the rest of us who have had minimal or no problems with them.. They're by and large great machines, designed well and working well into much older age than the average non-mac equivalent, while retaining superior value.

Maybe you ought to try one of these new machines with the stronger chassis and much more advanced cooling systems - i'd buy you one if i could but i'm saving for one of my own :D

Siemens shows slim, sexy solar-powered cordless concept



Oh my word! It looks nice if nothing else!

Caterpillar plans 600 tonne godzilla-lorry robots


@ Dave Aitken

"don't go for the tyres

By Dave Aitken

Posted Wednesday 10th September 2008 16:57 GMT

or any other mecha-bits of these mechadroid would-be overlords. We need to zap their frikkin brains out with 10kiloTesla per second EMP pulses. Build coils, lots of BIG coils!! and magnets!! gather many many large magnetics. We must prepare to hit these monsters where we can hurt them"

There just HAPPENS to be a magnet big enough - coinkidink? I THINK NOT!!! :D :D

Switzerland/France Border - The Last Frontier!!!

Windows XP bests OS X in RIA test on Intel



The small matter of OS generation comparison mismatch.. Not defending OSX's poor results against XP here, but how does it compare against the OS it's competing with generation-wise i.e. Vista?

Vendor touts notebook as desktop server replacement

IT Angle

So powerful that...

So powerful is this machine that you wouldn't even have enough battery time to show how powerful it is haha! Now THATS powerful!!!

Apple to announce handheld games console at WWDC?

Jobs Halo


St Jobs got you thinking though didn't he?!? Genius i tells yer, genius!

Biofuels make poor people even poorer



Biofuel doesn't only mean ethanol-based fuels, as the EU and USA seem to be pushing for. The diesel-based bio-fuel sources are easier, cheaper, and friendlier on the environment, and they leave you with more capable vehicles anyway. New generation diesel engines are getting quieter and quieter, more and more powerful, and more efficient. The major nations are pushing for the ethanol-derived/based fuels and shooting themselves in the foot.

As for the end of the planet, it's nowhere as close as people make out. We are going through an age where the necessary changes to our environments will naturally take place to counter the problem. Yes there is a problem, i admit to that. Whether its new or variants of creatures or plants that have a greater carbon-sucking capacity, or a few different species of plants re-emerging to counter this, it will happen. Otherwise, the prophecy of human beings being nothing more than a glorified virus on this planet will have come true, and The Borg will come to make us part of the whole, so we may be saved from ourselves.

Either way, i'm out to make some money, splash it on a gas guzzler or ten and sod the expense! I don't have time to waste attempting to convince humans who never pay attention to anything any of their peers say - i gots me some fun to have!!!

TV-Links man: 'I'm no master criminal'


Yup Yup

I like the comparison with the gun killings and the gun manufacturers, and also the power of the corporate lobby versus the people's lobby (which in theory put the politicians into power in the first place)...

I would go on to sue the ISP who allowed him to access his website, as well as the PC maker who made the pc he used to edit the website, and the power company who supplied the electricity, for without all these things there would have been no copyright infringement hahaha...