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Open source .NET mimic lands on Android

Chris Paulson
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Unity uses Mono

A increasing number of games on Android are done using Unity. Unity uses Mono and it seems to work very well. For doing games there are only 2 options:-

1) C++

2) .net (not that many at the moment but really increasing)

Top Gear tops iPlayer hit list

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As some who really like cars

ie I've done motorsport for 10 years. Done rallying for 6 years. Been to Sweden ice driving twice etc etc.

I think Top Gear is brill and stupid. Serious car shows are seriously boooring.

Top gear is the only show left on TV not full of light footed communist.

US mum calls 911 over Grand Theft Auto

Chris Paulson

All children are evil...

It's up to the parent to beat and bully goodness into them.

(Yes I have 2 children...)

Coming soon: clothes that take photographs

Chris Paulson
Black Helicopters

Could be the start of..

Cloaking device. Project image seen on opposite side.

Blade Runner house yours for $15m

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Designed by a blind architect like all modernist rubbish!

Hydrogen-powered two-seater car unveiled

Chris Paulson


Wake me up when the ecomentalists have gone...

0 - 60 time?


Saw a 300bhp 1.3 yes 1.3 MK2 escort this weekend - now that is interesting!

F1 waves goodbye to KERS

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Green technology has no place in motorsport.

Boffins: Atlantic temperature ruled by dust, not CO2

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Keep it coming

I'm a right-wing "nut job" and I like to read this stuff

The madness of 'king cores

Chris Paulson

Our ordinary app

You comment that ordinary apps (DBs) don’t need lots of cores. I can speak from my experience and say you’re wrong.

Our ordinary app has 15 background tasks (each in there own thread).

Every client has it own thread etc etc

Hence 100 user system requires about 300 threads meaning threads have to share a CPU.

Muticores is the way to go, even for ordinary apps!

I also am an indie game writer, multicores are in this case are harder to program for, but then again writing games is about the hardest thing you to do!

Winning contestant dies during competitive eating event

Chris Paulson
Dead Vulture


>Do humans really care about suffering (starvation) thousands of miles away in countries they will never visit?


Congo lynch mobs attack penis-snatching sorcerers

Chris Paulson


Have you evidence that dead terroists can reoffend?

Global-warming scientist: It's worse than I thought

Chris Paulson

The simple answer to finite resource

There are eight pints of beer reaming in the whole world.

Do you: -

A) Share them with a load of strangers

B) Take very little sips to make them last for a very long time

C) Drink them all in a big piss up have a laugh and fuck everyone else.

Count me as a C!

Plastic bag campaign falls apart at the seams

Chris Paulson

Its easy to get rid of plastic bags...

I burn them at the bottom of the garden along with all the other crap people insist I should recycle!

Nvidia 'nveils nForce 7 chipsets

Chris Paulson
Gates Horns


Windows Vista? Have you not heard of computa games?

or are you in the apple mac/linux cult? Still waiting for the cult mass suicide....

eBayer punts Wii for £1m

Chris Paulson

He's abiviously taking the...


Honda hits reverse on £50k fuel cell cars for '08

Chris Paulson


Nop - Man racer, I do rallying as a hobby.

Chris Paulson
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Whats the 0 - 60

Whats the 0 - 60 on these cars?

Anything over 5 seconds I'm not intrested!

What does the engine sound like? Unless it sounds like an angry beast (such as a BDA), Im not intrested!

Nintendo sounds Wii-free Xmas warning

Chris Paulson

Can confirm this

Have tried to get one for daughters xmas present and found they are like rocking horse do do.

Carmack's X-Prize rocket explodes on pad

Chris Paulson


He was obviously "DOOMED" from the start!


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