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Oz cops sound iPod road cross death warning

Adam Clarkson

Darwin strikes again

Surely most of this goes without saying El Reg? If we are listening to music walking around surely you would note the loss of your hearing sense and then take extra care to look?

If you cross the road without headphones in looking at the floor you raise your chances of meeting an untimely doom at the hands of an 18 wheeler do you not?

mines the one with a white stick next to it

US warez sitemaster jailed for 30 months

Adam Clarkson


Apologies. I just read back what you called me on and it doesn't sound great. Bad phrasing I'm afraid.

I didn't mean to offer it as justification, more as the reason people do it. People will steal music because they don't want to pay for every CD they want. Im not saying it is the right thing to do. Just offering my view of the facts!

and thanks for the acknowledgment about the recording part, I'm sure he will go far!

Adam Clarkson
Paris Hilton

It's all about the costs...

Most people have illegally downloaded things before. fact. the reason is not because they are criminals or they intend to steal like everyone always makes out, but the fact that in order to buy everything people pump out is way too expensive.

I have to agree with the parasites been at blame here. If a DVD or music album didnt cost so much then maybe people would buy more. I mean the obvious argument against this is that a song costs 79p on itunes, but then you have the DRM. which is the worlds sh*test thing.

Lets face it if they stop making these things so expensive and stupidly profitable for the people who didnt actually create them, we might get somewhere towards legality. I just finished producing an album I recorded for a friend and hes now going out and selling the full album at £3. He gives me £1 from the first 100 sales and thats it. Thats just to cover me recording, mastering and doing the covers and burning.

People will pay that. Sure hes independant and people dont know him, but its the kind of mentality which will get him a long way.

Paris because no one paid for her sex tape

Microsoft to punt pensioner-proof PC

Adam Clarkson
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Speed Grannies

I think the real question here has to be: Why the hell is it so powerful?!

M$ are shipping a machine which costs way too much for a pensioner to viably afford, which is way too powerful for what they would ever need. Why bother sticking a 3.2 in there? Make it slower, make it cheaper. Im pretty sure my gran wouldn't be playing UT3 here.

As Corrine points out, us Brits always get ripped on price too, which will probably make it even more unfeasable. Are they not aware of how much senior citizens already complain about their lack of money!

They need to sell a stable cheap PC otherwise our elderly are going to be intimidated, and it will be another M$ flop.

MS and Turbolinux ink patent, single sign-on deal

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Might as well have shot themself in the face

Theres no way now that people are going to use Turbo Linux. What sort of a selling feature to the linux community is the fact that "windows live search" is now included on the desktop?!

I for one avoid the distros who are jumping ship to the M$ corporate machine, and its just another one to add to the ever growing list of companies going against "the community". have been a fedora user for years now, and cant see my self changing!


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