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Vodafone to block its ads from appearing next to 'fake news'

Jonathan Miles

There are companies that can classify and categorise content indexed by URL, e.g. Double Verify.

Uber holds out hand, hails another $1bn – mostly from Microsoft

Jonathan Miles

Google already invested in Uber via Google Ventures. Uber is on the GV "portfolio" list and Google is listed in the "About Uber" part of their website.

Mozilla invites all comers on post-tab future

Jonathan Miles

Operating Systems

Surely the problem of navigating tabs in a web browser is the same as navigating between the windows of running programs in an OS; something that graphical environments have been trying to deal with for a long time? For example, the task bar in Windows, Gnome, KDE etc; the ability to group windows in the task bar; multiple desktops; the Dock in Mac OS; alt-tab switcher; etc etc.

For one reason or another, web browsers have taken window (page) management away from the OS. Why not treat each page as any other application window and let the OS deal with the problem in a general way? Tabs are just a fancy version of a common task bar.

MySQL quits Torvalds' former BitKeeper love interest

Jonathan Miles

BitKeeper features

It's worth pointing out that Linus still talks very highly of BitKeeper's functionality - see his Google Tech Talk "Linus Torvalds on git".

@Martin Owens, I don't think they "failed to understand the development practices", especially given the list of customers on BitKeeper's web site. It seems that a number of open-source projects started using it because of it's superior features, then only to realise the issues surrounding licensing and developer contributions. I don't see how this is a fault of BitKeeper - a business model was chosen and they decided not to relax their rules. I imagine that it's a profitable business regardless of whether or not some large open-source projects use it.