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Group Test: Universal Remote Controls

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@ Peter Hewitt - Virgin Media

The One-For-All URC7556 (the stealth model shown) can talk to virgin media boxes using codes 1060 or 1068. Dunno about V+ boxes.

It can also control freeview boxes, but the site does not give any codes I could see.

Usually with these remotes if the box is over a year old and it's not too niche then it will work.

TomTom GO 530 Traffic

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@TomTom7x0 users

Never used one of the posher ones, but I did get a entry level TomTom One for Christmas and I am chuffed to bits with it.

Never crashed once, maps are fine, update speed is fine (never missed a motorway junction), speaker is loud enough as long as you don't have your music on too loud, but battery's still crap.

To be honest the added extras on the higher models (SD card slot, bluetooth, FM transmitter) don't really appeal to me. I just want it to get me from A to B, that's it.

Maybe the Moral of this story is "Keep it simple and it won't break every 5 minutes"

Orange prices up iPhone en France

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@ Ron Eve

No problem debranding your phone, and for free as long as you have the USB cable that came with the phone.

Pop along to http://forums.se-nse.net/ and either look at the guides posted on how to do it or have a chat in the newbie section.

We'll get your phone back to it's former glory in no time ;)

Reg Dev wants you!

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RE: Freetard Economics

Ok, how about the idea that someone writes an article for DevReg on, oh I don't know, integrating a MYSQL DB onto Ruby on Rails blog-type-thing (bad example I know but bear with me here) and it's published.

Later on, the DevReg editor wants an article on MySQL and thinks "Hang on, <insert your name here> knows a bit about that, let's see if he's interested". Now they're coming to you, and that means it's a paid job.

You may lower someone's salary if they write for Reg for free, but would you if they were paid for future ones?

Amazon claims amazing Christmas

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Never had a problem....

... with Amazon myself, although most of the ones I have heard / read seem to be with the delivery firms rather than Amazon themselves.

I guess I'm rather lucky as all my next day stuff are by City Link (and my delivery bloke is actually nice and considerate!) or with Royal Mail for the other stuff.

Nothing has ever gone missing, and they have only got one off my orders wrong once (a wireless router) and even then it was no problem swapping it for the right one.

In three years about 4 next day orders have not turned up, and every time Amazon have refunded the postage.

Just thought I'd re-balance all the "Amazon Are Evil" comments.

Sony rolls out Walkman handset duo

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Also this week.....

....actually on Friday Sony brings the W960i to the UK

(well according to play.com anyway) Have a look at http://www.play.com/play247.asp?pa=mcpotw&page=title&r=MBLS&title=3438811&source=9316

Seagate's US customers get refund

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Re. 2 litre car

If I remember my motoring history right (although it's a bit fuzzy) a 1,2 or 3 litre engine was just that until manufactures got wise and stripped a few cc off to get into the lower tax and insurance brackets (if you think about it, it's a great sales angle).

Soon afterwards places like DVLA revised their classifications, so now if you did a 2 litre engine you would probably be placed in the 3 litre category!

OH and Steven about monitor sizes - everyone knew it was a con, but it was the standard way to measure. When LCD's started to take off places like Dixons started to show the width and height dimensions, but the general public got all confused and they gave up after about 6 months.

Motorola Razr 2 V8 mobile phone

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Just to let you all know that you can get mini USB to 3.5mm headphone adapters from most phone shops and all over ebay now for probably less than a fiver, so you don't have to be stuck with the crappy ones Motorola give you.

Then again Sony do a line of very good bluetooth headphones if that's your thing...