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Google makes breaking up with Hotmail, Yahoo! easy to do


@ Goat Jam

"Not sure what your problem is really."

That's funny, because it's the the thing that causes most complaints at Gmail 'help'.



One thing google hasn't fixed

is why I still send all my email with yahoo because, when I want to use my own domain address, yahoo at least makes an attempt to hide my yahoo iD in the headers whereas google insists in putting my google iD in the 'sender' field.

Nokia E75

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Do they still make phones with screens that small?

Especially as an X1 isn't any bigger over all.

Opera chief: Microsoft's IE 8 ‘undermines’ web standards

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But on Winmo

IE is crap, just horrible & Opera is brilliant.

Science-boosting thickie questionnaire backfires


RE: conceptualising the question

"Given that the diameter of the Earth is approximately 8,000 miles, if you plot the position at which the sun is directly overhead at the equator, roughly how fast does this move?"

Your question makes it sound like the sun goes round the earth. No wonder they were confused.

David Blaine tw*tdangles into Urban Dictionary

Black Helicopters

hmmm... no sense of humour



they missed this one though


although some dangletard removed Marcus' quote which you can see here:


Google blames Gmail outage on data centre collapse


so does that mean...

that all the google employees were logging into their yahoo!/hotmail accounts to get information?

Mobile phones to get universal charger


RE: This story's back-to-front.

Calvin Davidson Posted Tuesday 17th February 2009 22:39 GMT

"Using a micro-USB cable, the current iPhone charger, having a USB socket, is already able to charge any mobile phone conforming to this new standard."

Apparently not. I was looking for an additional charger for my X1 which uses a charger-with-USB-socket & a usb-to-mini-usb cable. The shop had an apple one but I was informed that it detects, & only provides charge to, apple products. So I got a motorola one instead.

Vatican endorses Darwin, slights intelligent design



"with genetic manipulation fairly high on the Vatican's current don't-like list"

And is there any part of science you don't like (as opposed to don't believe in)?

Should there be any limit to what scientists can do?

Vladimir Putin bitchslaps Dell-boy


It's a beautiful thing

An agitated amanfromMars in full flow.

Apple scores 'power connector' patent



what makes it uniquely apple, is the chip inside which only allows apple devices to be charged from it.

Fancy nipping for a quick two-thirds of a pint?


call it 9/16, 3/8, & 3/16 of a litre & be done with it

that is all

Judge Dredd smartshell shotguns to hit Iraq in '09


RE: 'Bike Cannon!' 'BUDDA BUDDA'

I always preferred "Eat lead, sucker. bidi-bidi-bidi" from a surprisingly feisty Twiki.

Melamine, poisons and the misappliance of science


RE: @"step on" By Greg Andrews

having said that, suddenly Happy Mondays association makes more sense (I think). Is it used because of them, or vice-versa?


RE: @"step on" By Greg Andrews

The term in the UK (when talking about drugs) is usually "cut", too. This is the first time I've seen step used in this way.

Kentucky commandeers world's most popular gambling sites

Paris Hilton


a smear upon t'internet

Paris knows.

Right: Which one of you lot invented 'tw*tdangle', eh?

Paris Hilton

@ system

If it was indeed Marcus Brigstocke commenting upon 'Above the Below' then the phrase would have been coined in 2003. Hence some references to this latest stunt as Twat Dangle Part 2.


So if twat dangle is the event then is the person doing it a dangle-twat or a dangletard?

Paris, cos she doesn't have a cunning stunt either!

OpenSocial, OpenID, and Google Gears: Three technologies for history's dustbin


@ Mr. Wurst

"if someone finds out that my password here is 12345678 he'll be able to POST MESSAGES!! that would be horrible.."

Seeing that El Reg doesn't require unique user IDs how would you know?

Or maybe this guy knows my password:



By James Posted Monday 22nd September 2008 10:47 GMT

I've seen OpenID on a few sites - e.g. clicktime.com


Lloyds buy leaves HBOS techies facing axe - again


This seemed the best place to mention this:

Watching BBC world news last night an American reporter reported Lloyds Insurance of London was sold to HBoS! Quite an exclusive.

British boffins perfect process to make any item '100% waterproof'



If I inhale it can I breathe under water?

Love to see the warning about that on the tin!

That 'Elderly Persons' sign: Can you do better?


Re: The Drumnadrochit sign...

I was kinda hoping it was going to be a blue, "horse-drawn wheelchair trailers only" sign.

US judge says University can ignore Christian course credits

Paris Hilton

Americans: World

The rest of the world plays football & America plays soccer.

The rest of the world plays rugby & America plays American Football.

The rest of the world plays cricket & America plays baseball.

Americans do this because it makes them feel like they invented something rather than tinkered with (subverted) it. & then they can be the best at it.

So it is with Christianity in America. This cult of fundamentalism is irrelevant to global Christianity.

You may know the old saying, "The Gospel Truth". Ever wondered why not "The Bible Truth"? Because throughout history, until now in American cults, Christians have never been expected to have a literal interpretation of the whole Bible.

These nutters need bringing down.

Paris makes more sense..


There's nothing 'symbolic' about the eating of the cosmic zombie Jew's flesh. (just wanted to clear that up)

Wikimadness XVII: The Return of Byrne


I don't like him when he's angry.

It appears that the angrier amanfromMars gets, the more sense he makes.

(This is subjective of course)

Top Jock cop calls for universal DNA database


Eternal Flames - never been out

is that:

a) on the beat?

b) of the closet?

my coat's in the closet

Google unfurls less laughable Wikipedia


The problem with knol

is it falls between two stools.

EU abolishes the acre



If the unit of length is 1m, then the unit of area should be 1m², and the unit of volume 1m³.

The weight of water in 1m³ should be 1g, so the density of water should be 1g/m³.

1000 square metres should be 1km² as algebra suggests.

At least imperial doesn't pretend it wasn't cobbled together.

Why measure round the world to come up with basically a yard? If they wanted a yard we could have given them one, & if a yard equalled a metre from day one, we'd probably be completely metric now.

Jeremy Clarkson tilts at windmills


Hard to believe

that JC or El Reg managed to tackle this subject without having more to say about the fact these cameras capture *every* passing car.

Why not roll out the satellite tracking now & be done with it?

Mine's the bike jacket for the vehicle with no plate on the front!

God makes you stupid, researchers claim



"as average IQ in Western societies increased throught the 20th century"?!!

Ah yes, that's why all the kids are getting 'A's at A-level & going to university these days. Unfortunately they had to sacrifice the part of the brain that deals with spelling, grammar & pronunciation to gain all that extra intelligence.

Clearly nobody now believes in astrology, crystals, homeopathy or bad-things-that-happen-living-next-to-mobile-phone-masts.

When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing; they believe in anything.

BTW man does not get fat by cake alone. But it sure helps!

Want to buy Jacqui Smith's ID?


I still dont get... alternatively

why they can't give us a couple of dozen cards each to keep in our various trousers, jackets, bags. I mean it wouldn't matter if someone else get hold of them. They'd be useless in the wrong hands, wouldn't they... wouldn't they?

(doesn't matter which coat I get, I have an ID card in every one)

LG designs double-sided TV display


Is that resolution correct?

Only 30" widescreen monitors have more resolution than this new screen. I want one!

BOFH: The Boss gets Grandpa Simpson syndrome


The Boss?

How about having your own mother telling you about how much easier it was to program the LEO III when they got the new *automatic* punch card sorter?

Why have Radiohead broken copyright activists' hearts?


Am I remembering wrongly?

I found the original story:


so I guess not.

When the hype started, it was download /or/ luxury edition. So I paid a couple of quid for the download & felt a bit ripped off when the (normal) CD was announced. Only purchasing from a Hong Kong based retailer prevented the total cost exceeding what I would have paid for a CD anyway a few years ago.

Incidentally I have noticed now that as I am buying more limited edition vinyl singles/EPs from small labels, I then get the (drm-free) download from iTunes+ because I can't remember how long it is since I've had a record player!

Martian 'cos maybe he has a rational explanation for this behaviour.

UK Office of Government Commerce cracks one off


not even original


Spam filtering services throttle Gmail to fight spammers



Please, please, everyone blackhole mail you don't want.

Most of my spam are responses to mails using addresses in my domain name.

"We have detected that this message is SPAM"

If the filter programs would scan the message body & send replies to the addresses it found there, rather than the from/reply address which is always bogus, my spam box would be practically empty.

BT hits 'undo' on anti-spam email update


@ Rich

Just don't be snooty & miss the whole point.

Most people probably do use their ISP address & aren't having a problem.

Most of us (reg reader types) probably do have our own domains but not necessarily our own mail servers so we spoof our domain email addresses in outlook, etc & this suddenly not working is what the article is about.

@ Leo

I was just looking at google apps this week for our family domain & that has to be the way to go. My parents already have gmail accounts (the 'sent on behalf of' kludge seems to bother them less) so if I can get their existing mail successfully swapped into the apps accounts we'll be away.

Jimmy Wales resigns from Wikipedia


A load of baloney...

It's going to be illuminated-manuscript-o-pedia FFS

US allows visual inspections of nipple rings


@ Lol Whibley, Jared Earle

Unfortunately lubbocked is already a euphemism for something pretty nasty involving piercing...


& a town in Texas... you couldn't make this stuff up.

Crossbones particularly appropriate.

Of laptops and US border searches


Reminds me of the old story...

There was a man who regularly flew to the US. Every week, for work (or so he claimed), he landed at JFK with his laptop.

And every week, the customs officer at the airport searched the laptop, convinced this man was smuggling something. But every week, there was nothing illegal on the laptop.

This went on for years and years, with the customs officer never finding anything.

Some time later, both men had retired. But they happened to meet. The customs officer turned to the man and said "Look, I know you were smuggling something. But I have to admit, I've no idea what! I don't work for customs any more, so can you PLEASE tell me what it was!!"

The man replied "laptops".

Majority of NHSmail accounts are inactive



given that the NHS has one of the few uk SLDs why was it necessary to spend tax-payer's money on nhs.net?

Analysts call for secure Facebook access for workers


What about Gmail?

I only started using facebook at work to send messages to my friends because gmail got blocked.

They can't be fussed about bandwidth because youpube, tatbay, & launchcast all work.

Google to build 80,000 foot radio tower?


Electricity pylons /are/ used

National Grid manage selected towers for phone antennae & their guys do the climbing about.

Biggest problem is finding a pylon where you want one due to the linear nature of their network.

Boffin says Astronomical Unit should be binned


Density of water

Why isn't the density of water 1g/m³ ?

Now that would be simple.

(yes a gramme would be equal to a tonne)

Why isn't a litre equal to 1m³ ?

Why isn't an are equal to 1m² ?

Why isn't 1km² equal to 1000m² ? (it would follow algebra rules, which would be nice)

Why do I worry about this cr@p?

Man stumps record £375k for number plate

IT Angle

One you 'might' like

I saw C7RL F just last week. (illegally spaced I know)

Alcohol enema bloke wins 2007 Darwin Award



Tammy's better off without the drunken bum.

Pope tells astronomers to pack up their telescopes


@ Blubster

Actually, the "bleedin' obvious" is that the sun and planets DO go round the earth, or did Einstein teach you nothing.

Wikipedia black helicopters circle Utah's Traverse Mountain


The long tail is disappearing up it's own arse

What Wikipedia is not: "fun, anymore!"

Most of us wanting to get reliable information goto a reliable source. The only thing WP was good for was stuff not contained in reliable sources, ie trivia. video-game characters, old comic-books & obscure bands, etc.

Now WP is to be "taken seriously" all that good, fun stuff is being deleted & what we have left is a glorified dmoz of citation links with uninspiring narrative to connect them.

Funnyman-loving Facebookers mock US prez race


ST Colbert

We love Stephen so much that both my facebook identities joined the group.

& as we're both British we won't be doing him any good, much like roughly 90% of the group who either aren't over 18 or resident in South Carolina.

Still, it's the thought that counts. Now I really must start a group to get The Colbert Report broadcast over here after the Daily Show.