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Watchdogs probe Sky dominance on pay-TV

Pete Miller

Really? what progress!

It's possible that Sky will be forced to offer its sports channels on a price-controlled wholesale basis to other broadcasters.

try googling sky rate card

Thai police strapped with Hello Kitty armbands

Pete Miller

Why Paris

Because they lifted the story from Fox's Red Eye, who discuss Paris on a daily basis

Customer exodus hits Virgin Media

Pete Miller

Dear Dan

You said:

But we can't flick through channels and get info on one channel whilst watching another channel.

Use the up arrow and the down arrow, or to just fick through your favourites - the blue button.

You also said:

VM/NTL had a fantastic idea with their Anytime system. Being able to pause a movie if the door rings is so much better than Sky's "You Vill Vatch it NOW !!!!"

That's called pause on sky+ i.e the " key

Doctor Who faces extermination

Pete Miller


you can get 200+ channels of **** from sky for a one off payment of £75 at ASDA - that's £75 for life, not per annum

About that TV service, Mr Branson...

Pete Miller

Signal loss on sky when it's cloudy?

Have you tried mounting your dish on the outside of the building?

Once maybe twice a year in torrential rain maybe you will lose the signal for a few minutes, but not the drizzle we have had this weekend - and certainly not just with cloud.

Virgin faces customer exodus over Sky battle

Pete Miller

V Chip

You know I used to think that the V chip was about television censorship. It now appears to be a device that Virgin install on the shoulder of their customers, that inhibits their ability to see any of Virgin's faults.

They still have areas of the UK with analogue only coverage

They pass off the BBC HD trail as having free HD bundled in with the V+, and their customers don't realise that they will start charging for the HD channels, as soon as they start actually carrying any real ones.

They provide a free box - that you can't upgrade or use without a subscription

They provide a free repair service, which means days of lost wages waiting in on the off chance that an engineer might just deign to turn up

They provide "unlimited" broadband

They reduce the channels they are offering, but only reduce the price to those who threaten to leave, screwing the vast majority of their subscribers

Their pin control on the movie channels suck

But apparently it's all down to Murdoch

Jedi denounce UK sabre ban plan

Pete Miller


Banning knives has worked amazingly well within prisons, no one ever gets stabbed there any more


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