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HSBC UK systems major outage


I experienced problems with HSBC's online banking about an hour ago (16:00 GMT). I just tried again (17:00 GMT) and it worked fine for me - either that or my details have been hijacked by a hacker.

Apple gets patent for ‘unlock gesture’


My Nokia N900 came with an unlock screen graphic and a gesture that are patently identical to the Apple claim.

iPad apps: the 10 smartest and 10 stupidest

Thumb Up


Can you get sales figures for the 10 most stupid. Would be interesting, no?

Voda NZ answers iPhone 4 complaint - with a song


Full song

That was only a clip from the full song:


Silicon Valley hypegasm for miracle shoebox powerplants


Journalists, what do they know?

The Guardian reports magic properties for the Bloom Box:

"But its real potential lies in its claimed ability to use any fuel source – gas, plants, wind, solar, etc"


Boffins: Give up on CO2 cuts, only geoengineering can work


Mount Pinatubo

Why are you illustrating this article with a photo of volcanic ash erupting from Mount Pinatubo?

Nokia N810 internet tablet


You forgot to mention it is Linux

Nice review. I have the older n800 (no keyboard, no GPS, two SD slots) and it is the most useful gadget I have.

But you forgot to mention a key point - that the OS is Linux-based and, with a bit of guidance from maemo.org, you can do almost anything you want with it, for instance running perl scripts from the command line.

Prince stomps on unofficial websites


That didn't take long

The PFU website is already one of those annoying search/links sites that offer no benefit to mankind whatsoever.

I guess they got a cease and desist from The Man.

Bike bonk bloke lands on sex offenders' register


Reproduction with bicycles

Clearly, none of you has read The Third Policeman by Flann O'Brian.

"The gross and net result of it is that people who spend most of their natural lives riding iron bicycles over the rocky roadsteads of this parish get their personalities mixed up with the personalities of their bicycle as a result of the interchanging of the atoms of each of them and you would be surprised at the number of people in these parts who nearly are half people and half bicycles."

Agree the punishment is totally over the top.